CORRUPT: Trudeau Liberals Move Closer To Approving $7 BILLION ‘Slush Fund’

Accountability destroyed.

The Trudeau Liberals are moving closer to being able to approve their $7 billion ‘slush fund,’ which would give them a pool of taxpayer dollars they could spend before the election without Parliamentary oversight or accountability.

After opposition MPs from both the Conservatives and NDP fought to block a vote on the ‘slush fund,’ which the Liberals will ram through with their majority, Liberal Speaker Geoff Regan ruled that the vote can go forward.

That ruling has been opposed by former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page. As reported by the Hill Times, Page expressed serious concerns about the Liberal government move – which puts the $7 billion into a ‘central fund’:

“Not all central funds are the same,” he said, noting the government proposes that this central fund asks Parliament to approve “new appropriations” in the latest budget. “This is a very bad precedent for Parliament.”

“Financial control and ministerial accountability are being undermined. This is a new low for our appropriation system,” he said.

“How can the Parliament hold the President of the Treasury Board [Scott Brison] responsible and accountable for all authorities requested in the latest budget?” he asked, for money allocated for Indigenous people, veterans, and more.”

With an election getting closer, this ‘slush fund’ is incredibly disturbing and very corrupt. Imagine what the government will do with that much money to through around – especially when any oversight or accountability for the money wouldn’t happen until long after the 2019 campaign.

It’s another example of the Trudeau government treating the institution of Parliament and the Canadian people with arrogant disdain and destroying accountability. If the government won’t even be accountable when they’re spending our money, what right do they have to take that money from us in the first place?

The Trudeau Liberals must pay the price for their corrupt and anti-democratic attitude.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. The morale officer Trudeau on the HMCS Sunny Ways ship is proposing to literally STEAL money from Canadian taxpaying citizens, 7 BILLION worth. Call it what it is THEFT. However, Mr. Moral Superiority Trudeau prefers to call it a ‘slush fund’ conveniently putting him and his Liberal Merry Band of Robbers above reproach. While Canadians work almost half the year just to finance the government, 43.6 percent of the family income is spent on taxes, Trudeau born into luxury and who never had to work a hard day in his life shows NO empathy or respect to those hard-working Canadians who pay those annual taxes. He spends and now steals our tax dollars as if the money literally grows on trees on parliament hill. He has NO shame.

  2. Canada is in a dilemma
    There will be justice
    Those who create hardship for the innocent will be judged
    Their money won’t save them

  3. How is this even legal? Have we been taken over by the ‘dictator’ that we feared Trudeau and Son of Pierre to be?

  4. Or you could build pipelines, 7 billion won’t be enough for either project, call them both cancellation fees. Did they pay GST on that graft? The Hillary syndrome alive and well in the true north “strong and free” and if anybody sees any political integrity around anymore let me know. And don’t fall for their hype when it comes flooding your way in about a year from now. Instead remember those funds where not raised by them, they were stolen by force from the taxpayer. Political graft paid for by the taxpayer, in my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined. We should make it a loan and then see how much they really need. But of course we know the answer to that question is “all of it”.

  5. I spoke to a CPC MP as to why they don’t call a vote of non-confidence. He said that it can only be done on a money bill. Well here you go.

  6. Sizable “Slush Fund” for sure! I expect most of it is earmarked to voters and or their projects. This Boy is all about winning the next election and fortifying himself as “Prince of the Provinces”.

    1. When I said trudeau now has the upper hand over Alberta’s oil flow to tide water is very simple: he can stop the flow of Alberta’s oil if Alberta under Jason Kenny when in gov ‘refuses’ trudeau’ carbon tax’. In fact, he hates Alberta so much he will do anything to stop her growth and revenues.
      But, will he do the same to Quebec if they refuse his carbon tax? Not likely. That’s his voting base.

  7. The federal Liberals have become synonymous with favouritism and corruption. Since not one of them will stand against this trend, they all share in the destruction of our democratic system and should be remembered as traitors.

  8. I am very dissappoi red by the lack of fire on Scheers belly to keep CANADA SAFE & FREE! I EVEN WORKED ON HIS,ELECTION WHICH MAKES MY ANGRY!!!

  9. Question is ” will Quebec have to pay for that “slush fund” as well or it directed soley on Alberta and BC”? If Alberta and BC refuse to be only provinves to pay for slush fund, Justin now has the upper hand to control the flow oil from alberta to please albertans but can stop the flow of oil at a certain.point in BC to please BCERS and environmentalists. And if a trickle of oil leak occures, he can stop the flow of oil to please the environmentalists by demanding and forcing Alberta to pay for the clean up the mess. Which means double taxes.
    This is to teach Albertans ‘never to fool around with a Trudeau.
    I hope I am wrong but I don’t think so.
    Why? Had Trudeau wanted Alberta oil through the pipelines to tide water, he would have had the company to continue to build the lines. He continues to lie about everything.

  10. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts 90% of that $7 billion is going abroad, for gender this or LGBTQWERTY that. Kiss that money goodbye.

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