PATRIOTISM: Scheer & Ford Offer Support For PM As US Rhetorical Attacks Escalate

Country before party.

As US rhetorical attacks against the PM continue to escalate, both Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford have put country ahead of party and are offering statements of support for the Canadian government.

Here’s what Scheer said on Twitter:

“This G7 meeting shows that united support for free trade is at serious risk.

Canada’s Conservatives continue to support the Prime Minister’s efforts to make the case for free trade. Divisive rhetoric and personal attacks from the US administration are clearly unhelpful.”

“Donald Trump’s tariff action against Canadian steel and aluminum remains unfair and a serious threat to workers across the country. The Government of Canada must support the sectors under attack.”

In addition to his words of support, Scheer also called for Trudeau to retaliate with tariffs immediately, rather than waiting:

“We call on Justin Trudeau to implement the TPP agreement and the plan for retaliatory tariffs immediately. The government signed the TPP agreement months ago. Why are they taking so long to implement it?”

On Twitter, Doug Ford also offered support:

“We will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister and the people of Canada. My number one goal is to protect jobs in Ontario, starting with my unwavering support for our steel and aluminum workers.”

Country before party

Neither Ford or Scheer are fans of Trudeau, and that certainly won’t change. However, there are times when it’s important to put country ahead of party, and this is one of them. Whatever the merits of various trade disputes, no country can sit by and let another country criticize our leaders without a tough response.

While Trudeau certainly deserves massive criticism, and needs to be defeated in 2019, that criticism should be coming from Canadians, not from other countries. And when we are criticized from the outside, it is important to present a united front.

Both Scheer and Ford are showing Patriotism and leadership with their expressions of support, and they should get credit for putting Canada first.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Yes, standing up for our country is important and we need to be unified in such. However, I do have to say that the PM was not honest and has some pretty ridiculous demands when it comes to NAFTA. And finally, scrapping NAFTA is actually going to be beneficial if the PM would be willing to do Bi-lateral agreements. NAFTA was a plan by the globalist elites to move towards a one world government. The present US government sees the work of these globalist/elitists and is not willing to go along with their agenda. It is more about breaking up this globalist agenda than an attack on Canada.

  2. Don’t stand beside the goon. Get rid of him and get a man in there that can do something without being a wimpy dishonest sneak. Trump is right. IMPEACH THE DOPE HE IS DESTROYING CANADA.

    1. Yes, I agree with you Roger. What’s wrong is wrong and Trudeau is wrong. He is destroying Canada and we should not stand with him. I like what you said..”Impeach the dope”..

    2. Roger, you are right. I was thinking while reading, let him bury himself in stupidity, helping him out of a mess is not helping canadians it’s helping the libtard party get out a tough spot. Conservatives are going to have to learn to get tough and stop pussyfooting aground. Nice finishes last!

  3. tell me something, when i read up this morning regarding this subject. i see that the president of the usa, says trudeau is lying, and he only comes out when the other person has left the s difficult not to believe him when saying our pm is a liar. he is, many times over, one other thing fernando, how come there is nothing written about the groping that took place by the lying pm.and in an interview, he says it doesn,t matter how long time has passed, any person in the liberal party thats gropes or fondles another woman, should be fired from his position. how come he hasn,t stepped down yet.

  4. Our Lieberal/NDP socialist media crucifies President Trump, Justin has slurred President Trump, right in the US and Canada, they have every right to be critical or our leftist Lieberal government, who wouldn’t, any rational common sense person would. The mess and silliness of Trudeau Lieberals will take the NAFTA down, they want to gang up on President Trump with the lefties from Europe and the states has to stop all of us from taking them down.
    If Mr.S. Harper was still Prime Minister, the NAFTA would have already been worked out to the benefit of both our countries and we would still be a trusted allie, instead of the rude threat we are today thanks to the bobble head Lieberals and their destructive agendas.
    Yes Mr Scheer and Mr. Ford stand up for Canada and our jobs, but not with the culprit Lieberals, they are treasonous, un-Canadian and would not do the same for you or Canada.

  5. Sorry, I won’t wave my flag behind Trudeau. I get why Sheer and Ford need to be seen as having a united front, but the reality is Trudeau has allowed this situation to spiral out of control and clearly has been responsible for most of the animosity that now exists. To lay all blame on Trump is to ignore Trudeau’s many jabs and pokes at the big bear.
    Trudeau has been to the US many times over the past year, with only one in an official capacity to meet Trump…….. to push his stupid feminist BS!!! The remaining times he’s meeting with Clinton loyalists, Soros operatives, doing speaking engagements where he takes every opportunity to bad mouth Trump or lecture him on social justice nonsense . That does not go unnoticed.

    Trudeau is diametrically opposed to every foreign affairs position Trump takes, blames Trump for his failures on border security, leaks confidential details of phone conversations to trump-hating CNN … and on, and on, and on….
    ….. what the hell does anyone expect when our leader is being called out for his BS.”??

    The reason Tump can’t trust Canada to be a partner in national security, or anything else, is because Trudeau is our PM …….. period.

    Trudeau has been systematically taking apart our economy and simultaneously poking a stick in the eye of the most powerful economy on the planet, and our primary trading partner ……and we expected a positive result?

    Our geographical location to the largest economy on the planet, that is booming to unprecedented levels, should have been our ticket to the jogs creation party!

    However, the Trudeau government stubborn insistence on virtue signalling nonsense and the fools need to be revered by a failing Europe will leave us begging for crumbs. Trump has all the leverage and he knows it. Someone needs to tell PM Dummy that!

  6. I agree we need to be united as a country , but Trudeau is such an idiot and probably is one the causes of the problem .

  7. Trudeau doesn’t deserve support all he has done is lie to the Canadian people and taking us down the rotten road to the New World Order where you will have lost all your rights and governed by the likes of rats like George Swartz Soros,I will never support this This PM

  8. I’m definitely no fan of Trudeau either, but kudos to Andrew Sheer and Doug Ford for doing the right thing here. Country should ALWAYS come before party.

    This trade war is going to hurt Canada far more than the USA. Our leaders need to stand strong.

    I can’t wait to vote the liberals out of office, but until then Justin is the PM.

  9. These trade deals are part of the Globalist agenda and I, like Trump, don’t trust them. The Americas were told years ago that these trade deals would bring jobs and it ended up that they lost over 800,000 jobs due to these deals. Not sure how many we lost, as it’s hard to find this kind of information here. I think that Trump was doing us a favour by offering a bilateral trade agreement and I believe, like he said that, “this will be better for Canada.” Of course, it won’t happen because all of our politicians are Globalists and this puts a stumbling block in there plan! The fact that they’re all supporting Trudeau is indicative of their loyalty to the Globalist agenda or they would be supporting Trump!

  10. I certainly disagree with Mr. Fernando’s statement about showing a United Front.

    That would not only be Hypocrisy It gives a false and misleading interpretation that Canadians approve of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Parties actions.

    As I have said before; Trump is simply doing what he was elected to do, and that is to look out for the Interests of the United States and its citizens.

    The fact that Canada has a mistake of nature, who has decided to put the welfare of MUSLIMS and other Special Interest Groups before his Nation and its citizens, is not Trumps Fault.

    It is the Fault of the Canadians that Elected Trudeau; and that have allowed him and his Party to remain in power.

    By as you stated showing a United Front, you bolster a blustering Incompetent FOOL and his circus.

  11. Scheer just as weak as Trudeau, the whole PC Party is weak, just like the Liberals, the NDP is a pathetic bunch of morons, that don’t even deserve any mention. I get it Canada is under attack but it’s all these trade barriers that hurt Canada. Too much regulations, Telecom companies have to be majority owned Canadian , you’re treated like a criminal coming back into Canada from the USA, The Canadian Milk board is why we are paying so: much for dairy products in Canada. Yet it’s apparently okay for Canada to spend money like $400 million for school girls in other countries, this is all about control, politicians in Canada riding the gravy train, regardless of party. Canada needs somebody like Trump, only Canada is so fucked up we have internal trade wars between Provinces. If we are too be one Nation then we should eliminate all internal trade barriers first.

    1. I agree, Xavier! These politicians just don’t get it. They are trying to play both sides of the fence and it will bite em in the ass. They are all hopelessly lost when it comes to trade, including Mr. Harper, who only nibbled away at the protectionism and didn’t have the gonads to stand up to the dairy farmers and their elitist, whiney, attitude and begin the tear down of government interference in the marketplace.

  12. Stephen Harper is wrong about our immoral trade relationships. We have ridiculous tariffs of nearly 400% on dairy, we have Federal infringement on log usage and trade which encourages Provincial governments to block the sale of logs to a lucrative US market while giving our logs away to huge multinational corporations that promise to do whats best for Canadians but really only care about their own welfare amongst their stockholders.
    Mulroney and Scheer and now Doug Ford are all following the same ignorant thinking that they have always assumed were correct for some unknown reason. Any and all Tariffs are a tax on the citizens of both sides of a border and they cost jobs and affluence for all.

  13. Reality check — as long as Trudeau is the p.m. of Canada, there will always be divisiveness in the country — that is his methodology — keep people off balance and continue with his destruction of the country as dictated by ‘those behind the curtains.’

    As with Trudeau 1, this clown must be gotten rid of — period.

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