PRIORITIES: ‘Global Citizen’ Trudeau Was Willing To Fund A Road For The Jordanian Army, But Wouldn’t Help Fund Bus Transport In Western Canada

Why the hell should our taxpayer dollars go towards building a road for a foreign army when our own citizens need help?

The recent announcement by Greyhound Canada that they are cutting much of their service in Western Canada – particularly in rural areas – has caused significant concern.

The bus service has been a key transportation link for many people in the area, and its loss will be deeply felt.

In the wake of the announcement, Greyhound Canada had noted that they had long been asking for financial assistance from the federal government to make the now-cancelled routes viable.

Yet, they clearly didn’t receive support from the federal government, and the routes are being ended.

While this represents a continued trend by Trudeau of ignoring Western Canada and Rural Canada, it’s also more disturbing in light of the fact that the Trudeau government is spending a bunch of our taxpayer dollars on a road for the Jordanian military.

The Trudeau government committed to helping build the road without even knowing the cost.

So we now have a situation in which Trudeau is willing to take our money and use it to help members of a foreign military get transport, yet won’t help people in rural Western Canada get transport.

It represents the horribly skewed priorities of the Trudeau government, and it’s why the globalist mindset is inevitably a betrayal of Canadian citizens.

Canada doesn’t need a ‘global citizen’ as Prime Minister, we need someone who puts the interests of Canadians above all else, something Trudeau is clearly incapable of doing.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. We are nothing to him more than his personal slush fund. If he cared he would worry about what the Liberals and he waste money on but he doesn’t. It is disgusting how he has used the people of Canada and our tax dollars to fund his Globalist agenda to the detriment of our people and our Industries. It is completely shameful.

  2. Spencer,
    I like your article. You bring up a great point here! No Global Citizen needed!
    I say we need a better leader who will treat Canada more like the US President treats his nation, we need to focus on building Canada! In all public economic diversification, infrastructure and trade issues PUT CANADA FIRST!!!

  3. I disagree with the second part…whike I am complete disagreement with the foreign road subsidy ( and for most of Trudeaus decisions for that matter), it has nothing to do with Greyhound pulling out of the transportation game in W Can. First if all,they are a private company and can go where they wish. Citizens too can reside where they wish, but then don’t expect taxpayers to supply your travel needs.

    1. D. Jerome Haul. But it’s ok to subsidize Bombardier. Oh…I forgot…they’re from Quebec and have NOTHING to do with western Canada. Makes perfect sense to Trudeau and all his liberal friends.

  4. His every action is to the detriment of Canada and there is no
    doubt imo he is a traitor to our country. He is a globalist, linked
    to Obama, Clinton mob and George Soros fully intending to
    bankrupt Canada. A despicable silver spoon brat with no
    ethics or moral compass. He has much power and has placed
    supporters in all positions to support his cause. Social media
    and the press all owned and too many citizens listen to the
    propaganda, believing it. Paid protestors ie ANTIFA are in Canada
    and we have gangs in our cities that are creating chaos and fear.
    Imo the VIOLENCE IN TORONTO seems more organized than
    everyday gang activity and I think much of it may be supported
    by globalists…all part of larger plan.
    Despite this we all can make a difference , as you do Spencer in
    sharing the information to others. Maybe it’s time for citizens to
    start rounding up ‘informed speakers’ and have town hall meetings
    all across Canada to inform/network about what’s going on. My
    fear is how much of the country that people refer to as sheep, sounds
    derogatory. still are in the dark. anyone think this would be a forward
    step? Sometimes it feels so hopeless and trudeau has time before the
    next election to do a lot more damage!

  5. Stockholm syndrome:
    -Is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.
    A hostage’s belief in the humanity of their captor, for the reason that when a victim holds the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.

  6. Typical Trudeauism — disparages Canada, despises Canada and has every intention — as did daddy — of destroying not only Canada, but all things Canadian.

    To dispute the above at this point in time would take a superior and very dangerous loyalty to the Trudeau name and, more importantly, the Trudeau policies.

    Destruction of our country cannot and must not be acceptable — under any circumstances and he must be deposed.

  7. Trump has castrated Canadian businesses and Trudeau remains blinded from the facts ? Justin! Put this and all other of your squanderings in the Islamic realm into educating our educators! Then educating our students in the Sciences that China is using to tear apart the USA. Force corporate influence free curriculum and let a whole generation be enlightened not propagandized by the USA. make the texts Trilingual, English? French? and Arabic? if it tickles your fancy, but stay reminded: Canada lies between an awakening giant and a burnt out giant and our only weapon for survival is intelligence.

  8. Top photo: Justin Trudeau looks every inch the rabid revolutionary, just like his old man – both of ’em.

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