REPORT: As Investment Flees Canada, Foreign Money Is Flowing Into The Trudeau Foundation

Once again the elites benefit at our expense.

It’s a great time to be involved in the Trudeau foundation.

In 2013, the Trudeau foundation recorded no foreign donations.

In 2014, they had $53,000 in foreign donations.

In 2015, they had $428,000 in foreign donations.

And in 2016, they had $535,000 in foreign donations.

But it’s a bad time to be a Canadian business looking for investment.

In 2015, $22.6 billion in investment entered Canada from the US. That fell to $14.4 billion in 2016, and $10.8 billion in 2017.

Meanwhile, $36.5 billion in investment left Canada for the US in 2015. That increased to $51.8 billion in 2016, and $60.5 billion in 2017.

In addition to the $60.5 billion in investment that left Canada for the US in 2017, another $40 billion left Canada for other countries.

The investment collapse is due in large part to the excessive regulations being imposed by the Trudeau government, as well as the devastating impact of the carbon tax.

It’s an interesting coincidence that Trudeau’s time in power has been so good for the Trudeau foundation, and so bad for Canada, a point effectively made by Manny Montenegrino on Twitter:

Take a look at the charts below:

It’s important for Canadians to see this information, because it shows how Trudeau’s time in office is benefiting the elites, while hurting the rest of us.

Clearly, Trudeau isn’t governing for the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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    1. Ask the Communist Chinese Banking company that met with Trudeau in his lawyers office ( media banned ), who shortly afterwards donated millions to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund PLUS erected a statue of T1. Surprise, surprise, all of a sudden permits and clearances were given to establish 3 Chinese Banks in Vancouver. This was also around the time that the Communist Chinese company, Anbang Insurance, was allowed to buy the BC Seniors Care corporation for $1.5 billion without being vetted by Trudeau. All purchases of Canadian companies over $1 billion must be vetted and scrutinized by the Federal Government. This wasn’t done by Trudeau and his Liberals. The Senior’s care in these retirement homes is almost criminal. Some patients go over a week without a bath, and they are short staffed by almost 50% at times.

  1. Interesting charts where the investment in Canadian business is inversely proportional to donations to the Trudeau Foundation.

  2. How interesting. The Trudeau charity foundation ‘foreign donations’ worth $530,000 dollars as of 2016. So, Trudeau could contribute and fund a few illegal asylum seeker families. After all, it is a foundation, assuming it’s for charity purposes? He obviously has one of those ‘tin cups’ for begging as Bill & Hillary Clinton are famous for the purpose of acquiring foreign donations for the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton ‘tin cup’ is so well known, people have suggested it should be placed in the Smithsonian Museum as the most wonderous tin cup in the world. Remember the 58 million dollars of Canadian taxpayer’s money Trudeau gave to the Clinton Foundation? Knowing how Trudeau likes to spend taxpayer’s money, I bet he bought that damn ‘tin cup’ from the Clintons! (Joking)

  3. Trudeau and his Lieberals debt for Canada, and big bucks for this traitor? Put them in traitors prison where this greedy sick kind of peoplekind belongs.

  4. For the benefit of the elites says Spencer. Let me clarify by stating who I believe they are. They are western elites who are the danger and are those commonly referred to as “the globalists”. The ones whose main tools for control are the ponzi debt based fiat monetary system and war. Led by, who I refer to as, the zookeeper of Basel, the red shield controls all international settlements and thus, all western central banks. And they have done so ever since the time of Napoleon when they learned how to be a guaranteed winner. Nowadays, the zookeeper gives his direction to the “white shoe boys” in Davos Switzerland. Who in turn direct their minion operatives, who come and go, at the annual Bilderberg Conference. All the rest are wannabes. But very dangerous wannabes they are. Dangerous to freedom they all are. Secret societies are our main threat despite all they try to make you believe. They are the real nation destroyers. The one thing secret societies cannot withstand is light. We must shine the light. But first we must clear our eyes and be willing to accept uncomfortable truths. Trudeau is just a globalist puppet with another foundation. Regarding this debtors prison that they created never forget their famous quote,”Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes the laws”. But of course they really do care because they enable and guide the Trudeau’s of the world to play their part. That is why Trump has them shaken because he is not beholden to them but the forthcoming inevitable economic reset is of their design, cause and result. If we let those who cause the collapse design its replacement, that could very likely, enslave mankind for 3 centuries more. Secure our borders as they are our last line of collective defense. If we lose the integrity of them everything else is moot. See how they run, shine the light or be prepared to duck and cover for a very long time and take charge of your personal defense. There is little time left. I recognize a “full court press” when I see one. Full faith and credit to everyone.

    1. Wow you nailed it Grandpa speaks nice to see someone is awake and aware. Most of us have no idea of the players who control the puppets but you seem to have a well informed handle on things. Thanks for sharing this I hope people understand and WAKE UP before it’s too late.

    1. Sources? Possibly Soros, Communist China, Russia, the Rockefellers the Packard Foundation – pretty well every cartel that supports the pipeline protesters and hates Canadian resources. Protesters like Tides, Dogwood, Someofus,, Goodearth, Leadnow, Greenpeace, many Native bands and a lot of other enviro-fascists.

      The Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund is a private organization, so any dollar figures we are given are likely wrong. Donations to his fund aren’t made because he gives a pretty selfie.

      1. The Trudeau Foundation in legally under the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP ) law, so I will file an ATIP request to find out the big donors this week. No promise the Trudeau Foundation will be forthcoming. If I get any hard info, I will pass them on to Fernando. — David Murrell, Economics, UNB at Fredericton

  5. Let me see if I have this right. The Canadian government under Trudeau gives about $20 million to the Clinton Foundation for all it good works. Not! And that is it and no more asking how the money was spent. Maybe, just maybe, some of that money is forwarded back to the Trudeau Foundation as part of the deal – a US contribution done via a third party. No questions asked. Now that would be believable and not beyond what the Liberals would likely do.

    It reminds me of the BC NDP back in the days of Glenn Clark who, when issuing contracts for the Island highway, made it mandatory that all bidding companies be unionized. The bidding companies then quickly made themselves unionized to get into the bidding process. The unions would then give huge contributions back to the NDP from their new membership fees due to having more members. If it worked for one left wing government, it can work for other left wing governments.

  6. In short, Trudeau is — as could be and was expected — lying again, conniving again, lining his own pockets at the expense of Canada and Canadians — and, in short, demonstrating all the attributes of a true Trudeau.

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