Toronto’s Emergency Shelters Are Being Overwhelmed By Illegal Border Crossers

As the Trudeau government continues to allow our border to be disrespected, the crisis worsens.

With the illegal border crisis continuing due to inaction on the part of the Trudeau government, Toronto’s emergency shelter system is bursting at the seams.

As noted in a recent Globe & Mail report, “a wave of asylum seekers has descended onto Canada’s largest city.”

“Many of them are families. All are in need of housing, adding pressure to Toronto’s already-strained shelter system in a high-priced city with limited affordable housing. To deal with the pressure, the city asked two colleges to open their student dorms to refugee claimants for the summer and there are plans to erect four tents in the city to serve as extra shelter space later this year.”

Shelter usage has nearly doubled, and the trend keeps going up.

Keep in mind, the Toronto shelter system was designed to be used by Canadians in need, and the influx of illegal crossers means there is less space available for our citizens.

The report also notes that the number of refugee claims made in Canada has reached a record high, with 55,360 claims still outstanding.

Disturbingly, rather than look for ways to stem the flow of illegal border crossers and ensure that taxpayer resources are used on helping taxpayers, there is a growing effort to convince everyone that the growing influx is the ‘new normal.’

‘“We are at the beginning of this new normal, the very beginning,” says Francisco Rico-Martinez, co-director of the FCJ Refugee Centre, who expects more arrivals from Central and South America – people fleeing violence who no longer see the United States as an option.

With pressures likely to grow, “we have to get ready,” he said, by adjusting long-term planning and viewing this shift with a global perspective.

In Toronto, which last year reaffirmed its status as a sanctuary city, all residents receive full access to city services, regardless of their documentation status. Children can attend school, families can access health care or social assistance and people can apply for work permits while waiting for decisions on their claims.”

This means we are being asked to accept a situation in which taxpayers pay more and more to fund services for people who entered Canada illegally. This will weaken our social programs, meaning worse healthcare and worse education systems for Canadian citizens.

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that the Trudeau government is doing nothing to end the crisis. They want Canada to be a ‘post-national state,’ and such a state won’t do anything to prioritize our own citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I hope that the city of Toronto is paying for this themselves, but of course not, they are asking for every ones tax dollars to cover this huge expense, illegally. If these corrupt politicians want a sanctuary country or city they should themselves have the money etc to cover these costs, not expect over taxed Canadians in a no longer existing country to lose everything to make their illegal unfair agendas work, again we do not have a real Canadian government, a government for Canada not one for these radical agendas to bring our country to collapse, re hurting the people they claim to be helping, by collapsing our country. Handing out money to the rich elites in their corrupt countries does not help these people, and bringing them all to a foreign lands just repeats the same corruption here. Another reason businesses are leaving here and our dollar is being devalued, people with money will leave. and we can all hurt together.
    President Trump said it right, he protects the USA from this, for the American people, to keep America strong and they are getting there rapidly.

    1. President Trump is the BEST ….understands the difference between immigration and ILLEGAL immigration …our….. so sorry I must use the title” leader ” to address this golden spoon fed adolescent , is an irrational kid the likes of the North Korean leader ….. Trump should have a talk with Junior in Canada , we would all benefit

  2. Those from Mexico, Central America and the Middle East had more than enough money to make it all the way to Canada. They illegally cross the border and now get a free ride?? Nope, life costs money. Stay in a hotel, eat out, pay for taxi’s or travel. No need whatsoever to provide everything for free while Canadians get pushed to the back of the line.

    Torontonians – don’t pay for anything. demand equal treatment and benefits. Register in a nice hotel with room service, claiming “refugee – no english” and rent out your house or apartment. Walk into any Doctor, Clinic or Hospital and do the same. ” refugee – no english” and jump to the head of the line.

    In Trudeau’s concept of his “post-national state”, when Canada no longer exists as a country, where does he think money to run the non-existing state will come from. No Country = no Government = no taxes = no laws = no police = no Courts = no legal system = anarchy. His life would be minutes long. No $10.5 million dollar rewards.

  3. A national coalition of 120 organizations dedicated to ending child poverty released a report last week entitled ‘Campaign 2000.’ The top 10 Federal ridings for child poverty rate are listed. Toronto Centre, Ontario (Liberal) scored at 40%, just happens to be Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s riding. Toronto Centre has a high percentage of visible minority, immigrant, and Indigenous children and families. Yet, Toronto City Council will be building pre-fab structures at a cost of 2.5 million each for the influx of illegal immigrants. The structures will be placed on vacant city property based on transit and social services access. Each pre-fab structure will provide ‘year-round comfort’. It’s apparently clear who gets priority in the city of Toronto, certainly NOT the 40% of CHILDREN living in poverty in Toronto Central. Obviously, virtue signaling Morneau and Trudeau care more about illegal immigrant families with children than the Canadian citizen families with children living in absolute poverty. Same goes for Mayor John Tory, just another virtue signaling politician!


  5. I listen to the voices of muslims who are afraid of the dangers they see unfolding right before their eyes in Canada. Many of them fled from persecution rape and torture into Canada only to encounter their problems right here in Canada.

  6. The invasion and ultimate destruction of Canada continues and will be ramped up in the coming years. This is what happens to a people and society who do not value their heritage and culture. This is what happens to people who think that all cultures are equal, they are not.

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