REPORT: Sex Offender Crossed Illegally Into Canada At Roxham Road

Adesanya Prince from Texas was reportedly trying to avoid deportation to Nigeria.

It is being reported that a registered sex offender crossed into Canada illegally at Roxham Road.

According to Global News, “Adesanya Prince pleaded guilty to child pornography charges Feb. 23 in Houston. He was out on bond awaiting sentencing on May 10, but instead fled to Canada. The 49-year-old was arrested by RCMP officers last month after crossing into Quebec from New York State.”

Additionally, “Prince is originally from Nigeria and U.S. authorities believe he may have been trying to be deported home to avoid prison.”

Prince’s attempt to cross illegally points to the fact that Canada is now seen as being a more lenient environment than the United States for those facing deportation, a perception heavily pushed by Justin Trudeau’s “everyone is welcome” tweet.

Adesanya Prince
Adesanya Prince

Government documents showed that Trudeau’s tweet led to a surge in illegal border crossings.

Prince will have an extradition hearing on May 18.

While the government has claimed that people crossing illegally don’t get a “free ticket,” the reality is that many illegal border crossers are being rewarded with work permits, housing, and taxpayer-funded welfare.

In addition to those rewards, a recent report showed that since April of 2017, 99% of those who crossed illegally have been allowed to stay, and the weakness of the Trudeau government response keeps creating more of an incentive for those thinking of breaking our border laws.

As a result, the number of illegal border crossings is expected to keep increasing.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. …..and how many of these pigs have the RCMP missed that are now roaming Canadian cities. Thanks Justin Trudeau…you idiot.

    1. Actually, it is the eastern idiots who voted for him that were suckered into believing the abc/abh propaganda the liberal media was pushing that need to be ‘thanked’ for this imbecile being elected.

  2. What is very upsetting now is that the Trudeau government is pushing the provinces to crowd senior citizens into other old age residences to give entire premises/buildings to illegal immigrants to live there. Now retirement homes are offering euthanasia to old age people in Canada by telling them that they can die gently and they promise them paradise. Some of my uncle’s mates have accepted and the next few days 4 of them were gone. My uncle refused and was really upset.

    1. Christine, what you shared here, if true, is very disturbing and possibly even illegal. If vulnerable elderly people are being coerced into being euthanized because they’re made to feel like they are burdens on the system, that is not right and could be considered elder abuse. Your uncle may be at risk too because studies have shown that when peers choose to end their lives like this, others follow. I suggest contacting people who are knowledgeable in this area and tell them what is happening — Euthanasia Prevention Coalition — and they can help. They’ll know if the RCMP should get involved or not. My condolences to your uncle as this must be very difficult to lose that many mates in such a short period of time.

  3. So, how many more Sex offenders have come illegally to Canada? How many robbers and gun men have entered illegally? How many terrorist have come illegally? We need answers and we need to plug the holes.

  4. So if someone robs a store, does Canadian law state he has to go to jail or will they get a “Get out of jail” card. Will Canadian still get speeding tickets or is that OK now too, or is it just the Prime Minister who says who can break the law? Just wondering.

  5. As President Trump reminds us, a Country without borders is not a Country. Not a sovereign nation.
    So this works well for Trudeau who plans to take our sovereignty away. No borders, no Canada!

  6. Welcome to Canada MS-13 gang members. A copy of a memo by the Federal Gov’t has been sent to ALL Canadian Police Services, warning of violent MS-13 gang members who originate from El Salvador, attempting to cross into Canada amongst migrants illegally crossing at Canadian open borders. The U.S. is revoking El Salvadorians Tempory Protection Status. There are 70,000 MS-13 male and female gang members worldwide. Gang members are expected to show up in areas of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The memo indicated MS-13 are brutally violent and pose a threat to Canadian residents and communities. “Thank You, Justin Trudeau.” Keep telling Canadians from the safety of your segregated elitist neighborhood the ‘irregular border crossers’ will strengthen our country. Canadians should be outraged this Trudeau gov’t would put Canadian residents in danger by allowing such a menace into our Canadian society.

    1. A retired cop told me that he was at a theatre in the Upper Fraser Valley and in front of him was a brown male with the tattoo MS 13 on his neck……they’re here!

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