Illegal Border Crossing Surge Overwhelms Toronto Shelters

Some are now asking neighbours to take in those who crossed illegally.

As the federal government refuses to take action to stop the flow of illegal border crossings into our country, refugee shelters in Toronto are being overwhelmed.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, “Since the beginning of the fall, the peak season for refugee arrivals, Toronto’s already strained refugee shelter system has been dealing with what some operators call an unprecedented bed shortage. Some operators are even referring callers to shelters in Hamilton.”

Because of the continued influx, homeless Torontonians (Canadian citizens) are seeing an increasingly strained system. Even as the number of homeless people seeking shelter rises, illegal border crossers are rising even faster:

“While the number of homeless contacting the city for referrals to available shelter beds rose by 13.2 per cent last year to 12,843, Patricia Anderson, a manager of the city’s shelter support and housing administration, said calls from individual refugees and families looking for shelters almost tripled to 928.”

The situation has reached such a crisis point that it pushed “the Romero House, which has four locations in Toronto, to launch a community host program to ask neighbours, friends and supporters to open their homes to accommodate the overflow until a shelter bed is available for those knocking on its doors.”

This result was predictable.

Cities have limited financial and housing resources. That means every allocation of resources represents a choice. Having more illegal border crossers in the country inevitably means less resources for Canadian citizens in need.

The Trudeau government tries to ignore that choice and hide the fact that it’s a trade-off, but that doesn’t change the truth.

The more the government allows illegal border crossings, the less help there will be for Canadians in need. That’s not ‘compassion,’ it’s disloyalty to those the government is supposed to be serving.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I think a large busload of these illegals should be driven to Trudeau`s house and have all the people go to his front door and ask for shelter. Too bad security won`t allow it.

    Is there any way to call for an early election so we can vote Trudeau out and get our country back on track before it`s totally ruined ?

    1. There is a Class Action lawsuit about to take place to sue trudeau for treason.
      Please go to the Steven Alexander Gregory Myatt Facebook page and request
      a copy of the letter you and your family/friends can sign to be returned to
      the given PO Box. We are amassing signatures all across Canada and a lawsuit
      is forthcoming – this time for sure! There is also a GoFundMe page launched to
      assist with legal fees – we would like to see a legion of patriotic Canadians fed up
      with this Liberal government and trudeau donate anything they can to help fellow
      Canadians get this asshole out of power.

      1. Mary Boorman, I was removed from facebook because they wanted more I.D. from me. (I believe it was because I am not a lefty and said exactly what I think but that was not “facebooks’ explanation to me). IN any event, I sure as hell wasn’t going to give them any more identification information therefore I no longer have an account. Is there any way for me to sign this letter??

        1. You and me both. That happened to me last year. I said the same thing. My kids couldn’t believe I hadn’t been ugly. As you I stated my opinion and that was it. What really angered me was that I was not allowed to close my account. It is still wide open.

      2. Mary my facebook page was also removed but only after I sent them all the id they said they required. So how can you get me a copy of this Class Action lawsuit so I can sign it ???


    2. The federal government of Trudeau is breaking the laws. Trudeau, Goodale and Hussen must be arrested for BREAKING THE LAWS. The army must stop them.

    3. Thank God for Inuit carving control. Unlike the Cretin, Turdeau won’t be attacking anyone with a tourist statue. Dou you think he would answer the door wearing his “Little Bo Peep” outfit?

  2. No wonder the price of homes is so expensive in Toronto -they must get at least 50,000 immigrants/refugees plus people moving from all parts of Canada to seek work etc each year.At that rate there needs at least 15,000 new homes be built each year. Its supply and demand on steroids.

  3. Damn, I’ve dealt with this before. All illegal aliens must be transported by bus to Ottawa which we will rename, GO. Upon reaching GO they must be transported to 24 Sussex Dr where they will be given $200 cash by Sophie or Justin and a tent. They must pitch the tent on the nearest lawn or in the nearest GO park until they have filed the correct paperwork to gain landed immigrant status. They will be place in the queue. Liberal MPs will be responsible for guiding the illegals in their applications for legally landed status. Ottawa (GO) citizens who are members or supporters of the Liberals may also choose to take an illegal family home while the applcations for legal entry are being completed. These citizens will be responsible for providing food shelter, education and health care while the illegal’s application is being filed and during the waiting period for legal entry. Immigration Minister Hussen will lead the project with Minister Goodale as his deputy and alternate. Justin Trudeau will assist by ensuring each illegal’s documentation includes a selfie with the PM. Said documentation will include the alien signing a Peace Bond. Failure to file the correct paperwork within 30 days will result in deportation to the country of birth. Also unlike the Monopoly board game, the illegals cannot pass GO. Any westward migration will result in criminal charges as they will be in violation of the Peace Bond. RCMP, OPP and Canadian Border Services will be responsible for enforcement. Enforcement of migration violations will include but not be limited to incarceration until illegals can be returned to GO for further processing to Deportation Camps at Harrington Lake where they will receive skydiving/parachute and swimming lessons prior to deportation. Deportation must occur within 3o days of arrival at Harrington Lake.

    I hope that assigned Liberals will be kept busy with this projct until the next federal election. This will help ensure they can do no further damage to the trust Canadians placed in them or to the economy, safety and security of Canada.

  4. Moronto did its part to elect this imbecile since they choose to fall for the liberal media about how bad Harper was. Funny how they were on the abc/abh wagon pushed by the same media such as the ‘red moronto star’. You are getting the ‘change’ you all voted for so suck it up, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  5. Virtue signalling comes home to roost! Take a few of these illegals into your own big beautiful homes Mayor John Tory and Premier Wynne! You too Trudeau (except it’s the taxpayer’s real estate) and pay for their upkeep out of your daddy’s trust fund. Oh and where pray tell are the countless others who marched or stood with signs for open borders & illegal immigration now? Why have they not opened up their homes and wallets to take in these people given that they have advocated for them to come here? I bet your banners that brazenly stated “no one is illegal” are probably still close at hand in your homes, so dust them off and put your money where your virtue-signalling mouths are. The logic of taking a life raft with a capacity for 50 and insisting on piling in 600 works well now doesn’t it?

  6. Looks good on Parliment Hill lots of open lawn there, get the tents up! Then the Lieberal/NDP false Canadian government can personally look after them with their own money and time.
    John Tory the Toronto mayor, again a Lieberal placed to destroy the Conservative Party who now claims he is Liberal ( and ran for mayor against Doug Ford a real Conservative) John Tory lost provincially but became mayor of Toronto over Doug Ford?? This is why Ontario still has Lieberals in power, as the Lieberals have been running all the parties. For sure with this man Mayor of Toronto, lots of illegals there already, should again tents should be placed at Queens Park although not so much room, but it is a crowded city anyway.
    Hamilton has been hurrying to get their Canadian homeless off the street, they have placed 567 of them in some kind of home and hope to place another 200 in homes before the end of 2018, but the shelters are still on overflow so we will see where they may go.
    But I really think the Lieberals should be personally taking care of all these people, with their own money.

  7. Imagine if you were one of the immigrants. Imagine the stress and depression they must have. They are running from something and I think it is oppression and poverty. The filthy and rich should open their wallets and accommodate these desperate people. The filthy rich got that way by stealing from the masses. The masses can not afford any more because of the greed of the filthy rich. Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven.

    1. I think your blind hatred for the successful (i.e., rich) has damaged your brain beyond repair. Illegal immigrants put a strain on limited resources that can otherwise be used to pay down debt or support Canadians. If you want to help third world people then fly abroad on your own dime and do so. Taxpayer money should not be used by politicians to virtue signal.

    2. They are running from their native countries which western nations have destroyed. Want to solve the refugee and immigration problem? Stop bombing the Middle East, bring the troops home and stop interfering in the economies of Central and South America by bringing the CIA and the bankers home. Otherwise, suck it up, buttercup.

  8. Every illegal should be given a list of names and places of every liberal mps as well as of every media outlets and reporter name that stand by their lunatic PM JT, to choose from with a note ” here are your illegals to look after.”
    CBC has a huge building with hundreds of rooms no one is using; illegals can fill every room with one or more families and still have room left over. What happens to those brain washed trudeau reporters, is not our concern. They asked and helped Jihadi Justin Trudeau get what he wanted without batting an eyelid for the concern of the general public’ safety far less the safety of their own families. They must face the mess they help Jihadi Justin Trudeau create.
    Globe and aMail, Toronto Star, Global and others reporters should also abandon their positions to leave room for their boss trudeau’s illegals.
    We can’t be allowed to be use. We have a tremendous problems of our own.

  9. I’m curious what other countries do this. And who does not?
    Is Justin Trudeau willing to SHARE his assets with the much less fortunate?
    Should he not acknowledge that Canadians need their assets?
    Or is he actually anti-Canadian?
    Perhaps he would reply? If he says he’s PRO Canadian could he show this to Canadians?

    Putin is PRO Russia. Anyone going against Russia is his enemy.
    Trump is PRO USA.
    China is pro China.

    Could Justin explain how these Mega powers are wrong?

    I’m sure there are questions, and Justin may have a soft spot for the underprivileged, but ruining yet MORE Canadians is no answer. And it will bring him down, too. The world won’t applaud him.

  10. My uncle & grandfather both served & passed. I think of them often when I’m reminded at how far our beloved country has been turned into something they both wouldn’t recognize. I have a teenage son & worry not for mine, but his future.
    I have already been staking out other countries for my retirement.

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