DESPICABLE: Ahmed Hussen Insanely Calls Lisa MacLeod “Un-Canadian” For Demanding Border Enforcement

The Trudeau Liberals are now openly siding with those breaking Canada’s laws.

Just when you thought the Trudeau Liberals approach to illegal border crossings couldn’t get any more despicable and disloyal, Ahmed Hussen has escalated things to an unprecedented level.

After Lisa MacLeod – the Ontario Minister Responsible for Immigration – made clear that the Ford government wants border enforcement, and had the toughness to criticize the fact that illegal crossers are cutting in line ahead of those following legal processes, Hussen went on the attack.

He called MacLeod “Un-Canadian,” and insanely accused her of “fear mongering,” even though he’s obviously the one trying to scare and divide Canadians by demonizing those of us who want the border secured.

Hussen’s insane comments can be seen below:

MacLeod quickly responded, saying she wouldn’t be bullied by Hussen:

Outrageous comments from Hussen

Hussen’s remarks are a dangerous escalation of the rhetoric from the Trudeau government, and are something that will have a long-term impact on politics in Canada.

The Trudeau government has now made it clear – beyond any doubt – that they are siding with those entering Canada illegally, and are against elected officials and Canadian citizens who want our border to be enforced.

The Trudeau Liberals are siding with lawlessness, and are trying to make those who support the law and support borders seem anti-Canadian.

This takes Canadian politics to a whole new level of ruthless divisiveness, and the consequences for our country could be severe.

We are now seeing open disloyalty to Canada from the federal government, which brings into question any legitimacy they could have had, and makes it clear that they aren’t governing for real Canadian citizens.

If Trudeau had any backbone or class, he would immediately fire Hussen and apologize to MacLeod, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

These are disturbing times for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Coming from a man who emigrated to Canada in 1994, benefited from our education system and is a sitting MP?

    Is a position of tolerating and encouraging open borders now a measure of what constitutes being a Canadian according to this new Canadian?

      1. Why doesn’t Ahmed Hussen and his mps and pals all leave the doors of their homes ‘wide open’ to let anyone they know nothing of enter their homes illegaly and see how they feel about it?

        Shuffle all of to Groper jihadi Justin Trudeau’s mansion.

      2. I strongly encourage everyone to click on Ann’s link, read, and understand what the article is saying. Also click the links. Damn scary and very true. Trudeau and his Liberals absolutely HATE Canada.

    1. Hussen is truly a despicable person, with evil intent! His mission is to flood Canada with illegal immigrants, while brazenly showing is disdain and disrespect for those he built this country, created rule of law, which guaranteed fair and just treatment to legal immigrants and generational Canadians alike.

  2. I wonder if Ahmed Hussen would also say I am against my family by locking my doors at night. Are we the Canadians or are the illegal border crossers Canadian? Time to lock the borders doors and protect our Canadian Family. My parents immigrated to Canada properly and both held legal citizenship papers. I was born here and protecting my Canadian family comes first over those illegally crossing into Canada from the United States, starting they are fleeing persecution. Are we sure they aren’t fleeing prosecution and deportation because they have been deemed a threat by the United States government?

  3. The Liberals and NDP are as crazy as the Democrats in the USA. They keep moving further and further left and out of the mainstream.

    I find it hard to believe most Canadians would agree with the extreme open borders stance.

    1. The Trudeau government is modeled after the Obama\Soros blueprint. When you support an open border as interpreted by Ahmed Hussen, you’re inviting criminals and other rejects from elsewhere.

    2. Joanne: You’re not alone with that thought. Anyone who supports this treasonous government needs a “slap upside the head.” It’s open season on Canadians with principled; conservative values. Same goes for similar minded Americans. Obama’s reign of terror lasted eight long years. Let’s hope this “Canadian” weasel gets his virtue signalling ass kicked out of office in 2019.

  4. I for one do not agree with open borders ,Turdeau and his lemmings can go to hell where they belong ,Mcleod Is a lot more Canadian than Hussen how dare he called her unCanadian,this hussen is as ignorant as Turdeau

  5. This is a war from within Canada, we are being taken over by globalists (Lieberal/NDP puppets) these foreign paid puppets are being used to destroy and indebt our country and all of the Americas countries. The USA was smart enough to see and vote in President Trump to try and stop the globalistd, but Canada voted out our protection against UN globalists (Rt. Hon.Stephen Harper), and then voted in with media propaganda and pot, puppets for the Globalist puppet masters, one world order, no boarders, our enemies of democracy for the people, the clown puppets Trudeau/Butts and their band of foreign run thieves. Their war and assaults against democracy for the people, must be stopped. Thank you for Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod and the Conservatives in Ontario, hopefully Quebec will follow for democracy and then Alberta. Get democracy back for Canadians, we need out of debt, we need protected boarders, we need free speech and to stop the divisions in our society to break us down for easy takeover, and being called rude names by this foreign puppet government that is NOT for the Canadian people who are paying for a democratic government etc. again proves their hate for Canada.

    1. True, but these were LEGAL immigrants , properly screened and with useful skills NOT potential criminals living a good life on Welfare – with better benefits (i.e dental care , prescriptions , etc.) than lifetime hard-working canadians – even our “homeless” do not receive these!!

  6. Did I not hear a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian by this government ? Even if you commit terrorism or treason or you are MP Maryam Monsef.

  7. So having a secure border is un Canadian? Funny, you would say that Mr. Hussen when the country you emigrated from doesn’t have open borders. I guess that makes you Un Somali. You know that country famous for it’s pirates & attempted extortions. I wonder how secure Somalis borders are? Yet you wish Canada to live under similar conditions that you left? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll take the Un Canadian way of having secure borders. The Liberals are FINISHED but feel free to start looking for a job next election!

  8. Ahmed Hussen showed his true personality and feelings toward women, I have watched him in the House of Commons losing his patience with the female MLA, which leaves me with the impression that he hasn’t lost his Somalia upbringing. I don’t have any respect for this man and the sooner the Liberals are gone the better.

  9. This jerk has to go!! His stance is most definitely UNCANADIAN. Where did Trudope come up with these But of course they all have the same IQ as the current pm….

  10. Well, what would we expect from a government, who gives $10 M to a convicted murderer/terrorist without even a legal judgement to what he Khadr deserves.
    Trudeau is an enemy to Canada. It’s wrong that he is allowed to continue to lead a Country he hates and it’s people.
    He is deliberately bringing Canada down under instructions from his puppet master, the UN (Soros). His plan is to take Canada’s sovereignty away and hand us over to a One World Order of which he himself claims to be a citizen of. This IS NOT propaganda. It’s fact.
    He’s committing treason right under our noses!

  11. Technically under the convention of refugees one is allowed to make an asylum claim even if they enter illegally. Still the feds should pay the full cost and likewise it’s one thing to cross illegally if fleeing persecution (i.e. tunneling under the Berlin Wall back in the day, escaping North Korea, taking a raft from Cuba to the US) which is why the convention for refugees allows this. Quite another to jump the border when a legal border crossing is just down the road and the US is a safe country. So even if they technically have the right to do this, it is clearly abusing our system. There are two solutions to this:

    1. Conservative one which is declare the entire border a port of entry so anyone entering regardless of location is subject to the Third country safe agreement.

    2. NDP one which is Terminate or suspend the third country safe agreement so they go to an actual port of entry.

  12. We should head for an early Federal Election it should take place the first week of Jan 2019 …Andrew Sheers should have his belongings in the office before Trudeau takes his …and Trudeau and Liberals should be arrested by the RCMP after out of office for allowing illegals …and mass deportation shall begin

  13. Ahmed Hussan immigrated to Canada in 1994? He’s extremely fortunate for having a position in Parliament. Canada and Canadian’s are very good to immigrants. But I question why immigrants today, think they have the right to tell any person that they are Un-Canadian or encouraging fear mongering if we have a different opinion about illegal immigrants crossing and not doing it the proper way. Would he be of the same opinion if White Brit’s, Scot’s, Welsh, Germans, the French or the Irish were flooding our borders? (would he?) Because these are the nationalities that “mainly” founded Canada other than the Indigenous People and they came over without a welfare system and survived by hard work, blood, sweat and tears, 150 years ago and more. Personally, I think that the Liberal Government is demanding far too much of the Tax Payers. We are the people paying for this. We are the same people who are being pushed aside for affordable housing, waiting hours, in line, in Toronto and other cities for doctors and emergency care, etc., etc. The Liberal Government is out of control and are using bullying tactics, racism and fear mongering, themselves. Why don’t the well to do Liberals take some of these people into their own homes and pay for the costs, themselves. They are the ones who are causing this problem….Canadians cannot financially afford to keep this up. Canadians are paying at least 43% of their wages in taxes. So why are these illegals getting preferential treatment and living on our tax dollars, while many of us Canadians are struggling just to keep our heads above water and survive, while we go into debt financially because some of us cannot find the money to pay all of our bills and many of us live around the poverty line. I personally think, Hussan is being Un-Canadian to Canadians who are footing the bill for their immigrant agenda. There has to be a limit because it is not fair to those that are paying for all of this.

  14. A muslim Somalian refugee doesn’t have a clue what a Canadian is. His appointment as Immigration Minister is a clear sign that Justine Trudope is either bipolar like his mother or the worst sort of ethnic vote panderer. Both of them are why I have given up on Canada.

  15. ‘Un Canadian”? We can’t even spell the shithole ur from UN-CANADIAN ~ RESIGN & GO HOME ~ NO PENSION

    1. Not much racism implied by this comment. Is this really the state of conservatism in Canada. How sad. And no wonder so many conservatives either don’t vote or don’t vote Conservative.

  16. It has been painfully obvious to me for some time that Hussen has his own agenda. And that is flooding Canada with third world migrants. He announced it within the last year that this was the policy , in fact. How dare we criticize the mighty Hussen . Good for Lisa McLEOD. aT LAST A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

  17. Some people may remember the “wet foot-dry foot” rule in the USA for Cubans. Of course hours before leaving office Obama removed that rule which had been in place since the 50s. Now the situation is nearly the same here in Canada with one foot on Canada soil, the person will be able to go through the system to see if they qualify. The problem is if they don’t we cannot remove them. First many countries don’t want them back and second they tend to head underground within their communities. They only surface In sanctuary cities where no questions can be asked of their status thus entitling them to services such as health care, assistance for housing etc. I have no issue with immigration with the proper vetting however it seems problematic for two main reasons. 1. Data from foreign countries is unreliable and tough to obtain. 2. Until we have verification people are free to roam and so let’s say have TB or a high health risk pose a threat to the public The turn around time for processing takes years and by then many have had children and thus cannot be separated from their children. For the Minister to state those with differing opinions is un-Canadian May I remind him that the values we hold as Canadians are ones of trust and security for our country as a whole and to openly accept anyone who shows up is equivalent to me just walking into a car rental agency without proper documentation and demanding a vehicle and just taking the keys. I mean I say I have a license and insurance but I don’t …but by the time I return it it’s too late I’ve wrecked it. We must verify people and we certainly must verify who the children are. Just because they arrive with children doesn’t necessarily make them their own. Isn’t that how religious cults moved young girls to get married across the border. How can someone arrive with children and think without papers or DNA to prove they are the parent that we will just say come on in. We have enough custodial problems with parents leaving Canada with children only to have foreign affairs say oh well they are in a different country nothing we can do. No it’s time for a modern day approach and that’s we vet and verify before you get one foot into the country and anything short of that you will be returned to your country or a third country of your choosing as was the case in wet foot dry foot when Cubans could choose a third country and the USA sent them there. For people to claim this situation is all Trumps fault , perhaps they should read some history and see what occurred under other presidents ….and why the public felt safe and secure. I equate much of the protests to mob rule….I recently had a friend and small business ownertell me they were boycotting anything from the US, until I looked at them and said you are out of business as everything you sell is made in the USA. They comment was priceless. Omg I didn’t think about that, it’s true I cannot boycott or I wouldn’t have a business. Look before you leap folks. Stop the knee jerk reactions

  18. Raheem Raza talk with Imam Mohammad Tawhidi

    Raheel Raza a distinguish Muslim lady is the president for ‘muslims facing tomorrow’.

    Spencer, Canadians need to hear this video, PLEASE don’t delete. The questions which Raheel asked are on our minds and the insight answers he gave is warranted for your attention. The border crises was even discussed just to let you know. As well as M 103. Please listen to them.

  19. Raheel Raza is a Muslim and she is the president for ‘Muslim facing Tomorrow’.
    She went before the Senate to alert the senators the dangers behind M103.
    She interviewed Imam Mohammad Tawhidi an (Iranian born lived in Australia for many years considers him a true Australian not half Australian,) on many many subjects relating to Muslims, Quran and Islam, Canada, M103, Sharia law.
    You have to listen to them to judge for yourself.
    The sooner we are aware of our surroundings under the impending law(M103 Shariah law) that is to affect all of us; the sooner we can be prepared and defend. Sad to say, but this new law has already took effect without our knowledge.

  20. It is quite to late to worry about our borders, all we can do now is prepare to face The Trojan Horse that our Governments has aloud to penetrate our borders. Arm your selves cause the terrorist threats that have embraced us thus far are merely peanuts to what we will be forced to battle in the near future .

  21. Given Trudeau’s comments regarding having to explain the refugee policy to Doug Ford in an attempt to belittle him in front of a compliant media plus Gerald Butts tweeting negatively about the Ontario government rescinding the sex-ed program for schools and now this from Hussen, it is obvious that the Trudeau liberals are at war with Doug Ford’s Conservatives. Why? Because Doug will show Trudeau up and that is something that in vote rich Ontario Trudeau cannot afford to have happen come October 2019.
    Just wait until the catastrophe that will develop around Trudeau pot laws come to be everyone’s attention and Trudeau tries to deflect the blame and then you will have the end of this horrible government in Ottawa. Soros will be so disappointed.

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