Butts Attacks Ford Government For Repealing Unpopular Liberal Sex-Ed Curriculum

Shouldn’t Trudeau & Butts be focused on how the illegal border crossing crisis is devastating the finances of Canadian provinces?

Fresh off Justin Trudeau’s arrogant and condescending remarks claiming he had to ‘explain’ the ‘asylum seeking system’ to Doug Ford, the Trudeau Liberals are continuing their attacks on Ontario’s new government.

On Twitter, Gerald Butts attacked the Ford PCs for keeping their promise to scrap Kathleen Wynne’s highly unpopular sex-ed curriculum.

Here’s what Butts said, in response to a Michael Coren tweet:

“Will the Ford government be roundly condemned by the right for forcing its values on millions of families who don’t agree with them?”

Obviously, Butts is 100% wrong.

The actual problem was that Ontario parents didn’t feel consulted on the curriculum, and the new Ontario government has listened to those concerns and will bringing in real consultation.

Of course, listening and real consultation are things Butts and the Liberals know nothing about, and he’s probably shocked to see a politician actually keeping a promise.

Also, why the hell is Butts tweeting about this in the first place?

The Trudeau-Butts policy on illegal border crossers is having a devastating impact on Ontario’s (and other provinces) finances. Social services are being overburdened, and taxpayers will be paying more and more to get less, all because Justin Trudeau wants to virtue-signal and lacks the strength to enforce our border.

If Butts and Trudeau were truly focused on helping Ontarians and all Canadians, they would be focused on solving real problems, instead of attacking the Ford Government.

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  1. Millions of families my azz. In fact, Butts is talking out of his azz. Butts is an unelected troll working for a politician.

  2. Butt should not have a say in our children’s sex education , the people should !
    This exploitation of our children must STOP.
    It’s Pandora’s box of perversions .

  3. Neither Butts, Trudeau — and, in fact, the entire Liberal Party — have absolutely no interest in, nor intent to focus on anything othe4 than the absolute destruction of Canada — as exemplified by their ‘policies’ and idiotic comments.

    In fact, as far as I am concerned, the Liberal Party should be banned forever from being involved at any level, at any time, or for any reason, in the Canadian political system.

    Nothing less will clean up the mess they have purposefully created for Canadians.

  4. When Beavis is away Butthead speaks for him. Sad state of affairs when unelected bureaucrats are left to speak for the PM. Butthead should shut up and run for a seat with the Green Party where his real allegiance lies. Same for McKenna.

  5. Will the Ford government be roundly condemned by the right for forcing its values on millions of families who don’t agree with them?

    Was the Wynne government roundly condemned by the left for forcing it’s values on millions of
    families who didn’t agree with them?

  6. Butts is an Unofficial,Unelected,Best-friend,X-Colleges-Roommate Of Justin Trudeau’s making Political Comments Publicity(Interesting) rumour has it he’s running Canada that’s what I heard anyway don’t know if it’s true?

  7. Hey Gerald,

    FYI, I think all you liberals are corrupt!
    Are you also receiving money from foreign parties that Trudeau has given money to?
    Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Syrian governement ($840 million +), China Infrastructure Bank……we Canadians are sick of, and it did not take you immoral guys long to show your colors, your corruption and globalist agenda. GTH!

  8. “Gerald Butts”

    Sorry, but just who elected this guy to Parliament again?
    Oh, that’s right.

    That being the case, what gives him the right to dictate anything to anyone?

  9. The pathetic personal opinion of a Government bureaucrat is meaningless. Is he saying this because his puppet, Trudeau, is out of the country and is unable to repeat the words Butts wants him to say? Is he bypassing Trudeau to show who really makes the decisions in the Liberal Government and has no need for the puppet to move his lips?

  10. Butts you are a unelected Empolyee who works for a Politicians so mind your own Business and let the elected do their Job !
    But I have a suggestion go find another Job because you need to find one soon

  11. Butts needs to keep his arrogant, reprehensible, sanctimonious nose out of things that do NOT concern him! He is NOT an elected person and should keep his communist MOUTH SHUT!!! Yes, it is time to force the Trudeau caucus out, once and for all!!! These dispicable elitists are a disgrace to Canada! Butts should be charged with political interference!!!

  12. The Liberals brought in mandatory sex education, that is too specific for young children to fully comprehend. Children should be allowed to be just that…Children. There is absolutely no reason for the Government to interfere with the raising of children and no reason to force feed them information about sex. I am tired of listening to grade one’s and up, talking about all sorts of stuff on sex, when they don’t understand what they are talking about. In fact some of them are getting it wrong and mixed up. When I ask them where they learned that, they say from the teachers. Many do not comprehend it completely, they misunderstand or they do things that are inappropriate, thinking it’s funny. There is a time and a place for everything and that includes sex education. I find it strange and insulting that the Government believes they have the right to force this on other peoples children. Yes, children today are growing up faster than we did and there is more information out there and more going on in today’s world but parent’s should have the ultimate choice on this subject. Their children, their choice. The Government did not give birth to these children, they do not raise the children and the Government does not have to deal with these children nor with the consequences of misunderstood sex. There is nothing wrong with waiting until at least closer to the age of puberty because this is the time when they need the information and they are better equipped mentally to understand. There are many parent’s who are extremely capable of teaching their “own” children on this subject and they know when and how to do it. The Liberal Government does not “own” our children and should basically butt out and stick to other subjects. If a parent wishes to teach their children about sex at an earlier age, then that is also their choice. When I went to school, they would never teach us anything on sex, unless our parent’s signed papers of permission. If you think about it…the Liberals are vigorously taking away everyone’s rights on pretty much everything and they refuse to listen to us.

  13. @gmbutts is a knob-gobbling liberal, lip-spittle hack whose claim to fame is blowing blunts with Turdeau in post-secondary education. Now he’s spouting off defending a sex-ed curriculum co-written by a pedophile (allegedly)? He should be lucky enough to have to honk at people to move their cars parked in front of the dumpster he’s trying to empty on his route. He even makes Geddy Lee and Neil Young look handsome. F@ck-stick extraordinaire….

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