WATCH: Trudeau Waves Again To Non-Existent Crowd

There’s still nobody there Justin…

A while back, photos emerged of Justin Trudeau waving to a non-existent crowd on an empty airport tarmac.

For many, the photos were a perfect demonstration of Trudeau’s fake image and narcissism.

Well, it’s happened again.

In the video below, you can see Trudeau walking to a plane alone with nobody around. He then walks up the steps, and waves to a crowd that doesn’t exist (unless you count his official photographer):

As I said the last time Trudeau waved to a crowd that didn’t exist, “As Justin Trudeau’s poll numbers have fallen, he seems to be doubling down on the very things that have gotten him in trouble with Canadians. He’s still obsessed with photo-ops, he’s demonizing the opposition and Canadians who disagree with him more aggressively than ever, and his deceptions and lies are increasing in volume.”

Here are the photos from the previous time this happened:

Since Trudeau doesn’t have anything of substance to run on, looks like fake image making is all he has left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. Ha ha. You’re really desperate for dirt airy aren’t you? And finding none, you resort to this bloody silliness. If this is the wurst you can come up with, goes a long way to actually to proving we could go a lot worse than Trudeau.

    1. You are kidding right Kathy?

      This is more of a light-hearted head-shaker of a story. But you obviously missed that. Or willfully ignore it. How about Grope-Gate for just one of countless many others? Issues like wanting to be a dictator, inserting a values test attestation to receive public funding for summer student programs, FORCING his cabinet to support abortion, persecuting peoples of Judea-Christian persuations, acting like a complete fool in India, and inviting a would-be assassin with him, misappropriating or misuse of public funds, various offenses before the ethics committee. etc. I could fill up literally pages of references! There are just sooo many other ugly things about the man that definitively confirm that NO WE COUDN’T DO MUCH WORSE THAN JUSTIN TRUDEAU! Wake up!

      1. Paul George – Thanks for summing it up for Katy – People like her need such summaries as they are unable to recognize “Evil” in Leadership. Thats the problem with Liberals – they are comfortable with Evil and unable to recognize it – usually until it is to late if at all.

  2. No surprise from this tax and spend Liberal, Spencer. From the man who brought you Climate Barbie and the corrupt failure of the Federal Equalization Program.

  3. “Trudeau Waves Again To Non-Existent Crowd”
    He is therefore waving to his fan base.
    Seriously, he is waving to his personal photographer, paid by you the taxpayer.

    Kathy says:
    July 12, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    “… we could go a lot worse than Trudeau.”

    Try and follow the news, Kathy. It is literally impossible to do worse than Trudeau; it would defy the laws of economics, physics and the Universe.

  4. Trudeau is my hero! He has single handedly almost brought the entire country together to assure we never, ever have another Liberal Party in Power in Canada. The absolute best thing he could ever do for Canada is to QUIT – NOW!

  5. I can’t imagine anybody turning to wave at nothing but empty space. That might have something to do with his narcissistic tendencies. He might actually see a huge crowd in his mind. Can’t he even say a “few” words to the Canadian Air Force men, when he boards his assigned plane? Trudeau reminds me of a little boy in a big man’s suit, with a briefcase full of blank paper, going to do “important” big man’s work. He “never” accomplishes a damned thing but makes a big pompous show of every thing he does. It’s also time for Trudeau to get a suit that fits him, properly…He looks like someone who has gone through a growth spurt and his suits are too small. But then again…he might charge us for that, too. Sorry, but he isn’t PM material. He’s already proved that, a hundred times over.

  6. Well, every true Canadian WILL wave back soon…when traitor trudeau LEAVES OFFICE as a result of NOT WINNING the next election…only then he’ll have a great big crowd to wave… WAVING HIM GOODBYE FOR GOOD!!!!

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