POLL: Conservatives Have 16 Point Lead Over Trudeau Liberals

Forum Research survey shows the Trudeau Liberals falling way behind the Scheer Conservatives.

A new Forum Research poll has some very bad news for the Trudeau Liberals.

The Conservatives hold a whopping 16 point lead, with the NDP far behind.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives 46%, Liberals 30%, NDP 18%

Trudeau’s disapproval rating has also reached over 50% in the poll, part of a continuing trend of fewer Canadians supporting Trudeau the more they see him in office.

While the Forum Poll is somewhat of an outlier that shows the Conservatives with more support than other surveys, the key thing to look for is the trend.

The trend in numerous polls is of slowly weakening Liberal support, and slowly strengthening Conservative support.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff says “The Conservatives have strengthened their lead over the governing Liberals going into the summer break. The prime minister is seeing a high level of disapproval right now that could account for the lack of support for his party.”

A big part of Trudeau’s increasing political struggles has been the fact that he lies relentlessly. With his energy policy failing, he has been lying about the Conservatives pipeline record, and has broken numerous campaign promises.

Meanwhile, Trudeau refuses to take responsibility for his governing failures, and pins the blame on everyone else. He also regularly condemns and demonizes Patriotic Canadians, while rewarding those who hate what Canada stands for.

It’s the opposite of what Trudeau promised, and it’s no surprise that such obvious deception would cause him to lose some support. Still, with the elitist media working to push a pro-Trudeau, anti-Conservative narrative, all Canadians will need to come together to ensure Trudeau is defeated in 2019. He and his party will use any tactic, lie, and demonizing tactic to keep their grip on power.

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  1. We need a much higher percentage point lead because the twit plans on giving the refugees citizenship which means they will vote for the Liberals and I consider that rigging the election besides that is not the way to give citizenship.
    Scheer has to jump on that and demand it not go through even if there is yelling and hollering at Question Period. This is a critical topic that must be on the front line.

    1. Bought and paid for by us taxpayers because he does what he wants regardless of our laws and constitution, therefore before nothing good is left of Canada, he must go so all of us must vote him out and I mean the couch potatoes, iPhone junkies etc. This is your Canada now and he has no right to destroy it because once the damage is done, we will be overrun with illegal immigrants, terrorists and sharia laws.

  2. Trudeau is now starting to reap the rewards of his arrogance, deceitfulness, lying , false virtuousness and narcissism. The public would on occasion forgive a lie or two but with Trudeau, that is all he has to offer, because he just doesn’t have the training, skills or education to be considered genuine, sincere or even believable.

    Winston Churchill sums up Trudeau very well with this quote, “The Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it[Trudeau], ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is”.
    Trudeau has very cleverly created his own trap and is now the prisoner of it. He worked hard and long on it, but now has willing fallen victim to it.

    In other words, this situation was built for a dummy and you know what it looks good on him. But after all Trudeau just hasn’t learned to stop digging a hole for himself.

  3. I think the greatest problem facing Canadians at this time is POLLUTION in all of it many pernicious forms.
    Global warming and climate change are fictions.
    Co2 at 1/25th of 1 % is NOT OUR ENEMY.
    It has increased by about 40% in the past 150 years, but still has produced NO SIGNIFICANT on our weather or our climate. World wide crop production continues at well above average levels. World wheat stocks are at record levels and corn and beans are not far behind. Mistakenly demonizing co2 is indeed the HOAX of the 21st century. There is not the tiniest scrap of scientific evidence to indicate that such tiny amounts of co2 in our air can have any affect whatsoever on our weather, much less our climate. The internet is full of many well informed climatologists who are well aware of Al Gore’s most ingenious and well publicized HOAX. IPCC has stated that the world has warmed by ONLY . 8 degrees in the past 130 years or so. Even if such figures are true and many say they are not. such small increases can easily be accounted for my urbanization the huge increases in human populations in the past 100 years. POLLUTION is our big problem , with climate change being a most unwelcome and fictitious distraction.
    The proposed carbon tax is the nuttiest idea since the Vietnam war.

  4. The only people I can see supporting Trudeau are the ones heavily addicted to EI and/or crack, and apparently that’s still 30% of Canadians.

    1. You are correct. Unfortunately, many reasonable canadians have a tendency to ignore their negative intincts of Trudeau and believe or rely on the media’s help to decide for them. They fall into the media scheme of the way they broadcast the liberals as though they are the best; their stlye of broasdcasting is well planned that can entice the undecided and those who think for themselves. The drug addicts are easily used and so are the illegals.

  5. wait just a minute fernando, this guy is an actor{part time}, all his acting skills will come to the forefront for sure. he will come out n save one of the pipelines to look like a hero, he will give more money to quebec, maybe another 400 million to bombardier, saying the money stops, if you don,t vote me back in. its a very sad country now, can it be saved, or does george soros get his way, and we become a third world shithole. thats my opinion on this fiasco called canada.

  6. That’s refreshing to hear, but to think that 30% of Canadians, many with university degrees, would still vote for this disaster given all the underhandedness and unethical things he’s pulled is worrisome. Either they approve of it, haven’t bothered to do any kind of research, are naive or haven’t seen through the facade for whatever the reason, the fact that 30% would still vote for him after all he’s done is downright scary!

  7. Negatively they will make abortion an election issue. Positively they will make a pharmacare an issue. If anyone thinks the Liberals out of it, they are foolish. update your membership in the Conservative and donate. The majority of people do not decide until the election campaign.

  8. As long as the media spend every ounce of their being and time every minute of the day attacking the conservatives as they did relentlessly to PM Stephen Harper 24/7 for 91/2- 10 years straight, making it so believable for the public to accept their rants and deny PMSH, can happen all over again with Andrew Scheer.
    Besides, there will be enough illegals to fill in the void of those who did not vote liberals. Also, I don’t think the conservatives should carry the burden of the liberals’ disasters to canada on their shoulders alone. We, have to take part as well. OUR NATION IS AT STAKE RIGHT NOW.

  9. The one Positive thing about living in this age or time is SOCIAL MEDIA. In the 70’s, it was more difficult to know about Trudeau Sr. corruption. Today, Social Media may be a blessing for us to be well informed and come together. It is more difficult for the Wicked to hide.They may be exposed more quickly.That’s why Social Media is the enemy of the MSM. For myself, I will continue to pray for Canada and I encourage all believers to do the same. It is NOT over yet!!!
    11 Chronicles 7:14. God Save Canada!!!!!

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