DIVISIVE: After “Un-Canadian” Attack, Ahmed Hussen Must Resign Or Be Fired

Trudeau’s immigration minister is now siding with illegal border crossers and demonizing Canadians who want our border respected. That can’t be allowed.

Ahmed Hussen’s attack on Lisa MacLeod – where he called her “Un-Canadian” for demanding border security – is incredibly disturbing.

It showed that Hussen is now openly standing on the side of those who are breaking Canada’s laws.

And worse, he is now demonizing Lisa MacLeod and the majority of Canadians who want our border respected.

It’s as if the world has been turned upside down: Someone who was welcomed to Canada as a refugee is now telling Canadians who support the integrity of the same system he legally used that they are now “Un-Canadian.”


Canadians now have to be wondering why we should listen to anything the government says, or follow any law passed by the Trudeau Liberals, now that they are standing with those who enter Canada illegally.

If supporting our legal borders is “Un-Canadian” in Hussen’s view, then is it “Un-Canadian” to support other laws?

Is it “Un-Canadian” to follow tax laws?

Is it “Un-Canadian” to follow drug laws?

What else is “Un-Canadian” to Hussen and the Trudeau government?

And if the only law Hussen has a problem with is our border laws, then how the hell can he be the immigration minister?

This level of disloyalty, demonization, and divisiveness being shown by Hussen is a huge risk to our country, and he is using his role to try and tear apart Canada’s unity.

If Trudeau had any common sense, Hussen would be forced to resign, and would be fired if he refused to leave on his own.

But we know that Hussen is doing Trudeau’s bidding, pushing the kind of open-borders, ‘post-national’ state that would spell the end of Canada as we know it. He won’t be punished by Trudeau. If anything, he will be rewarded.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Absolutely! Given that prince Trudeau has absolved himself of any wrongdoing for his groping incident on a woman, it is highly unlikely that he will do anything to this minister for his ridiculous attack on Lisa McLeod. Yet another disturbing example that exemplifies the ineptitude and disdain for Canada from the Liberal party.

    1. Have set? Hell no, they ARE gangsters. Litteraly defined, LIBERAL means crook, selfish crook at that. This whole govt. should be shut down, charged for treason against the country of Canada and an election called. Missing billions of dollars, emptying the vault of our gold and putting us in the high end for debt to the tune of billions. The list goes on Canadians must wake up or loose Canada.

  2. At this rate of illegal immigration…is it 70, 000 since Trudeau sent his infamous tweet ? …the next government has a massively large job on their hands.

  3. Hussein, as with all Liberals, is first and foremost anti-Canadian and, secondly, indicative of the ‘double standard’ all Liberals hold when it comes home to roost.

    They want everything to be their way and their way only — similar (exactly as) to the dictators throughout history. If there is anyone who has doubts about that, perhaps a little history reading is in order.

  4. Ahmed Hussen is a prime example of failed Multiculturalism and the dangers it imposes on our Freedoms, values and laws. Is Hussen supportive of another type of law? A law opposed and resistant to Canadian law.

  5. I suggest we implement a moratorium on immigration and have a true national debate about the future of our country. Do we want Canada to remain as a European dominant culture or not?

  6. If all real Canadians stood up against this destruction of our Canadian unity and our country and pushed for our provincial leaders to stand against this fake waste of our money and globalist mess we seem to have in a Canadian owned Parliament. These globalist totalitarianism rulers lied to Canadians about being democratic and with their owned media, keep telling us, “this is what Canadians want”, another lie, to try and sound like they are democratic when they should look up the meaning of this word, they must be made to step down.
    2019 is too late, step down you are very rude and insulting to Canada and worse. Canadians wish to protect and keep Canada a good prosperous unified protected democratic country.

    1. I totally agree Nancy. Trudeau is clearly a globalist pushing a globalist agenda while ingratiating himself with the hidden international powers of the banking cartel and the political elitists who front it.

    2. Please explain to me, a real Canadian whose parents, aunts and uncles were all BORN in this country, how I did NOT stand up for being a Canadian? Is 100 years NOT enough to qualify as CANADIAN? I think you have a serious issue Nancy. Liberal much?

      1. A real Canadian is someone who wants to keep Canada, Canada, unified with a strong secure boarders, respecting our Canadian citizenship and each other, we have always had legal immigration and help them to integrate into the Canadian way of life, we try to be law abiding and respectful but independent and strong, I know many many new real Canadians, happy to live in a peaceful country and many many old Canadians also.
        Maybe you should read more of Spencer Fernando’s media, he says it way better than I can.
        In my opinion, and I am old, there is no longer a democratic Liberal party in Canada. I have called these fake liberals – foreign Lieberal/NDP party = totalitarianism, destruction of our country, huge debt, no boarders, one world order, anyone supporting this Lieberal/NDP party is not for Canada so not a real Canadian, since they want Canada destroyed, so are you a real Canadian ( love your country ) or a Lieberal (destruction of Canada)??

    3. You are quite correct in what you state, NANCYW… and it is up to us, as Canadians, to take drastic action now, to make it happen!

  7. Minister of Immigration Hussen, Mr. Entitled Canadian, an annual salary of $176,000 dollars paid for by Canadian taxpayers. This Minister oblivious to whom he works for has made it quite clear to Canadian citizens that illegal migrants are far better than you ‘un-Canadians.’ Such arrogance telling Ontario citizens from the safe and segregated elitist Liberal neighborhoods he and other Liberal MP’s reside, we have NO moral right to stop 128% increase in illegal immigration since last year. Telling Lisa MacLeod she’s ‘un-Canadian’ like she’s the skunk at the picnic. Or should I say ‘Sunny Ways’ picnic?

  8. What can you expect for an immigration Minster who teeeted about Somali Independence on Canada Day!!!! Maybe he needs a refresher course on where he now lives and what country he serves!!!!

  9. Thank you, Spencer.
    This is EXACTLY what I have been saying all along.

    I’m so glad to hear someone with some common sense and respect for Canada and Canadian laws. A very rare thing these days.
    Time to flush trudeau and his anti canadian thugs down the toilet!

  10. Hussan condones illegal becavior so he is complicit in breaking the law. Can he not be charged aiding and abetting a criminal activity?

  11. why would he be respecful to any laws ? his own very boss, trudeau , dont even respect them, so why should he ? thats the liberal party , doing anything they want with not respect for us, canadians, and the basic of democraty and respecting the laws !! who is he to call someone un-canadian to someone who is actually a real canadian, born and raised here !!

  12. There are many people like myself, living here illegally, but hoping to get their citizenship back after it was stripped in the past. My family lost ours back in 2004-5 and, to this date, none of the amendments have worked to help us.. My brother is a Canadian Navy Veteran and also worked after retirement for the Calgary Police. I worked full time for over 50 years, paid all taxes, etc. My father came as a Home Child from Scotland to work on farms in 1925, only going back with the Royal Canadian Artillery as a sergeant to serve throughout WWII. My mother was his War Bride, who brought us to join him back here in 1946. We worked, farmed and served the country, even volunteering for the PC’s at election times, until, all of a sudden, we got a government in Canada who decided people like us, and others with equally ridiculous reasons, should never have been given citizenship in the first place. We were told we could be charged for having voted illegally all those 60 years and , at times, treated harshly by the local MP office (Conservative, totally agreed we should not be
    citizens). We are definitely not alone, and hear of others often who have just found they have no citizenship.
    I just wanted to let people know that all is not always what it seems when the term “illegal immigrants” or “undocumented aliens” or others are used. I hope they do not deport me, as I have no memory of my birthplace, WWII Britain. But I am appalled at all the vitriol directed at those who have come to Canada looking for a safe and better place, as so many Canadians have in the past.

    1. You should be up front, near the head if the line for Citizenship, years ahead of the Liberal illegals. They can damn well wait their turn as you have already laid your way.

      Notice the picture of Hussen, how angry and viscous he looks when confronted and proven to be wrong. EXACTLY like Trudeau in the Commons when he is pressured. It seems to be a Liberal culture to attack Canadians and express hatred when Liberals get caught out in yet another lie.

  13. Flattering picture of him. Pretty much sums up what he thinks of any real Canadian who disagrees with him, and his boss.

  14. No, the Conservatives were very adamant that there were no Canadians before 1947, so none of us should have been given citizenship. No matter what I told them (with all the documents, military records, work & tax records, etc. it was never good enough to qualify to have it restored. That Citizenship is the problem – too many ridiculous old laws still in it, and this will keep happening if we don’t get a new one, with no way future governments can use it to pick and choose who gets or keeps citizenship according to their individual beliefs. It should be really clear, and all the politicians, their office staff and public staff should understand it and follow it.

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