No-Wynne Situation: Ontario Liberals Lose Official Party Status, Leader Resigns

The Liberals were decimated.

With her party being decimated and losing official party status by taking just 7 seats, Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne has resigned her post.

After leading the Liberals to a majority government in 2014, the Liberals fell to their worst popular vote total in history, winning the votes of just 19.3% of Ontarians.

Polls had shown the Liberals in trouble for some time, with Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating remaining under 20% in most surveys.

However, things worsened for the Liberals as the campaign went on, and they were soon surpassed by the NDP, never able to recover and regain second place.

With just days to go before the election, Wynne stunned observers by saying that she couldn’t win and wouldn’t retain her job as Premier, effectively conceding defeat before any votes were even counted. Instead, she asked voters to elect Liberals to prevent a PC or NDP majority.

Her tactic failed, as the PCs won a landslide majority victory.

Wynne had become increasingly unpopular for massively driving up the cost of living (particularly through the widely-hated ‘green energy policy’), increasing the debt to immense levels, and breaking promises to balance the budget. While that unpopularity led to the Liberals being crushed, Wynne narrowly held on to her seat.

While she had already conceded, Wynne made additional remarks on Election Night, including announcing that she would resign her position as Liberal Leader. Wynne’s comments can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. I think she took lessons at the same place as Trudeau, the radical socialist propaganda school of falsehoods the Lieberals /NDPs all go to, run by the elite globalists.
    The divisions the Lieberal/NDP have caused even has the new refugee Canadians very upset , they say they were lied to by the Lieberals, and that this is how the wars in their countries started, with people being divided into groups, when they had gotten along well before, then radicals like ISIS and the wars started, they are warning us that this will happen here if we do not get rid of the Lieberals. We all must be Canadians together and get along, just what we all have been saying.

  2. Bizarre that she entered the room triumphantly as if she had won the election. What one expects from a delusional socialist.

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