WATCH: Instead Of Condemning Hamas, Trudeau Attacks Conservatives

After Scheer demands Trudeau apologize for his statement that refused to condemn Hamas, Trudeau says Conservatives are “politicizing” support for Israel.

During Justin Trudeau’s time in office, we’ve seen him repeatedly refuse to condemn dictatorships and terrorist groups, while simultaneously demonizing his political opponents.

In Question Period, he did it again.

Andrew Scheer demanded that Trudeau finally acknowledge that Hamas was responsibile for inciting the violence at the Israel-Gaza border, and apologize for putting all the blame on Israel.

In response, Trudeau once again refused to condemn Hamas, only saying that Canada ‘has’ condemned the violence in the past – failing to refer to this latest specific incident.

But then, Trudeau attacked the Conservatives instead.

He accused them of “politicizing” the issue of support for Israel, and damaging Canada’s ‘pluralistic democracy.’

Notably, Trudeau showed much more anger and emotion while attacking the Conservatives than he did when discussing Hamas, another example of how Trudeau reserves his anger for Canadians he disagrees with, rather than those who want to destroy everything Canada stands for.

By the end of the videos included below, you can see Trudeau becoming enraged and unhinged, as if he thinks having to answer for his statements is somehow ‘below’ him:

While we know that Trudeau is the one politicizing everything for his own advantage, that never stops him from accusing everyone else of exactly what he is doing.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Never ever has one creature been so dispised as trudeau. What is it going to take to get Canadians off their backside and inform Trudeau he has to go, question 2. How do we remove him.

  2. Here’s a story that you won’t find on the CBC. CBC gets $1.1 billion of taxpayer’s money and it doesn’t report on these important stories that Spencer Fernando covers without the aid of public funding.

  3. I might get into a little trouble here ~ for challenging the State of Israel!

    While I condemn HAMAS, and so should Justin Trudeau, for their tactics and their desire to wipe every Jewish person from the face of the map, we cannot give the State of Israel a total pass on the responsibility for the events of last week!

  4. We’ve seen this before in the House of Commons from him. I was genuinely startled that time when he suddenly snapped in a fury, accusing the Conservatives of fomenting (the fake disease of) “Islamophobia” and whatnot.

  5. Jihadi trudeau IS THE ENEMY OF CANADA. His strong support for ISIS rights above the rights of law abiding citizens’ own rights to live without fear proves he is an enemy of our rights and freedom.
    HAMAS admitted that they started the fight but since justin supports ISIS that kills people, how is it possible for him to condemn HAMAS and not the other, ISIS or for that matter IRAN that funds HAMAS.

  6. The Prime Minister like to accuses the conservatives of politicizes and partisan politics Well
    I think the PM. is causing division in the nation on this issue.
    I think the issue here is who side are you on in this sad and yet complexes nature of what is going on in Israel and Gaza That the terrorist group Hamas wants to exterminate Israel off the face of the Earth. Israel has the right to exists and be freed from terrorism This Canadian doctor did volunteer to take part in helping the people of Gaza; but a Bullet got him in the leg he was there for humanitarian aid That Hamas is using the people of Gaza as human shields for propaganda and to look for world sympathy. As long as people of the free world see what is going on in Gaza and Israel this will only peculate the problem down the road to a more dangerous situation and even wider conflict in the region and hope not World War Three.

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