VIDEO: Scheer & Poilievre Demand Trudeau End The “Carbon Tax Cover-Up”

“His own finance department calculated that the carbon tax will add 11 cents per litre to the price of gas,” said Scheer.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre recently held a press conference to demand that Trudeau end the “carbon tax cover-up.”

The event was held outside of a gas station, as a way to bring attention to the impact the carbon tax is having on already sky-high gas prices, and how it will make things even worse.

In front of a sign saying “TRUDEAU TAXES DRIVERS,” Scheer and Poilievre demanded that Trudeau finally reveal what the carbon tax will cost Canadian families – something the government has been shamefully hiding from the Canadian people.

You can watch the press conference below:

Canada’s Conservatives will keep fighting for lower taxes and we’re demanding that Justin Trudeau end his #CarbonTaxCoverUp. Speaking live with my colleague Pierre Poilievre:—Les conservateurs du Canada continueront à se battre pour un faible fardeau fiscal et la fin du #secrettaxecarbone. En direct avec mon collègue Pierre Poilievre:

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Sunday, June 10, 2018

While not the most exciting event, Scheer and Poilievre’s press conference effectively got the message across: Justin Trudeau is making life more expensive for Canadians, and is refusing to tell Canadians the full cost of the carbon tax he’s forcing on us.

Especially considering that Trudeau promised the most “open and transparent” government of all time, his carbon tax cover-up is incredibly hypocritical and damaging to our country.

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  1. Do you think that Andrew Scheer realizes that, we do not have a Canadian government at present, just a group of rich foreign elitists calling themselves Lieberals/NDP, with their destructive fake divisive agendas. This carbon tax, like their other Lieberal agendas, eg. X children with no sex? our propaganda teaching too expensive school systems, where the children’s actual needed lessons to be educated are not being taught successfully and their marks are dropping, but they are being taught Lieberal/NDP propaganda, fake feminism, because this has changed through out history, real history is not being taught either, etc.
    What I would like to hear from the Conservatives is; (very important to me) what laws to protect Canadians, they will bring in, so the mess in Canada can be stopped, how to enforce these laws fairly so the rich foreign elites can not destroy our country again, strong laws, to make our media honest and fair, not untruthful and slanted, laws to get Canadian businesses up and going again, and not bought out by foreigners, with money from our government. etc., how are they going to protect our boarders and deal with outside and inside criminals. how they will make a fair efficient simple tax system, cutting government waste, fix the debt problem, fixing this senate, get our police and military up and going strong, as the elites are causing so much trouble around the world, and war makes them rich and kills us. How to stop the divisions in the people so with our differences we can unite and work together, become a peaceful caring united strong country again, we are not and never will be perfect, but working against each other is really bad, of course there are too many things things to fix all at once, but you have Mr. Harper and he was going at these things so well, he was really for a united stronger Canada. ( except the elite world trade, done right it is good to have trade, but done wrong for just the elites it will destroy us the people)

  2. He should have stood outside a gas station in Vancouver of Victoria. It’s over $1.50 a litre in Victoria and even higher in Vancouver. $1.28 a litre seems cheap, and a price we haven’t seen here for quite some time.

    I am glad though that Scheer is bringing attention to this. I think the results of the Ontario election show millions of Canadians do NOT want the carbon tax.

  3. How about Scheer and company repealing his support for the Paris Climate Accord (essentially denying the hoax of man-made climate change promoted by the socialists and globalists like the U.N. and George Soros) which the Liberals point to as the driver for the things they feel they are compelled to do? Buying into the hoax of man-made climate change makes one complicit as far as the consequences.

  4. While I agree that the carbon tax should be repealed immediately — among some other very serious pieces of legislation, we all know by now that the ‘bulldozing’ tactic to get their way is the net result of any concerns of either the opposition or the public.

    However, I would strongly suggest that there are at least three pieces of legislation in the works that are of far greater importance and dangerous to our country than the carbon tax.

    There are Bills C-71, C-72, M-103 (there are a couple more that for the moment escape my thoughts) and the danger of each or all of those pieces of legislation represent a far greater danger to Canada and Canadian citizens at this moment in time than the carbon tax.

    Again, I could be wrong, but if I was fortunate to have a lot of money, I would start taking bets.

    Along with ‘daddy,’ this fool will historically be noted as the two traitors who were capable of destroying the finest country on the planet in which to live — their intentions from the first moment they acquired office.

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