Despite Past Commitment, Trudeau Says Canada Won’t Meet NATO Defence Spending Target

Yet, he’s simultaneously warning about the threat from Russia.

Heading into the NATO Summit, Justin Trudeau is already saying Canada won’t meet the commitment – which our nation agreed to – to spend 2.0% of GDP on defence.

This will likely worsen relations between Canada and the US even more.

And yet, Trudeau is simultaneously saying the summit will be about reinforcing the threat from Russia.

As noted by the CP, Trudeau is saying ‘President Donald Trump’s NATO allies will have little time for his pro-Russian musings when he meets the alliance’s leaders at their annual summit in Brussels starting Wednesday.’ 

The meeting tomorrow will be an opportunity for all of our countries to rededicate ourselves to NATO, to demonstrate that it’s actually important, that it actually does important things, and that the collection of values and rules that it was brought in to defend 75-plus years ago are just as relevant today as they ever were. I look forward to having words with President Trump,” said Trudeau.

Of course, Trudeau is trying to have it both ways.

You can’t warn about a military threat from Russia while also refusing to increase defence spending to the NATO target. If Russia is such a threat, then all countries should be rapidly and massively increasing military spending to deal with it.

By not increasing spending, Trudeau is saying that he either doesn’t really see Russia as a threat, or that he expects the US to deal with it basically single-handedly, which is an unfair position for us to put our ally into.

And furthermore, we shouldn’t increase defence spending just because the US wants to, but because it’s the right thing to do for Canada. Our military is horribly underfunded, and our nation is nearly undefended. Yet, our GDP is about the same as Russia’s, so there’s no reason Canada can’t have a strong military defence.

Once again, Trudeau is all talk, no action when it comes to defending Canada, and it’s ironic that the one international commitment he’s willing to break is the one that happens to be about protecting our nation.

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  1. If Jr sent the money that he sends to the UN and his muslim causes to the military instead, they would be amply supplied in new equipment and meet NATO commitments.

  2. “I look forward to having words with President Trump,” sounds like a threat to me. Maybe even going as far as to have a hissy fit. I sincerely hope Trump bitch slaps him right in front of the world. I’d pay good money to see that live.
    The others in Nato will goad Trudeau on knowing that if Trump focuses on Trudeau then he, Trump, might forget that they too are not contributing enough to Nato.
    On a positive note, I see that Trudeau has a new suit. Better than that light blue suit he always wears with the brown shoes.

  3. Since we do not have a Canadian government, just an illegal puppet globalist agenda to take down Canada, we should get together call an election now and find a real Democratic Canadian Prime Minister. – Who works for Canada, we need good real Canadians (you know like Spencer , like Doug Ford, people with common sense that can kick these foreign fake pretenders out of our nation, along with as much of their destructive agenda and laws, and make Canada strong again, so we can keep our boarders safe especially from the globalist destruction agenda, or any thing else that takes our democracy fail, We need independence, freedom, health, proper education and training, unity-make our country all under the same laws and rights, strong Canadian Companies, get out of the debt and UN globalist, climate change hoax, waste of money, no special rights to religious groups, and all the other groups with special protection, we must respect each other ,unify and protect all of us under fair laws, we must obey together, strong fair police forces and a strong well equipped Armed Forces etc. We need to look after our families and no nothing can ever be perfect but common sense and care for each other, will make Canada a great place to live again. Lets find a new government with truthful common sense, that will try to get along with our allies but not give in unless we all agree (at least a majority of us).

    We need a real government very soon and some one who can get rid of all these destructive divisive foreign socialist globalist agenda people. 2019 or sooner!

  4. “Of course, Trudeau is trying to have it both ways.”

    Looks like it’s you trying to have it both ways.

    First Trudeau spends too much, now not enough.

    Do you know what the budget would look like with a NATO commitment of 2% to GDP?

    According to Canada’s Public Accounts, the budget for the Department of National Defence in fiscal year 2015/16 was $18.66 billion and Canada’s GDP for 2016, according to the fall economic update, is $2.019 trillion.2 Based on that update, defence spending is 0.9 per cent of GDP. Thus, the NATO target of two per cent of GDP would require Canada to have a defence budget in fiscal year 2015/16 of approximately $40 billion.3 Even growth to 1.5 per cent of GDP, which a number of individuals identified in the Defence Policy Review submissions as perhaps suitable for Canada, would require a defence budget of approximately $30.3 billion, significantly larger than the existing $18.6 billion.

    Are you now saying that you’ll be fine with the added annual deficits? While you’re calling out Trudeau, what’s Scheer’s plan to increase spending to the 2% threshold other than a tweet?

    1. Since 2% has long been the accepted amount for NATO spending there should be no question of increasing deficits. Those increases are happening because the party in power is spending the common weal on other efforts. Were they to actually spend what is required for the governance of the nation and leave the provinces to handle their own affairs there would be, in a relatively short time. no federal deficit. The federal government is borrowing and spending on pet projects that are considered vital by a very small segment of society. Mostly unicorn herders and fairy dust salesmen.

    2. Wow. Really? You really do not understand, do you? If PM Super Socks would stop pissing all our money away and giving billions to every single SJW cause around the globe, and actually budgeted properly, and didn’t put out “feminist” budgets and “trans” budgets, got his s**t together, there would be more than enough to fund our military. Every single time we try to update our military, people like you scream at the sky that Canada is going to have tanks on every street corner, and jackboots shooting civilians in the streets. The facts are, that at any given point in time, Canada has 6 (six) combat ready, 45 year old F-18’s, ready to defend this country. Six. That’s it. That’s not even enough to defend half of PEI. Everytime someone like you votes for someone like trudeau, you make everyone else poorer, and underfund the necessities, and put your priorities on all the wrong things, then complain about what we would have to spend to fix what is broken, because it has fallen apart due to utter neglect. Right now, the only hope of any kind of future for my kids, where they could live a better life than I, would be to remove my province out of confederation, and get rid of job killing, economy killing taxes and socialists, who think it’s their mission in life to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

      1. Exactly, taking our hard earned tax money and sending it too another Country to build their infrastructure…especially after some of our Military Members just came out of these conflict zones and are made to except the fact and Soldier On…then get put on the back burner most every time as of late for Many unfair reasons and that especially includes the wife and family DVA has forgotten about them as well…just my Opinion…God Bless The Troops

    3. We suppose Scheer would start by cancelling the millions for Hamas weapons, by not giving Clinton more millions, by not giving $23 million to NCCM terrorists to enforce Khalid’s M-103 and by not bouncing around the world or the country on his disgusting Bahamas and costume holidays or politicking trips, all the while puking pollution from his plane.

      Scheer would likely stay in Canada making damn sure we can get our resources and crops to the coasts for export, creating billions in income and thousands of permanent jobs. He would also likely save hundreds of millions by stopping the illegals at the Border and force them to obey Canadian Law.

      Canadian companies are building armored vehicles for export and are quite capable of doing the same for Canada. This would increase the percentage of GDP. In spite of what Trudeau thinks, support for Hamas does not count as Defense spending.

  5. The liberals expects the Americans to look after Canada and for that reason, the liberals never really took any interest in boosting our military whether in equipments or their security.
    In other words ‘why should the liberals waste money on military when the Americans can help us’ has always been the liberal logic.
    I do not blame Trump for raising this issue ‘that countries should pay their fair share’
    In any case, why would jihadi Trudeau give rats ass about security, when he personally is welcoming criminals into our country like Isis terrorists.

  6. Am I supposed to say something rational about what Justin Trudeau should be doing regarding NATO? Hey, it’s Justin Trudeau we are talking about here. All I have to say about him is that I hope Captain Hook does not damage his Peter Pan wings while on this trip in Europe.

  7. I’ve noticed the longer sock boy is in, more people seem to be complaining about him.
    What I’d like to know is how many of these people now speaking out about him, were complaining about Harper & swooned over the name ‘trudo’, thinking he was some kind of savior? There are many who never had the ‘opportunity’ to live under his so called dads reign but seem to think he was some kind of great leader.
    Too me it seems a bit odd the amount who are now complaining but were not heard from previous to his ‘election’. In other words, I think many were caught up in the abh/abc syndrome pushed by the left loving propaganda media but have since realized their stupidity. Very very few have admitted to having abh syndrome.

  8. Again, the musing of a despicable traitor — one should check the definition of ‘traitor’ in all dictionaries — and this type of traitorous activity and mentality must be laid directly at his feet and he should be charged with treason.

    However, having said that, we are all aware by now that our legal system, as well as out social and political systems has also been high-jacked and will no longer serve or protect Canadian interests.

    This is a sad and embarrassing situation for the finest country on the planet to be reduced to — and must be corrected — and soon.

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