WATCH: Instead Of Dealing With Returning ISIS Fighters, Trudeau Attacks Conservatives

It’s Trudeau’s playbook every time the threat of ISIS is brought up: He attacks those who want to keep Canadians safe instead of taking action.

As I reported earlier, the Trudeau government is facing some tough questions about why an admitted ISIS fighter is being allowed to walk free in Toronto and brag to the New York Times about executing people without the government taking action.

As Candice Bergen said, “This guy is apparently in Toronto. Canadians deserve more answers from this government. Why aren’t they doing something about this despicable animal?”

With Canadians demanding answers from the Trudeau government, Justin Trudeau is reverting to his same despicable pattern: Every time somebody brings up the threat of ISIS, Trudeau attacks the person bringing it up.

And that’s exactly what he did in Question Period in the video below:

Trudeau’s ‘answers’ are disgusting.

He didn’t even really address the question, attacking the Conservatives and then reading some weak talking points that didn’t have anything directly to do with the issue at hand.

He seems more bothered by the Conservatives talking about ISIS than he is by the fact that an ISIS fighter is walking free in a Canadian city.

Justin Trudeau is completely abdicating what is supposed to be a sacred duty to defend the Canadian people, and is trying to downplay ISIS in order to attack the Conservatives instead.

If anyone had any doubts about Trudeau’s total unfitness for office and his total unwillingness to stand up for the Canadian people, the fact that he’s attacking the Conservatives instead of attacking ISIS is all we need to know.

He has no business leading our great nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Prince selfie socks puffs out his chest saying the Conservatives are spreading division amongst Canadians! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Just about EVERY tactic since October 2015 the little twerp has tried to implement in Canada has resulted in anger and division. The list of his ineptitude is astonishingly long for such a brief time in office. Canadians deserve much better than Justin Trudeau – surely Canada has more to offer!

  2. Trudeau is avoiding the subject because HE KNOWS HE IS WRONG. The man still DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HIS JOB DESCRIPTION. He is supposed to represent the will of THE PEOPLE and FOLLOW THE LAWS. Only a dictator makes his own laws and that is what Trudeau is doing making his own laws, changing immigration rules so new immigrants can vote for him. We are in a democracy and this wimp still does NOT GET IT. We THE PEOPLE WANT the full application of the laws: ARREST THE TRAITOR, ARREST THE KILLERS, MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS CRIMINAL that Canada will not tolerate violent jihadists who decide that oh it was just an experience. NO. He committed crimes and he has to PAY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS. This is the rule of law in Canada.

    1. Just a reminder to review how his father dealt with the FLQ crisis in Quebec when he was the Prime Minister.

  3. Time to wake up Canada. Trudeau is carrying out his lack of leadership to appease Soros abf his NWO by doing nothing but opening our borders. He is doing the same as Merkle and European Union. We have to stand on guard for our country. We should be demanding for the removal of Trudeau for treason and then hold an election and get our country back on the path we were on before this fool was elected

  4. Lets take our country back. June 2nd at all city halls 11 am until 1 pm. Make your signs and show up. Time to start the removal of the prime idiot

  5. re Toronto ISIS fighter. He’s not the only one.

    There is a young couple in Montreal, Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali, who were caught preparing pressure cooker bombs (similar to Boston Marathon attack). They were planning to leave for Syria. Were these bombs also intended for use on Canadian soil? Who knows. They were arrested, went to court but acquitted despite overwhelming evidence. They are now paid by the State as “deradicalization consultants”! They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    “Terror probe into Montreal couple found recipe, ingredients for bomb”
    “Montreal couple hired as consultants after acquittal on terror charges”

    With all the tens of thousands streaming across our border, along with Justin’s 50,000 Syrian non-refugee refugees, surely there are some ISIS sympathizers or jihadi lone wolves among them, as Europe has sadly found out time and again. We’re sitting ducks.

    All part of the insanity of contemporary Western liberalism.

  6. This is a government who dwelled on M-103 and allows Imam Mazim Abdul-Adhim, the Canadian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists group Hibz ut-Tharir, to call for a caliphate in Canada. All the 183 Liberal loons sit their bobbing their heads, agreeing with this total incompetent cocky, so called leader. All members of parliament should take a crash lesson in jihad. Canada is at risk and this man stands up in the house and blames everyone else but himself. When things go bad, and they will, he will be the one to blame but that will not help the Canadians who may die or be injured. He should be made to step down.

  7. Mentally, Trudeau is a child. Everything must be his way or he throws a temper tantrum. Sock boy will take no responsibility for our border crisis, ISIS terrorists walking freely among us or our huge debt. He always has to blame someone for his F**k ups. Canada is on the precipice. Our media lie (thanks to Spencer we know the truth). Toronto Star calls Ford a racists for wanting to look after our own. Why is wrong to look after your own ppl first before illegals and refugees. I am tired of my taxes being squandered. There must be a way to get Trudeau out before 10/21/19

  8. Jihadi trudeau is a terrorist to his people. He told his own mps in private that he supports terrorists and their rights to keep their citizenship then later said that he welcomes ISIS …a terrorist group that beheads, murders, rapes and enslaves women, women whom Jihadi Justin pretends to give shit about, disregarding their safety as well all canadians. Instead of his mps standing to Justin for the safety of their constituents, they decided to go along with him and look at them now…all bunch of cowards, a sorry sight to watch.
    Trudeau blames us for wanting these illegals into Canada. He will never take responsibility for anything and don’t count on the media for anything.

  9. Well,if the PCs’ had any balls they would demand Turdo resign! Why haven’t they done that yet I wonder?

  10. Anyone who votes Liberal during the next election needs to ask themselves. Are you really thinking about how Canada has become a safe haven, thanks Trudeau, for individuals who loath our way of life, and what is our future…….

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