So Much For Unity: Trudeau Goes Back To Attacking Conservatives

Justin rips Conservatives for proposing changes to marijuana legislation – even though that’s the job of the Senate.

After some rare moments of political unity, Justin Trudeau has gone back to attacking the Conservatives.

While speaking about marijuana legislation, Trudeau accused the Conservatives of playing “games” by proposing changes to the legislation in the Senate.

Of course, proposing changes in the Senate is part of how Canada’s democracy is supposed to function.

As noted by iPolitics, Trudeau said “It’s been months that Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader, has been telling his Senate caucus — the senators that he still controls — to play games, to slow this down, to interfere with the will of the House, with the commitment made by a duly elected government in an election campaign, and it’s time he stops using his senators this way.”

Conservative MP Erin O’Toole pushed back:

“I don’t think [Trudeau’s comment] is fair, considering how the prime minister has been appointing last-minute senators – the pot senators, some call them – to get his bill through. There are valid concerns from healthcare, from law enforcement about homegrown pot. I think the prime minister should listen. What is the rush? I think we’re all willing to see legalization but let’s not rush it out the gate not ready.”

Trudeau ends moment of unity

Trudeau’s partisan attack on the Conservatives signals that he believes the moment of unity the country experienced in the wake of the trade comment disputes with the US is at an end.

It’s back to normal unfortunately, as Trudeau has shown that his partisanship can’t be held in check for long, and he’s willing to attack the opposition for the ‘offence’ of using our Parliamentary system the way it’s supposed to be used.

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  1. This is another “win” for Trudeau, after his spat with the much hated Trump, now the 1950’s Party is delaying Trudeau’s marijuana legislation for no reasonable excuse.

    “Waht’s the rush”, O’Toole asks? Legalization of marijuana was recommended by the LeDain Commission in 1971, and finally legalizing it 47 years late is hardly “the rush”.

    CPC critics have been concerned that Scheer is not the man to take the fight to Trudeau and I have to agree. During Trudeau’s last six months of making a damned fool of himself on the world stage, Scheer has been mostly awol, and now that Butts has identified the enemy, Trump, Scheer and the CPC stood and applauded Trudeau in the House!

    Now Scheer is about to pi$$ off the young voters over an issue that should have been settled. The federal CPC is looking more like the pre-Ford Ontario PC’s, able to snatch defeat from what appeared to be almost certain victory.

  2. Trudeau and gov have been attacking CPC on the Harper gov every day and not a peep from the cpc in retaliation for the hard work the Harper gov did for canada nor a peep of pride for winning three election against all odds. Instead of standing up too trudeau lies with facts like dates, year, place even down to sec the things the Harper gov did for canada; they (cpc) let themselves be used by trudeau to deflect from the big mess he is doing to canada.
    I never would have stood up with justin trudeau against Trump. I would have stood up against trudeau for destroying our nation, jobs, our freedom, etc.
    Trump is for his country and his people.
    Jihadi Justin Trudeau most definitely IS NOT FOR CANADA NOR FOR HIS PEOPLE. THAT IS A FIRM GUARANTEE.

  3. I could not Believe what I as Hearing, when Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives Defended Justin Trudeau when Trump attacked Trudeau. Trump has learned what a true Idiot Trudeau is! Canada is most Definitely a Security Threat to the U.S.! With Rewarding Convicted Terrorists Millions of Dollars, Welcoming Everyone on the Planet Across our Wide Open Borders, while our Vets are on the Streets and he has told them that they are asking for too much, Welcoming ISIS Terrorists Back into Canada to Integrate with Canadians, Spending Canadians’ Hard Earned Tax Dollars like a Drunken Sailor, AGAINST how Canadians want their Tax Money Spent, Making an Ass of Himself on the World Stage, Trudeau’s Destruction of Canada, and the List Goes On! Trump does NOT Want to do Business with an Inept, Irresponsible, Joke of a PM, and I Cannot Blame Trump! How can anyone have any Respect for Trudeau?? Scheer Should Think Hard before Defending Trudeau with his Destructive, Arrogant and just Plain Stupid Reputation! Andrew Scheer will lose Canadians’ Confidence and Votes if he does not call Trudeau out on all his Destructive Actions Instead of Defending him!

  4. I have no idea why Andrew Scheer would stand up for the Lieberals Trudeau, as above, the Conservatives, without Mr. Harper, now seems to be joining the traitor Lieberals who are destroying Canada on purpose, the Lieberal/NDP greedy unethical globalist puppets, will never do anything to help or protect the Conservatives, they have never played fair especially to the Canadian taxpayers who they are purposely destroying along with a once peaceful truthful law abiding country, for their puppet masters. If you support this arrogant rude Trudeau, he thinks you are weak and you are Mr. Scheer, in the Lieberal books of dictators socialist destruction.
    The LIEberal/NDP are sneaky traitors to Canada along with their slanted propaganda media, undermining the Conservative party at every level, look at what they did to Mr Harper, a great man, at present right now they are demonizing Doug Ford, he is elected, and they are still protesting him, all paid for wrongley with our tax dollars. and Andrew Scheer supports this??
    We need a Conservative party back to stand up for Canada, make us strong again, independent of rich greedy foreign globalist puppet masters not joining and supporting them.

  5. Blown away by the knee jerk stupidity of the Conservative leadership? I am talking abut Jason Kenny, Andrew Scheer and newly minted Mr. Ford. On Trudeau’s leftist foolishness and disrespect for Trump at the G7 these conservative leaders announced they sided with Trudeau in the attacking Trump. Andrew Scheer even went so far as to eject Bernier from the Shadow Cabinet with obfuscations of Bernier lying? So who is Scheer trying to please obviously Justin Trudeau and the supply side monopolists who are exploiting all Canadians and funding the Liberals who set up supply side management – pointing this out was somehow Berniers crime?.
    After this can Canadian Conservatives trust Scheer? No longer seems likely. Can Conservatives trust Ford? Can Alberta conservatives trust Jason Kenny other than less each day?
    It doesn’t really look like trustworthiness is in their.
    Trudeau is now laughing at Conservative leaderships knee jerk stupidity and can go on attacking them as even Trudeau knows what they have done to themselves.
    Canada has no hope without out a powerful reform movement – and the old fake Conservatives have come back lead by spineless squish Scheer.

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