Harper Says Trudeau Government Avoiding NAFTA Deal For Their Own Political Benefit

It wouldn’t be the first time the Trudeau Liberals put their selfish political fortunes ahead of the good of Canada.

Stephen Harper ripped into Trudeau’s NAFTA negotiating strategy, saying the government is avoiding getting a deal done because the fight with Trump benefits Trudeau politically.

According to a recording ‘obtained’ by CTV of Harper speaking at the Australia-Economic Leadership Forum in Montreal, Harper said the following:

“The reality is that the Government of Canada believes today that is it doing very well, the fight with Trump is good for it politically – it is winning. So if it can take that fight and continue it, and more importantly paint conservatives as linked to Donald Trump, this is great for them. And so right now that is the strategy they are on.”

Speaking to BNN Bloomberg, Jeff Weniger from WisdomTree Asset Management said “I think that the fact that Harper is accusing Trudeau of playing a political game – I don’t know that it’s such a bombshell, it kind of makes sense. You can clearly see that it’s a political winner in Canada to make statements adverse to Trump – or to show that you are standing up to Trump. I think the political calculus works for Trudeau to do that.”

Harper also said “he could be “very helpful to them,” but the Trudeau government didn’t want his help; rather they wanted to “use” him in another way.”

This isn’t a surprise. As I wrote in June, there’s growing evidence that Justin Trudeau is misleading Canadians about the trade war for his own selfish political gain. Trudeau can score points against Trump, and deflect blame for the fact that the economy is already weakening.

Trudeau and the Liberals have regularly put their own political power ahead of serving Canadians, and Harper’s analysis is 100% right. Canadians can’t trust this government.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Last night on Charles Adler Tonight (Corus radio) Warren Kinsella, a long time liberal, claimed that Trudeau was playing ‘leader’ politics whatever that is supposed to mean. Come to think of it, DRNK has their dear ‘leader’ Kim, China had their ‘leader’ Mao and Cuba had their ‘leader’ Castro. No wonder why Jr’s cabinet and backbenchers won’t defy or question him-their dear ‘leader’ and the media follow like little puppy dogs.

  2. So right Spencer, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper just confirms, firmly, what we already guessed, just like the failure of pipelines , just like the failure with debts and deficits, just like the one world no boarders = no Canada, a land with too many criminals arriving, etc. etc. etc.
    If our greatest ever in my lifetime, the very upstanding and seemed very truthful Mr. Harper was still Prime Minister all this and more would either never have happened or it would have been handled in a politically friendly no blame manner instead of insulting our friends and neighbors, plus he knew our much larger debt and deficits do not fix themselves.
    Around the world the globalists are laughing at how stupid Canada has become, we let the puppets Lieberals/NDP take us down, ?for some pot?? and lies, with their radical destruction. Of course I am from Ontario so I’ve had a double dose of Lieberal/NDP foreign agendas, it is past where = I can’t stand it.
    We really must rally all Canadians unify us once more and get rid of all the one world destructive agendas Lieberals/NDP puppets and all of their news media and propaganda.( that was one thing I wished Mr. Harper had squashed, the slanted lying socialist media but like me I guess he thought most Canadians knew better than to believe them).

    1. The most constructive argument that you deserve is WE JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID WITHOUT TRYING, CAN YOU!!!!!!!!

  3. Trudeau and his band of thieving elitists have duped Canadians out of billions of dollars , let terrorists into the country , paid off millions off to terrorists , screwed up legal immigration , pissed of founding Canadian families , buggered up the military funding and forever created a rift between taxpayers and government entitled thievery of tax dollars , now seniors are upset because of funding issues , hospital wait times now unacceptable because the immigration terrorists get medical and benefits first over Canadians , one in four Canadians can’t afford food , utilities , so more unfair carbon consumer taxs are just hurting average Canadians , now these liberal thieves and con artists who never could get along with Republicans or Conservatives are willing to let Canadians be over taxed on essential items from the states , just to gain political points in the next election, blaming the opposition for their failures . This Trudope government has finally gone to far , Canadians need to revolt in the streets , arm themselves and fight this government into resignation and defeat . Trudope if truly an idiot but he’s to stoned or ignorant to realize he has already lost the upcoming election !!!

  4. Trudope “standing up” to Trump. Yeah; right. I’m sure he soils his diapers whenever he’s around him. The weasel is shadow boxing–against the wrong person; at the wrong time; for the wrong reasons–simply to score some cheap domestic points. Canadians lap this up? What a bunch of fools. Easily duped by the Canadian media propagandists. News flash: This wasn’t David standing up to Goliath. It was a lying assed political midget talking nonsense behind Trump’s back. I hope people come to their senses in time….This drama queen is anti-Canadian, and working hard to trash this country.

  5. Harper should stay out of it. It will only help Justin. Why is Harper willing to help Justin?
    That said, the inefficient and incompetent Andrew Scheer isn’t much better than Justin and we haven’t heard Harper speak out against Scheer.
    Often a people, regardless of its political orientation, must hit rock-bottom to recover.
    Thought: Is Harper seeking a new Conservative nomination process?

    1. Harper isn’t interested in helping Trudeau-why would he/should he??
      Andrew Scheer is neither inefficient nor incompetent-he is miles ahead of Trudeau at this stage of his political career-listen to him in Question Period-Trudeau can’t/won’t answer specific questions directed to him because he thinks he is “above” needing to answer!
      Scheer should be given a chance to lead the next government and I sincerely hope and believe it will happen.
      Canadians need to remember Kadyr, Boyle, Bell Island,the India debacle,The Accountability Act, not enough $$ for our vets but open wallets for other countries…….
      I hope Mr. Selfie man takes a picture of himself next year when he leaves Parliament for the last time!!

  6. Trudeau would rather have Canada lose than be connected to a successful US presidency. When Canada loses then Liberals succeed.

    ► FACTS: MEDIAS HAVE STATED; TRUDEAU IS DIRTY & CANNOT BE TRUSTED. It’s all here. TRUDEAU got what he wanted from TRUMP. The press conference TRUDEAU did was a total lie. Looks like TRUDEAU wants NAFTA to FAIL. It makes TRUDEAU look good on the world stage. Plus, he hopes it will gets him the ‘Hate Trump’ VOTE.
    ► FACT: Stephen HARPER Says the TRUDEAU LIBERAL Government is AVOIDING NAFTA DEAL for the Liberals Own POLITICAL BENEFIT
    ► FACT: It Wouldn’t be the first time the TRUDEAU LIBERALS Put Their Own Selfish Political Fortunes Ahead of the Good of Canada.
    FACT: Stephen HARPER RIPPED into TRUDEAU’S NAFTA Negotiating Strategy, saying the LIBERAL government is AVOIDING Getting A Deal Done because the FIGHT with TRUMP BENEFITS TRUDEAU POLITICALLY.
    *** As usual, HARPER’S Analysis is 100% RIGHT.!! ***

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