WATCH: Trudeau Government Has Photo Of Toronto ISIS Terrorist Shooting A Gun In Syria With His Face Fully Visible, Yet He Hasn’t Been Arrested

Scheer rips Trudeau for taking away tools law enforcement needs to protect Canadians.

Canadians have been disturbed to hear about an ISIS fighter living freely in Toronto who has been bragging to the media about executing people.

And as pointed out by Andrew Scheer in Question Period, it’s even worse than that.

Not only did the ISIS fighter (who never should have been let back into Canada) brag about his crimes, it turns out that he is walking free even after being visited by Canadian government security authorities.

In that meeting, he says that government security officials had a photo of him shooting a gun in Syria, and his face was fully visible.

So, despite this obvious evidence that he was an ISIS fighter – something he has admitted to – and despite the fact that the Trudeau government certainly possesses this evidence, the government hasn’t arrested him.

It is insane, and it puts Canadians at greater risk. In fact, that ISIS fighter walking freely in Toronto has said he is getting even more extreme in his views.

And as Scheer noted, as ISIS terrorists are returning to Canada, the Trudeau government has been weakening the ability of law enforcement to protect Canadians from the threat.

As Scheer brought that up in Question Period, Justin Trudeau did what he always does – pathetically attempting to blame things on the previous Harper government.

Watch the exchange below:

As we can see, Justin Trudeau’s weakness is putting Canadians at risk, and we’re now at the point in which ISIS fighters can walk around freely in our country while bragging with impunity about their terrible crimes.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Anyone of these terrorists commits a terrorist act (and it is just a matter of time) in Canada, then a class action lawsuit should be lodged against the traitor Justin(e) Trudeau.

  2. This is another clearly treasonous act of ‘his,’ as was declaring our borders to be non-existent and by that act indicating that Canada was not even a country. All countries have borders, that is how they are recognized.

    According to any dictionary definition available, treason is a criminal offence.

    I now ask, where are those ‘principled’ lawyers and/or other members of the legal/judicial occupations in our society who know this fact and yet choose to remain silent — is it any wonder the in one of his sonnets Shakespeare ended by saying: “The first thing we do is hang all the lawyers”?

    At this moment in Canada’s history, I believe that comment is even more relevant.

  3. You just need 1 apple to rot 36 million apples. Get the cancer out of this country. We have had enough. We have ended up with a federal government who is a terrorist government since they befriend terrorists by letting them walk freely in our country and they give them jobs at the federal government.

  4. With this radical globalist fake government we have no country, so no government. I do not think we should need to call an election, since we only have one Canadian political party left in Canada. Help is needed drastically, please get our country back now for us, Conservatives, the terrorist Lieberal/NDP traitors are giving it away to rich globalists who want Canada collapsed and taken over.

    1. Yuri K: I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt–and assume you aren’t a liberal troll. You compare China’s deadly; atrocious; murderous record on “human rights” with Donald Trump’s perfectly legal, and moral; actions to keep Americans safe–and free–in their own country. You have made an absurd; illogical comparison. An informed; unbiased person should be able to see the error in your point of view. More to the point: The Trudeau “government” is allowing a known ISIS terrorist to roam the streets in Canada–unfettered, and with the very real potential to kill one of us–and possibly you. Is that what you want? President Trump would do the right thing, and have him behind bars–and then deport his ass back to the Middle East. Tout suite.

    2. Yuri:
      You must be kidding! What “human rights abuses” are “committed” by Trump? Are you sure you’re not confusing America with your former homeland?

  5. Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer really needs to put some ROAR in his voice once in awhile, particularly on this ISIS issue. He appears to be only going through the motions of appearing concerned. I’m NOT impressed with Sheer’s soft touch when taking Trudeau to task during question period. He NEVER addresses Trudeau’s ‘blame the Harper gov’t’ as his reply to ALL of Sheer’s questions. I’m having doubts Mr. Sheer can get tough on ANY issue and put Trudeau where he belongs, “sucking his thumb in the corner.” COME ON SHEER DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ISIS ISSUE AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION or we’ll end up with another 4 years of Trudeau.

  6. I think the CPC made a huge mistake having voted in Scheer as its leader and I don’t think he’s capable of defeating Trudeau next election. How can he continually let Trudeau get away with blaming Harper and the Conservatives over and over again in that nasal, whiny, arrogant tone, while lying through his teeth? Clearly all but the most stunned can see that Trudeau is a liar and a terrorist sympathizer who is quite happy to let terrorists roam our streets freely, while his gov’t aims to silence those who dare to speak out against radical Islam and his Diversity. Don’t agree with Trudeau-he calls you an Islamophobe and Butts calls you a Nazi. Scheer should get the boot immediately and be replaced with someone who can stand up to Trudeau and the LPC without being scared of being called names by a whiny, clueless child…someone like Maxime Bernier, Michelle Rempel or Pierre Poilievre.

    1. That is ridiculous!!
      Scheer is anything but weak-he would make a great PM and I will be working to support his election as PM

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