POLL: Trudeau Liberals Fall To New Low In Atlantic Canada

A clear downward trend.

The Trudeau Liberals have fallen to a new low in support in Atlantic Canada.

While it remains their strongest region in the country, the downward trend is clear.

According to a survey by Corporate Research Associates, the Liberal approval rating has fallen to 51% in the region. That’s down from 66% in August of 2017, and 56% in February of 2018.

The number of people saying they will vote Liberal has fallen to 49%, a far cry from the 60% they had in November of 2017.

In that same time period, the Conservatives are up to 29%, compared to 23% in November of 2017.

And the numbers aren’t looking  good for the NDP, who are stuck at 15%, barely up from the 13% they had months ago.

Trudeau is still the preferred candidate for PM in the region, though that number is down from 50% to 40%. Scheer is at 22%, while Jagmeet Singh has just 10%.

While there aren’t many seats in Atlantic Canada, a loss of support could be a big problem for the Trudeau Liberals. Having won every seat in the region in 2015 and holding a narrow majority, a loss of Atlantic Canada seats puts the Liberals on more perilous political ground.

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  1. Here come billions in more training and skills enhancement. Quick, all you males , sign up for another 5 year knitting course with full pay plus living and travel expenses.

    There used to be good jobs out West in the oil patch but Trudeau shit all over that idea.

  2. If the Liberals’ decline keeps going they won’t get enough seats in the 2019 federal election to be granted ‘official party’ status. Then we’ll really see Trudope’s eyebrows fall off.

  3. Well they(Atlantic Canada) got what they wanted and now will pay the price for it after they were quick to remove PMSH for no reason at all but listened to the media and the liberals on their rhetoric on PMSH and believed every word.
    But, as usual, the canadian public have a short memory therefore, jihadi trudeau will win their hearts again after he gives them his best performing act into believing him.

  4. Trudeau says Canadians have no identity. Well, we do. It’s “we don’t like America”. Or we are better than America, etc. This is always a winner for Liberals and will get Trudeau voted in again in 2019……wait for him to use this as his entire platform. It will work. Unfortunately.

  5. I don’t know if it is still the same but CBC was in rural areas was the only radio/tv they received, that could be the problem?

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