DISGRACE: Trudeau Spent Our Tax Dollars Building A Road For The Jordanian Army. They Sided With Saudi Arabia Over Us

Another example of why spending our money on foreign countries is such a huge mistake.

As I reported in early January, the Trudeau government is wasting our taxpayer dollars building a road for the Jordanian Military.

The Trudeau Liberals committed to spending our money on the Jordanian road, without even knowing the cost:

“How much will this cost Canadian taxpayers? Who knows? DND says it doesn’t. “We are in the process of completing a detailed review of the road project, but have indicated our intent to the Jordanian Armed Forces to financially support their efforts to build and rehabilitate the road,” the DND noted in a statement. “We will announce the details of our contribution once the review is complete.”

What did Canada get in return?


Jordan wouldn’t even buy leftover tanks the government was trying to unload.

And now, they’ve taken Saudi Arabia’s side against Canada.

As reported by the Jordan Times, “Jordan supports Saudi Arabia rights’ in implementing its own laws and rejects any interference in its internal affairs, an official said on Tuesday. In a statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, State Minister for Media Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat stressed Jordan’s unaltered stance over the regional and international relation, which entails respecting the sovereignty of states. Ghunaimat underscored the right of Saudi Arabia to protect its national security, noting that the advanced reform measures being taken by the Saudi leadership to fulfill the aspirations of Saudis and serve the Islamic and Arab nations’ causes.”

This is why foreign aid and giving taxpayer dollars to foreign countries is such a big mistake. We get nothing in return, Canadian Citizens don’t benefit, and we just get played for suckers.

Keep our money in our own country.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Agree with you Spencer, but I wonder if any of these taxpayer funds is even going to get through ever to these foreign countries, I am sure Jordan is fixing or has fixed a border road for their military, with wars all around them to protect themselves, unlike Canada, and so why is our Canadian tax money not sent there yet? (not that Canadians should be paying for this) Whose pockets are we really filling? Palestine, to help female entrepreneurs through the UN? and other charities?? again really where are Canadians tax dollars flowing?? Sorry but with no public investigation into where this supposed money is really going or if it really is, all we have had is fake media and lies from our fake foreign run puppets.

    1. You are right, he gives money then tells em how to run their country and what to do. I really pray that when and IF we get him out that a lawyer would take him to court and sue (sp sorry, drew blank) him for his trust fund to reimburse Canadians. This is so wrong.

  2. Once again the high school kid we cal “PM” learns a lesson the hard way. Justin is dumb enough to believe everyone will come around to his viewpoint if he explains himself to them,but fails to realize Muslims don’t have any respect or use for infidels to start with and will always always side with a fellow Muslim over an infidel 100% of the time.

    Wtf was he doing giving Jordan money for, money that should have been spent in Canada on our many crises?

    I hope the CPC is sufficiently astute to use this type of Liberal government tax money squandering against the LPC in the next election campaign when the military,FN’s, and homeless advocates ask where the money went.

    Canada wastes $5 billion a year on foreign aid, almost none of it to countries we can consider friendly, while our needy languish in poverty at home.

  3. I don’t want Jordan or the Palestinian Authority to “…be on our side against Saudi Arabia.”. What I want is for Canada to quit giving money to Jordan and the PA, as well as not buying Saudi oil or selling military equipment to the Saudis. Do not allow Saudi financial support for mosques and imams in Canada and send all Saudi diplomatic people home. Life can be simple.

  4. I sincerely hope that Real Canadians remember the damage that has been to canada by the reckless spending of our tax dollars,we can not afford these fool liberals any longer

  5. Firm action should be taken against the Kingdom of Saud by removing all Saudi Mosques that have been built all over Canada that have been teaching extremist religious doctrines against Canadian mainstream values. Military equipment being sent to Saudi should be given to the Canadian armed forces I am sure they can use it. Al oil imports from Saudi should be stopped and Saudi Nationals and diplomats should be given 1 month to leave Canada. To do this we need a real leader again.

  6. Chrysta Freeland’s twitter diplomacy is so so lacking in astuteness and diplomatic acumen. Why do we have embassies and consulates if our neophyte leaders prefer to conduct diplomacy via social media to score points at home with their sanctimonious posturing ? Canada has plenty enough human right issues to confront and correct right here at home without trying to divert attention by meddling in alien cultures half way around the world !
    e.g How is the Criminal Code amendment coming that would prevent the use of peremptory challenges against the recruitment of Indigenous people for jury duty ? etc etc. How quickly these and other burning issues get swept under the carpet in this country to gather dust until the next preposterous miscarriage of justice right here at home ! Does any body talk about the recent Gerald Stanley case any more ? any more ??? What have you or are you doing on that Chrysta Freeland ?

  7. With only 48% of the money going toward the project while 52% goes into the pockets of corrupt money handlers.

  8. Never before in human history has Canada (and the world) been so saturated with debt.
    This is because politicians love to borrow money – and harmful debt slowly and surely impoverishes its inhabitants as well as sacrifices THE future.
    As the parasitic elite get governments (around the globe) to increase debt – and by no alternative, must raise taxes in order to keep servicing the interest on those debts. (you’re living in it now, and always have)
    In the end, it’s all about taking money from YOU the (tax-slave), and transferring it into the general revenue pot, followed by, governments transferring it into the filthy hands of the elite.

    So now, more than 99 percent of the world’s population has a central bank, whereby debt-based central banking is and was designed to get nations of hard working honest people trapped in a spiral of endless debt – which they will never escape.

    And every year, the overwhelming gap between the wealthy and the poor grows, and has come to the point that eight men have as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people on this planet combined.

    None of this has happened by accident and most don’t even understand that this is literally what our/your system was designed to do.

    It’s time for change, folks. Time to take control of your servants and teach them who is master. Time to get off our lazy asses and force them to our will. And this can be achieved through direct democracy, where you have a say over everything and anything those carpet-baggers intent on doing before they do it. Clearly, it’s a simple remedy.

    Think of it for a moment… would you let your workers/employees override you in how they’re going to spend your money and set a course for the future without your consent? NO! You would stand up to them and be in their face – and in fact, just fire them as they have NO clear vision and NO concept of what you have worked your whole life to build. THAT is where we are and THAT is what we need to do.
    People spend countless hours with their stupid electronic gadgets (distractions), showing their imaginary ‘friends’ on Facebook what they had for breakfast, where they went shopping and so on…. so how about taking some of that precious time to vote electronically (via blockchain) each and every day on what the ‘government’ is planning to spend your hard earned money on. This would be the turning point, one which would place the power of the purse back into the hands of its rightful owners -YOU!


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