Peter Navarro Apologizes For “Special Place In Hell” Remark About Trudeau

“That was my mistake, those were my words” said Navarro.

Peter Navarro – Trade Adviser to US President Donald Trump – has apologized for saying there is a “special place in hell” for Justin Trudeau.

While speaking to Fox News following the G7, Navarro had said the following when referring to Trudeau:

“There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door.” 

Today, at a conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal, Navarro walked the comments back:

“The day before, on Saturday, at the end of what was a very successful and friendly G-7 summit, shortly after Air Force One and the president left Canadian airspace, the prime minister of Canada held a press conference that this administration viewed as a breach of protocol and inappropriate. The next morning, on Fox News, my job, my mission, was to send a very strong signal of strength. And this was particularly important on the eve of an even more, a far more important summit on Korea. And the problem was in conveying that message I used language that was inappropriate. I basically lost the power of that message. I own that. That was my mistake. Those were my words. And if I can quote the words of the great [football coach] “Bear” Bryant, ‘When you make a mistake, you should admit it, learn from it, don’t repeat it.'”

A video of Navarro’s apology can be seen below:

While Navarro’s apology may represent a reduction in tensions, Trump is clearly still pissed about Trudeau’s comments. At a press conference in Singapore, Trump said about Trudeau’s post-G7 remarks, “That’s going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada. He learned. You can’t do that. You can’t do that.” 

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  1. That Trump is still pissed off is very understandable…if indeed, the impression pre Trump departure was that an understanding had been struck and our fine Prime Minister ( I dont think so ) comes along and spews what he did about NOT BEING PUSHED Around, Trump indeed has reason . The only excuse for Trudeau re iterating that ” Canada will not be pushed around ” was to satisfy his own gloating greed about being an equal to a Goliath WHICH HE IS NOT and from what we can see WILL NEVER BE . I f I were Trump , I would react the same way for that obvious break in the confidence Trump had put in the early negotiations and apparent pact . Asking for an apology from Trudeau does not cut it , the little wanna be just does not HAVE it … Canada will be better off when he is de-throned

    1. Are you Canadian really? Trudeau was standing firm for canadian citizens against the American bully and disagree with that? You adore domination so much you won’t defend your family from a despicable human bully? How worthless and self disrespecting you are!!

      1. Since when is Trudeau our family?And since when did he think that Canadians deserve his Royal effort to govern this Country. Trudy wants to replace Canadians because he does not like the color of our ancestors skin. Who needs a racist Leader? You are saying that we are not Canadian if we criticize the idiotic weasel that you are calling Family? He is the most immoral of all moralists among the so called Liberal mobs. He has called Canadians everything you can call an enemy.He does not respect our values and is a serial liar. I can’t forget how he wanted to accuse the Indian government of plotting against his reputation, when after all Atwal was his old friend and frequently present at any Liberal events that the PM attended too. How strange that after socializing with the man for so many years, all of a sudden the PM did not recognize him. That is immoral in many ways.Trudy should have no place in Canadian politics.OUT.

    1. He gained his place in Hell, well before the Americans knew about it. That is where he will meet with his dearest friend Castro, and so many other Left Supremacists, who spread the Communist Utopia to the desperate and naive,and sucked their freedoms out of their lives. Remember Motion -1o3? Don’t forget and do not forgive. Our lives depend on our memories. Watch what is happening with his new Ethics Commissioner and the idea that complaints should be secret…The Media should be forbidden to reveal any investigation of corrupt behavior. No wonder, when the PM has shown that he does not have an understanding of what is conflict of interest. It is beneath his Royal Status as the Crown Clown.


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