REPORT: Pamphlets In Plattsburgh, New York Are Encouraging People To Cross Into Canada Illegally

The pamphlets show people where to cross, how much the taxi fare costs, and how to make sure they get into the country – revealing how Canada’s border is currently seen as a joke.

A new report by TVA Nouvelles reveals that pamphlets in New York are showing people how to cross illegally into Canada, raising serious concerns about the weakness of Canada’s borders and the attempts to circumvent them.

According to the report (French to English translation) “Voters in MP Louis Plamondon’s riding had a big surprise this past weekend. In their Plattsburgh (New York) room, a sheet indicated a procedure for illegally entering Canada. “They are told how to return illegally. “Irregular”. And we say: “You can also return on a regular basis, but it’s very dangerous,” said MP Bécancour-Nicolet-Saurel.”

Notably, “The guide states that by taking a taxi to Roxham, an irregular entry point, migrants will be able to apply for asylum in Canada. The document mentions that the application can not be made at the border crossing, that migrants will have to turn around to seek asylum in the United States, where they will be arrested, imprisoned and deported.”

So, the guide is making sure people don’t cross at the actual crossings, and exploit the loophole to make sure they get in the country.

And with all this happening, the immigration minister is travelling all the way to Nigeria to try and ‘stop’ the illegal crossings.


This is unfortunately predictable. People aren’t dumb, and they can realize when a government is serious about enforcing a border and when it’s not. Justin Trudeau still hasn’t corrected his reckless tweet welcoming ‘everyone’ to Canada, and over 99% of those who crossed illegally since April 2017 are still in the country.

There’s a huge incentive to cross illegally, and the government refuses to do anything about it. So, the crossings will continue and add to the growing pressure on our social services – even as many Canadian citizens go without help.

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  1. This is just like The Americans are complacent in violating our open Border’s . That could be assumed as an act of aggression also (?)

    Ed P.


  2. You can’t befriend a wolf, and you can’t give a sucker an even break. What is a country without borders and security? Nothing but Kaos.

    1. It was probably written by some lawyer sympathetic with “activists”. The “activists” are probably in quiet, unofficial dialogue with someone in government who doesn’t want to be seen with them, but for them to “keep up the good work”.

  3. We see pictures of permanent building now at this illegal crossing. Making Canadians cross at normal crossings is racist and offensive.

    This is a Quebec border so why havent they laid out a few hundred meters of razor wire along this portion of their own border?

    1. Typical Democrat mouthing off and making no sense as usual. Trudeau is our jackass of a PM and we wish we had a Trump instead. We need a wire electrified fence to keep the illegals out and toss Trudeau on the other side.

  4. Maybe we the people should have “border days”, days when Canadians go stand at the border and tell people they are not welcome, we have not enough money for our veterans, and what they are doing is against the law. Somebody has to stop this madness.

  5. I won’t be surprised if somebody finds out those pamphlets are printed & distributed by trudeau liberals on taxpayer’s dime.

  6. The Trudumb government is a totals sad joke. National security under this treasonous dictator is a joke he puts all of Canada at risk while catering to terrorist fake refugee and illegals.

    Anything to betray Canada and Canadians this CRIME MINISTER WILL DO

  7. You cannot blame the Americans or President Trump, they are looking after their borders and are still a country trying to clean up the mess Clinton and Obama left them. They have always been good neighbors, and have helped us many times. It certainly is our fault that some fell for the Lieberal/NDP bashing and lies that demonized the best Prime Minister (Harper) the only good Prime Minister Canada has ever had, which is why Lieberal/NDP are still scared of him.
    Some fool Canadians and a lot of paid foreigners fell for the globalist lies that the Lieberal/NDP demonize us with, (like they have Conservatives) they want no borders and Chaos, and fighting among ourselves, etc they want us divided , our oil stopped, in debt so far we can get out. Then we will be ready to be taken over or destroyed (like Venezuela, like the middle east etc.)they are the worst at being racist and so called neo feminist etc.
    We need to stop this as we are responsible for what the traitors (Lieberal/NDP foreign funded puppet fake government) are sneakily doing, while claiming otherwise,
    Next election, make sure you vote with thought and research so you are not caught in their lies again and we only have one party that I pray is not infiltrated left for Canada.
    Vote Conservative.

  8. There’s a connection with Plattsburgh non profit to another international oginization some thing “without borders “ I suspect if we follow the money trail we will find George Solos.

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