EKOS POLL: Ontario NDP Hold Narrow Lead Over PCs

Poll shows a much narrower race than Forum Research, but the trend of rising NDP support is the same. Will the latest revelations of extremist NDP candidates turn the tide?

A new poll by Ekos Politics shows the Ontario NDP with a “statistically insignificant” lead over the Ontario PC Party.

The poll shows a different picture than the latest Forum Research survey that had the NDP with a whopping 14 point lead over the PCs.

However, the trend in the poll is the same. The NDP have gained support, the PCs are relatively steady but losing a few points, and the Liberals are way down.

Here are the key numbers:

NDP 35.6%, PCs 34.9%, Liberals 20.4%, Greens 7.0%.

The PCs lead among men, while the NDP lead among women. The NDP lead among those aged 18-34 and 35-49, while the PCs lead with those 50 and over.

If these numbers remain relatively steady heading into election day (which is unlikely), then it will all come down to turnout. Since older voters tend to vote in a higher percentage than younger voters, the current breakdown in the Ekos Poll favours the PCs.

That said, if the Forum Research poll turns out to be more accurate, different turnout isn’t enough to make up a 14 point gap.

With a bunch of different polls coming out, it’s impossible to know which one is the most accurate. That’s why looking at trends is what matters. And the trend is clear. The Liberals are in huge trouble, and the Ontario PCs and NDP are battling for power.

Make no mistake, the threat of a socialist government in Ontario is a real possibility.

Notably however, PC support appears to have remained mostly intact despite a whole bunch of media-pushed scandals. It remains to be seen whether the NDP holds onto their support as revelations of extremist candidates emerge, and as their socialist hidden agenda is subjected to more scrutiny.

Read more about the poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. The scary part is the NDP/Lieberal party said they will make a coalition government if necessary. We do not need these misogynist white supremacist labeling of the people they are paid by to represent them, especially when they are the white supremacists. and much worse.

  2. What is wrong with Canadian’s in this country. Are Canadian’s so blind that they cannot see the destruction of Canada will continue under an NDP government? In my 64 years, I have never seen the likes of the Liberal government and the NDP bring this once beautiful country all most to its knees. If this continues, Canadian’s will be at the mercy of the government, and under a dictatorship. What is wrong with people? Are CANDIAN’S so blind that they cannot see the destruction of this government and what it will cost the future generations? My goodness, wake up people.

  3. Spencer our media supports the Liberals and now the NDP. Thank God for reporters like you, who write the facts. There are not enough reporters that are conservative and still value Christian, morals, ethics, and principals and this is why our country is going under. Your hands are tied and there is only so much you can do. I hope that you are able to broadcast and reach as many Canadian’s as possible. It’s like a battle between good and evil. Good must prevail and evil must be exposed. The rest is up to the people.

  4. With these now conflicting polls showing that a NDP government a posssibility; it becomes ever more important that Doug Ford and the PCs show us exactly what they have to offer or the doubts about them will continue to grow . And that, is something that will make for a an easy decision for those , who are fence sitting and are undecided, to take a blind leap to support the radical socialists and the NDP.
    It also becomes extremely important that those who want to see a PC government become a reality, that we should now be doing everything we can to expose the NDP for the deceitful frauds they are. For their plan is even worse than what we have already experienced under the LIberals.
    This election is so important that we must not consider what we want but should realize that the survival, both economic and societal well being of all Ontarians is at stake. Any choice other than the pCs will lead to the extinction of this province. And that is not an exaggeration, but is very real when you look at what already has been done to this once great province of economic power in Canada.

  5. Are these polls fake news? Afterall, many people with zero knowledge of issues or ideology will mark an x with the projected winner because they want to be with the winning team or pat themselves on the back for “winning”. The foreign influence and MS-Media (possibly related to MS-13) may be planting bullshit numbers to swing voters to the left.

  6. The LW media sure like to push their agenda trying to mainpulate the soft vote …


    Slam dunk to win POTUS according to MSM polls …

  7. I say it’s all Toronto media propaganda … just like the US media would never admit that Trump even had a chance. They want people to believe that the ndp will get in so people will vote ndp … everbody wants to be on the winning team you know! And yes, people really are THAT stupid!
    Don’t buy their bs … the word on the street is that Ford is going to win big time … that’s the word to be spreading!!

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