ERASING HISTORY: City Of Victoria Planning To Remove John A. Macdonald Statue, Mayor Calls It “Colonial Violence”

A horrendous decision.

In yet another example of how common sense continues to falter in the face of radical-left social justice warriors, the City of Victoria plans to remove a statue of John A. Macdonald.

Here’s a video of Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps speaking about it:

Helps also said “We will remove the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald from the front doors of city hall so that the family members and other Indigenous people do not need to walk past this painful reminder of colonial violence each time they enter the doors of their municipal government.”

Obviously John A. MacDonald wasn’t perfect, and his attitudes wouldn’t be acceptable today. But that’s the exact point. He is a historical figure, and without him Canada likely wouldn’t even exist.

Having a statue of him in front of City Hall doesn’t mean ignoring the negative things, it means acknowledging the role he played in Canada, and the basic fact that he existed.

Getting rid of his statute is an action that erases history, which is far more dangerous. The erasure of history and Canada’s heritage being pushed by the radical far-leftists risks destroying our ability to understand our past. And without an understanding of our past, it’s far tougher to have an accurate sense of our present and future.

The longer this SJW insanity goes on, the more Canada will be uprooted from our history, and that is an incredibly dangerous thing for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Oh, good! Take it down and put up two, one of Bin laden and Trudeau beside him crying with a cheque in his hand. Engraving could say “Here PM Trudeau apologizing on behalf of the Post Canadian People and offering a gift of $10.5 million”. Perfect!

    1. BRILLIANT idea. Better still remove him as prime minister and make him stand day and night, he could have series till the cows come home. Let’s face it that’s all he’s good for. (If that).

  2. That is totally disgusting, but not surprising. The ignoramus mayor of socialistic Victoria, must be slipping in the polls and needs a boost item.
    He is obviously too profoundly stupid to realize the Sir John A. MacDonald worked hard to keep Canada in one piece. Socialist stupidity breeds more coastal stupidity.

  3. That is totally disgusting in every respect, but not surprising. The ignoramus mayor of socialistic Victoria, must be slipping in the polls and needs a boost item. She may also be blinded by the possibility of reaching hero status with this profane action, and is obviously too profoundly stupid to realize the Sir John A. MacDonald worked hard to keep Canada in one piece.

    This is truly socialist stupidity in action. This is one of those socialist, left wing nut cases that thinks you can right the wrongs of history, by destroying history itself. A few years ago revisionism was a bad word, now it’s back, and part of our own society. I hope this silly socialist mayor gets revised out of office for this egregious, non-heroic act.

  4. What we learned about Canadian history when I was in school way back then LOL was closer to the truth, of what had been our history, I had many older relatives knowing much about further past in Canada.
    When my children went to school they learned little Canadian history and what they learned was changed a lot when I was at the school I asked why they were not hearing or learning Canada’s history, the teachers told me it was insulting to French Canadians?, so until it was more inclusive, they were not allowed to teach it.
    My fathers side of the family came to Canada, from the Boston area of the USA in 1721 and their original house on the east coast still stands, with a plaque and date, (not lived in any longer but there) but the history now states that the English did not arrive in the area until 18 hundred and something, one hundred years later, still before Canada was Canada, which is not so. so our English Canadian history has already been changed for awhile and I guess we will also be gone soon if we keep this kind of false puppet government. Too bad again, we are so insulting, I guess now, white Anglo Saxon protestants are the minorities in many areas of Canada, but we had a history, now we don’t it is too insulting? and we are being demonized for our past that formed this country.

  5. Typical left-wing escapism.

    Hardly a priority as far as her job. Homelessness, addiction, health care, policing, fire departments, housing apparently not a priority. Elitist rabble waisting money removing statues and ignoring their job.

    Probably gets her “history” lessons from the Southern Poverty Law Center or Facebook. Marxist tyrant. Bet she failed math too.

    What an embarassment. Shameful!

  6. Not all history is good but history is history. Politicans for the most part have no connection to this country or its past. Rather than the statue of Sir John A Macdonald being removed it would be more fitting to remove her as Mayor.

  7. Just another extremist. Just like the Taliban when they blew up those Buddhist statues that were thousands of years old in Afghanistan. Like the Taliban, these radical excrements need to be removed from power.

  8. Maybe ir is our time for a civil war.. I mean how much more are we Canadians going to take for these totally charlatans government ? How much more are you willing to take until it is too late to do anything.

  9. “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, and every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
    George Orwell, 1984

    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    George Santayana

  10. “The longer this SJW insanity goes on, the more Canada will be uprooted from our history, and that is an incredibly dangerous thing for our country.”

    That is their purpose. They want to create the new soviet man.

  11. Good God, where do all these self-anointed guilt-ridden leftards come from? Is there a factory somewhere that spews them out? From Germany to Sweden to the UK to the USA, the same crowd of morons. And none more so than Justin Trudeau, King of the Useful Idiots.

  12. Yet again another screw-ball in Canadian politics. Then again, they don’t call it the “left coast” for nothing.

  13. Lot of people here in Victoria are not happy about this and this mayor’s other nonsense. Are we not to use our $10 bills anymore? Ridiculous. She should be more focused on the drug addicts injecting themselves at Uptown mall due to her policies. Lets hope she goes the way of Kathleen Wynn next election!

  14. Ah, the righteous indignation of the S.J.W.s: always scanning the political/ social ‘topography’ for more history to erase, more figures to defile. Using their virtue-signaling 21st century lens to cast judgment on 19th century life. We have experienced some of their ‘revisionist history’ here in Calgary as well. Hector Langevin, another of those S.J.W. targets, had his name removed from a beautiful old bridge in this city. It is now known as the “RECONCILIATION BRIDGE”.

    We will not survive much more of this progressive insanity – being practiced at all levels of government – all across the country. Time to take back our country.

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