REPORT: Doug Ford Wins Final Ontario Leaders Debate

Ford consistently put forward ideas to put money back in taxpayers pockets, while Horwath failed to answer questions about her extremist candidates. Meanwhile, Wynne likely didn’t do enough to counteract the overwhelming desire for change.

With concerns rising about a possible socialist government in Ontario, PC Leader Doug Ford put in a strong performance in the final Ontario Leaders debate, emerging with a win in the last time all leaders will be on stage together before the election.

Ford regularly got his message across to the people of Ontario, focusing on how he would find efficiencies, cut taxes, fix the hydro mess, and get the economy booming again.

Ford struck a positive note in much of the debate, pointing out that lower taxes will get the economy booming to such a level that there won’t be a worry about how to afford teachers, doctors, nurses, and more.

He also expressed the concerns of millions of people, confronting the possibility of a socialist-NDP government. He directly addressed the issue of the NDP’s radical candidates. Ford noted that there will be a huge exodus of jobs and businesses if the NDP takes power.

Horwath was unable to explain why she hasn’t removed extremist candidates, after calling on other parties to get rid of candidates when they had their own controversies. Aside from that hypocrisy, she also showed that the NDP has no plan to pay for their pie-in-the sky promises. Horwath was also challenged on the huge gap in the NDP’s campaign promises, a huge mistake that has raised further doubts about the NDPs ability to manage the massive Ontario provincial budget.

Additionally, Horwath was asked about her comment that NDP candidates would need “training school” if they ended up forming government, trying to pass it off as a joke despite it being a big concern with their untested and radical team.

Wynne performed decently, hitting many of her main campaign points, and coming off as more of a Premier than Horwath did. However, Wynne needed a totally dominant performance – combined with huge mistakes by Ford and Horwath. But Wynne didn’t dominate, and Ford performed very well. And while Wynne made some good points against Horwath, she didn’t get the proverbial KO.

The debate will likely stall the total collapse of Liberal support, while re-energizing Ford supporters and reassuring undecided voters that the PCs have a team ready to govern on day one. The socialist NDP will continue to face increasing scrutiny and growing doubts about whether they can really be trusted with power.

If you missed the debate, it can be watched in full here:

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  1. According to the ‘expert panel’ on CHCH Hamilton, Horvath dominated the debate. I’m still laughing at those dellusioned idiots commentary.

  2. PLEASE POST Extract Andrea Horwath may have lunch bucket roots but the NDP leader’s tastes appear to run more on the champagne socialist side of things. A review of NDP expenses filed with Elections Ontario shows Horwath has a taste for custom clothes and shops extensively at the luxury retailer Holt Renfrew. In fact, between 2011 and 2014, the Ontario NDP paid $43,585.98 in clothing expenses for Horwath but filed them under travel, office supplies and advertising expenses. The party went so far as to list a charge of $12,055.14 to W10 Colours as a “fundraising” expense. W10 Colours is a boutique store in Toronto’s chichi Yorkville neighbourhood. They describe themselves as, “a unique and customer oriented service that creates custom-tailored wardrobes for women.”

  3. Horwath was extremely annoying when Doug Ford was speaking. Constantly interrupted but mainly stating “that’s a lie”, etc. He did keep his composure – however if it was me, I would have had a difficult time.
    Conservations = Your Brain
    NDP = Your Brain On Drugs
    Liberals = No Brain

  4. If you listened closely to the Liberals and NDP messages in the debates, you would have heard the same message, that the solution to all that ails Ontarians and Ontario is bigger government and more taxing,borrowing and spending.
    Neither the Liberals or NDP were willing to say at what point the debt is too high or just how and when would the spending would stop and the debt be paid back. This was especially true of the NDP, who’s default answer and position on everything is to either increase the bureaucracy or spend even more billions of dollars they will never have. Whereas the Liberals can’t be trusted in anything they promise or claim to be accurate; just think about both the Auditor General of Ontario and the parliamentary budget officer, saying that the Liberals have either cooked the books or are hiding liabilities from them.

    Then there is the PCs, they at least are willing to consider , the long forgotten and abused taxpayer and give them at least some of their money back. Also they are willing to say the things that neither the liberals or NDP can stomach to say, the truth, we are a bankrupt province, heavily in debt, with a very small window of opportunity to fix the mess left by the Liberals.
    Doug Ford is also commiting to having the books examined by outside professional auditors, something that would have the other parties running to hide or blame Mike Harris somehow , for their problems.
    It look like a tough choice for all Ontarians but it really isn’t. The Liberals and NDP are exactly the same party separated in name only, which leaves everyone with the only logical choice left, Doug Ford and the PCs.

  5. “Horwath was unable to explain why she hasn’t removed extremist candidates, after calling on other parties to get rid of candidates when they had their own controversies.”

    She didn’t remove these candidates because that’s exactly the reason the NDP exists as a mainstream party; it is a vehicle for communists to get into big-time politics. It’s a big-tent party for both moderate and Marxist alike, the idea being that an ideologically-pure party, like that of the official Communist Party(ies) of Canada, is unnecessary to ensure a long-term victory – kind of a Petri dish plan, where only a small sample is needed at first, for it will eventually spread to the limits.

  6. lol. Doug Ford avoided answering questions, and just kept saying campaign slogans over and over again. Not sure how that can be considered a debate win.

    I’d like to see a change… but all these leaders are delusional.
    Liberals can’t seem to keep anything on target.
    NDP will create an unsustainable debt burden.
    Ford will cripple the economy by shredding public sector jobs.

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