Canada Must Cut Off All Ties With Saudi Arabia, Build Energy East, Expand Our Military

Canada must not back down. Instead, we must make our own country stronger.

Saudi Arabia continues to escalate their actions against Canada, in a clear attempt to make an example of us and stop other countries from criticizing the regime.

Now, some people in Canada, including both liberal and conservative members of the failed establishment elite, are saying that Canada should ‘apologize,’ or send a high-level representative to the Saudi capital to bring the dispute to an end.

Anyone saying that is 100% WRONG.

You can’t grovel to a ruthless Islamist regime, and you can’t show weakness. To do so would only put Saudi Arabia in a position of dominance over Canada, and would only encourage other nations to threaten us.

The solution instead is to hit back, and hit back harder.

With Saudi Arabia cutting off new investment and pulling their students out of Canada, our country should simply escalate things to the logical conclusion:

Cut off all ties with Saudi Arabia.

  • Ban all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.
  • Cut off all weapon sales to them.
  • Order all Saudi nationals to leave our country.
  • Ban Saudi investment into Canada.

At the same time we hit back, we must also make our own country stronger. The first step to doing that would be to get Energy East going again. That would push us closer to full energy independence, keep more wealth in our country, and make it easier to ignore countries like Saudi Arabia.

Second, the $15 billion contract for armoured vehicles should be blocked, and the federal government should purchase them for our own military. Our military is currently disastrously weak, and we need some big vehicle upgrades.

Of course, this goes against the thinking of the Canadian political establishment. They have repeatedly failed to bring full energy independence (though the Conservatives were moving in that direction), and they have failed to strengthen our military. The establishment has left us dangerously reliant on foreign countries, even though we have tremendous potential wealth and abundant resources right here at home.

From the grassroots up, Canadians must start to push for a new way of thinking that truly stands up for our country, builds our strength internally rather than externally, encourages national self-reliance, and never grovels or apologizes to countries like Saudi Arabia.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. only if we had a man or a woman in charge of canada, instead of an elitest.this guy should have shut his mouth in the beginning, then, none of this would be happening. trudeau tried to get involved in the usa, but they have a super human being in charge, come on spencer fernando, you know yourself, he should stay out of other peoples business. the americans have said no, why do you think that is.

  2. Oh, Spencer! This is far too sensible advice and it doesn’t play into Trudeau’s Feminism posturing. It does divert from the anti US posturing……..wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were energy self sufficient and even exporters? My curiousity is who is donating to the trudeau foundation?

  3. Agreed with one exception, in that we don’t need the armored personnel carriers that we’re currently building for the Saudi’s, among other things for example we need to enhance our navel and icebreaker capacity in order to defend our massive boarders on three oceans. Russia has 40 icebreaker and we now have three…

  4. Canada has no need to kiss Saudi butts. Matter of fact, we should be kicking them and cease our dependence on their product. We could be self sufficient if we choose to make it happen. Canada should never be dependent upon one of the most regressive, evil. bully regimes in the world. Sadly, it won’t happen while the Boy is in charge. In the meantime, they’ll use the Boy as their puppet at the expense of our country.

  5. Students leaving will free up quite a few apartments for Canadians. How many leases and rental contracts will be broken?Unfortunately, many of those leaving are educated and skilled, exactly the kind of immiigrant Canada needs.

    Trudeau is importing tens of thousands of unskilled low education illegal migrants which seems to be exactly the kind of voters Liberals want.

  6. We need to make ourselves stronger and protected for sure, but Canada needs those pipelines to supply our own country first and we need a real Canadian for Canada government and strong borders, and safe fair for all of us in Canada law and order. Like the Australians and now Europe all these migrants and refugees should be kept off shore until they are able to return to their own countries, so cut all ties with the middle east and all other crime riddled countries peoples illegally coming here. Proper law abiding immigrants to Canada welcome, if we have work etc and they have support here to settle in. All illegal migrants and refugees should be settled offshore we have lots of islands that could be supplied for them, till they can go home, they should be helped in their own countries, not having to flee, the United nations should be trying to resettle these migrants and protect them in their own countries not trying to disrupt the whole world and reducing us all to poverty and feeling guilty, so we are all divided up in what was our own peaceful law abiding countries, so they can force their one world order and poverty on us all. Etc. Our tax dollars should be paying off our debt and helping our own Canadian people who really need help and protection.
    To get anything done though we really NEED a real Canadian with common sense for the people government of Canada, and we DO NOT have one .
    There is a reason that countries developed with strong borders to protect their own people, why do our falsely elected people now want to bring this crashing down and hurt us, creating wars and starvation, we need these people gone they are traitors to our country.

  7. Understand why you say we can’t back down; however, we do need to acknowledge that the whole fracas began with our Foreign Minister sending out a rather dumb and virtue-signalling tweet which seriously backfired. We need to stop this shallow virtue-signalling or – if we are going to reprimand the Saudis – we need to extend it to all countries who don’t pass JT’s purity test just as JT did to various Christian organizations who were refused grants to promote their charitable work amongst the homless, the poor, and the handicapped.

  8. Right 100%. If we could only get Scheer to stand up for true conservative policies. After serving the Conservative movement in Canada for the past 40 years, I cannot in truth say I can accept the current Conservative Party, so have nowhere to vote.

  9. Hi Spencer,

    I am agreeing with you 95% of the time but on this rare occasion, I have to disagree with you.

    Of course on the basic idea that the Saudi is a bad totalitarian despotic government, I have to agree whole heartly.

    However, beware of not falling into the liberal pitfall once again.

    This whole Saudi action was TRIGGERED once again by the liberal tweet. A move clumsy at best, dangerous and irresponsible at worst. Anyway, we have to agree that they had NO intention whatsoever to do anything about the Raif Badawi case as they can’t in the first place since the saudis are 100% right that it’s their own internal affair despite everything and it had ALL to do about virtue signaling.

    Beside, it’s not like we woke up one morning and realized that this sharia regime was a very bad one regarding human issues, we KNEW that all along since the damn of time. The saudi response was PREDICTABLE just like you’d expect to get killed if you went swimming in a sharks and alligators infested pool. Oh, thanks liberals to let us know that Saudi Arabia was an aweful despotic regime, what would we do without your SJW virtue signaling tweets.

    So the question arises, why now (about the liberal tweet that triggered all of this)? Aren’t liberals already in BIG TROUBLE already? Did we need all of that to happen?

    The answer is simple and it’s the SAME answer as in the case of Trudeau’s liberals wanting us to fail the NAFTA trade deal despite all the job losses it would create: so that they can blame their utter failures on others, in this case the Saudis, in NAFTA case, Trump.

    “Cut off all ties with Saudi Arabia.
    Ban all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.
    Cut off all weapon sales to them.
    Order all Saudi nationals to leave our country.
    Ban Saudi investment into Canada.”

    In theory, it’s great, I agree a 100%.

    However, in practical terms, it’s less obvious than it seems at first glance.


    Because in the short term, that will mean a MAJOR increase in oil sales. Despite our common desire to see the oil industry trive in Canada (don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those anti-oil leftist freak out there), the pipelines and the drilling it will require will not be built before a couple of year and NOT before having faced feirced resistance from the leftist activist organizations out there and governments.

    And OUR wallet will be badly hurt in the meantime, are you and I and middle class struggling to make ends meet canadians want to go through that? I am fine with it but the REAL consequences have to be put on the table instead of dreaming of a magical utopic world where every single issue is met with self-sufficiency.

    The issue at stake here is much more complex than its face value. It also has to deal with the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia (unholy) alliance VS the Iran-Russia-China alliance (the other players like the EU are irrelevant here). Where does the Trudeau government side in this story? They seem to side with the iranians if we are to judge by the millions they are sending to Hamas in Palestine so that they can keep on terrorizing Israel.

    The irony in all of this is that even as they try to be friends with Iran and scum regimes like that (no better than Saudi Arabia by the way), the Palestinian authority said they are backing up the saudis in the conflict opposing SA to Canada. Talk about some nasty friendship out there.

  10. I agree with everything you propose Fernando. The fIght with the Saudis is a blessing. We why pay attention know what the Saudis are but they have revealed themselves to all.

  11. And don’t forget the biggest one of all Fernando – confiscate all the Saudi funded mosques and kick out the radical Imams!!

  12. Yannick.

    We all know that it was a phau Paux that created this storm. But now that the bully has hit us in the nose, we can’t back down. You’re suggesting short term gain for long term pain. Spencer is calling for the opposite. The rest of us agree with Spencer.

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