WATCH: Morneau Says Asking How Much Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians Is “The Wrong Question”

Morneau wants the authority to impose a tax before we even know how much it will cost us.

During a recent meeting of the standing committee on finance, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre asked Bill Morneau how much the carbon tax would cost Canadian families.

He asked if it would cost families over $500.

He asked it if would cost families over $1000.

He asked if it would cost families over $2000.

And every time, Morneau refused to answer.

At one point, Morneau even made the amazingly arrogant comment that asking how much the carbon tax will cost families is “the wrong question.”

That sums up Morneau’s total elitist attitude. He demands the power to impose a tax on all of us, while refusing to tell us how much it will cost us, and then says that even asking about the cost is “the wrong question.”

Watch the exchange in the video below:

How Much Will the Carbon Tax Cost?

Morneau wants permission to tax you. I asked him how much it will cost you. Check out his answer.

Posted by Pierre Poilievre on Monday, May 14, 2018

After Morneau dodged the questions, you can see how Paul Rochon from the department of finance also refused to say how much the cost would be, arrogantly refusing to provide details on a department of finance document that blacked out the data on what the carbon tax would cost families.

Clearly, orders have been given throughout the government from the PMO to hide the cost of the carbon tax from Canadians, because the Trudeau government is terrified of the political damage they will suffer if that cost is fully revealed.

It’s a disturbing moment for our country, because a government that demands the right to tax the people without telling how much that tax will cost is a government prepared to spit in the face of democracy and accountability.

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  1. I often ask myself, how is it possible that so many people could be so easily deceived.
    There is no doubt, Al Gore is a genius. He has been able to persuade half the world of the completely fictitious idea that co2 is causing climate change. Nobody disputes that co2 and methane are greenhouse gases. But… what is in dispute is that such tiny amounts as 1/25 of 1% could have any affect whatsoever on our weather. There is not the slightest evidence for that supposition. Everybody repeats the same nonsense over and over until everybody believes it.
    IPCC claims that world wide temperatures have increased by .8 degrees in the past 130 years or so. Even it this figure were true, which many researchers claim it is not, such a small increase could easily be accounted for by huge increases in urbanization. Regina’s temp. records clearly show that we have warmer winters and cooler summers since 1950. And our crops have never been better. Recent reports from the USDA indicate that world wide wheat stocks are at record levels with corn and beans and rice not far behind. Significant climate change is a complete fiction promoted by a media that seeks to exaggerate weather news in order to get people to pay attention to their weather reports. Mistakenly demonizing co2 is an unwelcome diversion, distracting us from focusing on our real enemy which is POLLUTION in all of its many insidiously malignant and pernicious forms. The only argument adduced to support the current obsession with climate change is … “”Everybody says so, it must be true””.
    Keep in mind that climatology is a VERY inexact science and has much more in common with political science than with any thing scientifically verifiable. One can best describe the vocal attempt to blame co2 for climate change as the HOAX of the 21st century.
    We have seen huge increases in co2 (about 40%) in the past 150 years, but yet we have seen virtually no significant change in our weather or climate. The proposed carbon tax is the nuttiest idea since the Vietnam war.

  2. Any MP, never mind Minister with decency would first look at how much money average Canadians and their families have and that includes their share of the royalties that go to the land from the same of gas, oil and so on. Prior to coming up with any new tax the government minister and his officals should have thought out and explained, the who, what, when where, why of any tax. Otherwise it is just another tax grab. That in part will create new jobs for translators before we see any benefit. Frankly as English is a mix that was created after the invasions of some of the British Isles and from the languages of the French, German, Scandinavians and Latin why not just make English the official language of Canada, with huge resulting savings and less discrimination in employment in Ottawa. Frankly I wonder how at the House of Commons, there are now 3 official languages, yes 3, is that correct, and that 3rd language is not a language of any of the original peoples of Canada, including the Scots and Irish? What is the old saying the squeeky wheel gets the grease?

    1. Between trudeau and morneau I am more disappointed with the latter as I knew what the former was about being that he inherited his father’s arrogance and his mother’s brains. The latter was suppose to be the sober one, the one that would temper the former’s policies etc and provide some degree of business acumen after all he ran a very successful company and probably still does behind the scenes. Can you imagine the latter answering questions posed by shareholders at an AGM like he does when asked a question by members of parliament. I cannot imagine that he would act that way with them. We are the shareholders of Canada Inc. and we demand to have answers to questions posed by members of the opposition about something as important as taxes.

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