Trudeau Government Ignoring Warnings Of Business Exodus

While investment surges in the United States, it’s collapsing in Canada.

Despite continued warnings that Canada’s competitive position relative to the US is getting worse and worse, the Trudeau government is refusing to take action.

A recent report notes that the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters is warning that the investment situation in Canada is very concerning.

Technology and equipment investment is down, and foreign investment in Canada is down. Meanwhile, investment is surging in the US as they have made tax changes that give them an investment advantage over Canada.

The president of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters said “A tax advantage is critical for Canada. We are a smaller and less attractive market than the U.S. and we have many non-tax costs of doing business through regulatory red tape.”

He added, “One of the things we really were struck by is that our exports of manufacturing goods (have) grown at less than the rate of inflation.” 

They have been calling for Canada to cut business taxes and “allowing companies to deduct 100 per cent of their investments in new machinery, technology and other capital assets.”

Yet, the Trudeau government keeps ignoring these warnings, even as the evidence of Canada’s growing competitive weakness piles up.

The Finance Department says they think the economy is competitive, and say they’re still studying what’s going on.

Yet, as they ‘study’ the issue, Canada falls further and further behind, and the carbon tax makes things even worse.

That’s the price our country is paying for having a government more concerned with ‘gender budgets’ and virtue-signalling instead of building a strong economy.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Our dollar is still falling also, Financial Post believes it will continue to fall, as everything is chaos and anarchy in our once protected honest country, now run by foreign puppet masters.

    I really think we need a very BIG truthful Canadian media that can let every Canadian know the truth and not let these foreign globalist puppet masters keep pumping out propaganda and outright lies, we need actual truth. CBC, and the rest of the media that support the one world order, UN and big debt and Lieberal/NDP slanted news have to be charged or stopped. We need someone like you, Spencer to be front page news, with the truth, that can be believed. Open and honest.

  2. Create the chaos to come in as the savior of the chaos. Moving towards a dictatorship as JT so admires. Wake up Canada!!!

  3. Morneau was suppose to be the adult at the cabinet table with Trudeau and Butts acting as teenagers and the rest of them just keeping quiet. Morneau really has no clue about business. He was to be the Bay Street guy in cabinet but he has proven to be just a guy from a company with its head office on Don Mills Road, a long way from Bay Street. The same goes from the others in the Finance Dept… never having run a company or made investment decisions impacting the future of their company. When they do act it will be too little, too late.

  4. Trudeau who has a finance minister with real world experience in both national and global economics, fails to understand the evidence placed before him, is a very hard to believe.
    That our economy is spiralling downward towards a deep recession and he is still studying the situation.
    Just what is there that is so complicated, that it requires more study; could it be that the businesses are smarter than Trudeau actually believes them to be.
    That businesses see no real hope of any return on investments made here in Canada and are willing to invest anywhere,just so long as it isn’t Canada.

    The fact that Trudeau has spent, now three years, going about Canada telling businesses to close down take the investments and leave; all because he wants to shutdown our economy because of his elitist globalist beliefs and attitudes.

    Even worse than all the higher taxes, destroyed oil industry and the strangulating restrictions and regulations, the fact Trudeau has borrowed and spent more than 60 billion dollars, all with nothing to show for it. And through all of this Trudeau actually believed that businesses would willingly invest their capital, hire more workers and help expand our economy, while they face ever increasingly higher taxes, more roadblocks towards expanding their businesses and an anti business message being sent loud and clear from Trudeau and Morneau.

    Trudeau will never understand, that businesses and investors will always move towards the places where they can get a return on investments without having to face excessive red tape and high taxes and regulations.
    Yet Trudeau and Morneau still reject the thought and proven idea that power taxes always attracts, investments, jobs and expansion of businesses.
    That is why america’s economy is booming and ours is heading downward to recessions.

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