WATCH: Ford & Trudeau Meet At Queen’s Park

Tensions between the Ontario government and the Feds are already heating up.

Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau met at Queens Park, the first meeting between the two since Ford’s dominating election victory which decimated Trudeau’s provincial counterparts.

The meeting comes as tension between Ontario and the federal government heats up, with Trudeau planning to impose the carbon tax against the will of Ontario voters, and threatening to take away $400 million in federal funding.

The Ford government has also made clear that they hold the feds 100% responsible for the illegal border crossing crisis that is burdening social services in Ontario and has no end in sight.

Watch Ford & Trudeau meet below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. I hope that Alberta and Quebec get Conservative Premiers voted in and they all take the Liberals to court for their globalist UN divisive, hate Canadians agendas. Saskatchewan and Ontario should be best buddies getting started at stopping all these UN agenda programs, made to make the poor and middle class who mostly pay taxes, because they can’t afford to use the back doors like the well off can, not to pay taxes, it will make all of us poorer yet again. Thank goodness for Doug Ford and the Conservatives in Ontario. Go Doug Ford!
    What has me very worried is that Andrew Scheer says he has no plans yet, but they are working on one for before the election. I am really hoping that he will have common sense and back out of the globalist UN and the Paris accord, they are both tax dollars wasted and create even more debt in our country, they want open boarders, lawless anarchy, no countries, one world government, really rich rulers, and really poor slaves to do the dirty work for them. I really need to hear the Conservatives say they will stop these things and get Canada back for Canadians, on it’s feet as a good prosperous country with protected boarders and give us our pride and safety back, etc. Please don’t go socialist, as then we would have no one to vote for, and destruction and ruin and debt will prevail, as is starting to happen. We need a government as we have not had a legal government with common sense, except the respected trustworthy Rt. Hon. Mr. Harper, he was the best prime minister in my long lifetime, he would have had Canada on it’s feet by now, without globalist UN interference in our last election.

  2. Trudeau continues to reference the United Nations and the term “refugees”.
    I just wish someone would kick him in the teeth and tell him it’s ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING REFUGEES – big difference.

    Perhaps Ottawa needs to become a sanctuary city.

  3. Go get him Doug! Don’t let this friggin TWERP tell you what to do. Stand up tall for us!! Trudope will be GONE in 2019 !!!

  4. Is Trudeau really going to be stupid enough to impose his carbon tax on Ontario? Is he completely unaware Doug Ford made a specific promise to get rid of it, and has already kept his word?
    I’d love to see Liberals running for reelection next year trying to justify the tax grab.

    And please send some of this common sense to BC, where our gas prices are as high as $1.55 these days, and the premier (NDP of course) is blaming it on price gouging, not taxes. I think it’s both.

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