Why Does Antifa Get A Free Pass From The Media For Their Violence Against Women?

If a right-wing group had Antifa’s history of attacking women it would be condemned by the elitist press non-stop. Yet when it comes to Antifa, there’s almost no discussion of it.

Antifa is not a regular left-wing group.

There are many organizations that argue for a left-wing position while doing so in a way that has respect for the rights of others.

Antifa is very different.

Not only do they regularly say that violence is acceptable, but they regularly employ violence against peaceful individuals.

In fact, Antifa has a history of regularly attacking women who have a different point of view.

Here are a few examples:

Journalist Faith Goldy was attacked and spit-on by Antifa:

Lucy Brown wrote about being attacked by Antifa here.

In the video below, a woman wearing an American flag was assaulted by Antifa thugs:

Here you can see Antifa intimidating and then assaulting an elderly women:

At a Berkeley event, female event attendee Peyton Smith was attacked by a male Antifa member. The video shows a group of Antifa protestors, and below is what Smith wrote in the aftermath.

Posted by Peyton Miranda on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

These are just a few of the many examples of Antifa attacking women.

Why does Antifa get a free pass?

Antifa justifies their violence by saying they are fighting fascists.

Of course, there are three problems with that.

First, while it is true that Antifa does sometimes confront fascist groups, they also define everybody to the right of Karl Marx as a fascist, including the vast majority of citizens.

Second, while Antifa likes to contrast themselves from neo-Nazi groups, the truth is that both Antifa and neo-Nazi’s are extremist groups willing to use violence in order to overthrow legitimate governments and impose a radical ideology opposed by almost everybody.

And finally, we already have people who are supposed to deal with violence within our country: The police. So, Antifa doesn’t reduce violence or bring society together, it increases violence and further destablizes society.

The issue isn’t whether you agree with the political perspective of the people being attacked by Antifa. The issue is that our society can’t survive if political disputes are resolved with violence.

And a further issue is why the media, despite repeated video evidence of Antifa attacking women, refuses to give it much attention.

Imagine what would happen if a group that aligned itself with the right-wing regularly attacked women. It would be constantly brought up and condemned (as it should be).

And yet, whenever Antifa is mentioned they usually just get referred to as anti-fascists or anti-racists, with no mention of their attacks on women or violent extremism.

It’s a huge double-standard, it means many people aren’t being made aware of the violent danger that Antifa poses.

Just because Antifa calls themselves anti-fascist doesn’t mean that they aren’t basically fascists themselves. Any group that attacks women, uses violence to achieve political goals, and seeks to demonize and dehumanize the vast majority of people is a real threat, and the media must stop covering up that threat.

Spencer Fernando

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?? So basically terrorists?? There are so many rumors, about all the damage they do and that attacks on innocent, unsuspecting peaceful people, and cars and stores, while carrying signs saying ” We are the ungovernable ” ?? Are they trying to cause riots?? or just destruction, and why?? It is all senseless to me. All the information you read is contradictory, that they are a Progressive Liberal group. that they are George Soros army, that they hate gentrefication ?, that they are rich kids just having fun? or that they hate white people?? but they usually are white people???… Read more »


Thank you Spencer, for this information , when I have tried to look this up before, there was very little information, but now looking this up again, ha, there is much more. I am finally getting the picture. You Tube has a lot of info now, this terrorist group has been training in Venezuela and other broken countries, with guns and bombs so they can do more damage around the world, and according to this information they are supported by: communist, Lieberal/NDP, many universities, George Soros, the Clinton foundation etc. etc. They are getting ready to collapse countries and wipe… Read more »


They’re different groups, Nancy. The ‘ungovernable’ mob that hates gentrification, and apparently commerce, like to think of themselves as anarchists. They really aren’t – trashing stores has nothing to do with abolishing the state – but that’s what they like to think.


Thank you Bill, too many of these hate filled people running around stirring up trouble.
It is just anarchy and chaos we don’t need.