Trudeau Government Looking At Business As “The Enemy” Warns Canadian Business Leader

John Risley also says Trudeau Liberals have moved “further to the left,” adding his voice to the chorus warning about Canada’s deteriorating economic competitiveness.

The warnings about Canada’s collapsing competitiveness keep piling up.

The latest comes from John Risley. Risley is the president of CFFI Ventures, and the founder of Clearwater Fine Foods.

Here’s what he said in a recent BNN Bloomberg interview:

“We have a government that is desperately worried about optics around being too close to business. This government has sort of looked on business as the enemy, as it moves further to the left – and we’re not the enemy. We’re the friend of government, and we want to be treated like a friend.”

Added Risley, “I think what you’re hearing, and you’re not perhaps hearing it in such succinct terms, is the dismay, if you like, amongst the business community that the government is not engaged with us in a manner that we would like them to be engaged.”

To hear a Canadian business leader say the government is looking at business as an “enemy” is a big concern. Risley’s comments are the latest in a string of remarks from Canadian investors and business leaders warning about the damage being done to our economic competitiveness.

At this point, nobody will be able to escape the impact of Trudeau’s anti-business attitude.

The same policies that are hurting Canadian consumers are hurting Canadian businesses, which will weaken our economy and make all of us worse off. And still, the Trudeau government keeps doubling down on their failing economic policies, putting virtue-signalling and rhetoric ahead of the prosperity of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Canada is about 6-10yrs behind Australia when it comes to closing up manufacturing and moving towards a service industry and importing everything from other countries, Australia closed up all there Oil refineries about 10yrs ago and now imports Gas from Indonesia and pays a much higher retail price at the pumps because of it, But they managed to reduce emissions from the move that leaves them dependant of a second country which is really bad for its sovereignty. When Australia brought out the Carbon tax it forced all 3 automotive manufactures too move out of Australia and relocate to Indonesia once again where it was $5500 cheaper each car to build, Another blow to its sovereignty and workforce. Also most of aluminum smelter plants closed due the high price of electricity and carbon tax. Australia used to be a powerhouse of industry and now the majority of it is shipped overseas. Australia is full of services now, when you drive around Australia every second vehicle is a truck almost. Lots of handyman,plumbers,carpenters, drywallers, etc I think that’s where Trudeau is taking Canada sadly enough.

  2. Remember that Trudeau is a hard core committed socialist/communist, so it comes as no surprise that Trudeau and his Liberals see businesses as the enemy. After all capitalism to a hard core socialist is like a poison to them and must be destroyed.
    Trudeau desires to make both business and Canadians fully dependent upon government and he is doing just that by declaring to be a reformist correcting the evils created by capitalism.
    Just like he has reformed the oil industry to the point of almost being “phased out entirely”, he is now doing to the rest of our economy or more accurately what’s left of it , as most them have already moved their investments out.
    The strangest and cruelest part of this is the deafening silence by Morneau the finance minister; after all he came to politics from the business world. It’s no wonder the last budget was gender bender because there isn’t much business left in our economy.
    This is after all is the first big step that a socialist dictator takes to gain control, first destroy the economy and take government control over the economy.
    Trudeau must be stopped before anymore damage can be done.

    1. Trudeau has already damaged this country. What he wants to do is nationalize every business his way, employ his own kind of people and run business his way just as he and the liberals run the media. Jihadi trudeau is so predicable that you dont need the media to tell you where he is heading canada in fact the media are so predictable themselves that we know what the next sentence out of their mouth TRUMPPPPPPP

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