Jagmeet Singh Announces Run In Burnaby South Byelection

Singh faces intense pressure to win a seat, as the NDP’s poll numbers and fundraising are falling fast.

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has announced that he’ll run in the Burnaby South byelection.

While a date for the byelection has not been set, the seat has been vacated by NDP MP Kennedy Stewart, and the byelection will happen within six months.

Singh is facing massive pressure, as the NDP have been falling in the polls, and their fundraising is lagging way behind the Conservatives and Liberals.

Singh also faces popularity problems, with lower approval ratings than both Scheer and Trudeau, and higher disapproval than Scheer.

Burnaby South is a seen as a winnable riding for the NDP, and Singh is expected to oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion as one of his key issues.

However, the NDP barely won it in 2015, with the Liberals close behind, and the Conservatives not too far back. It won’t be easy for him. If Singh can’t win there, his leadership will face a possibly existential crisis. Singh will also face questions about the fact that he lives in Ontario, yet is running in BC.

A video of Singh’s announcement can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

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  1. As a person who helped Ontario go down, along with his brother, is against Canada being an independent nation against the pipelines, and all involved with taking part of India apart for his terrorist Khalistani group, I hope BC is smarter than Ontario. Like Trudeau, this man is not for Canadians or Canada just in it for the big bucks to pay for his true inspirations, but not Canada. We are so brainwashed and stupid not an ounce of common sense among some voters, especially Lieberal/NDP country wreckers.

  2. Jagmeet Singh is similar to Andrew Scheer. Both are hoping to empower their leadership by winning against the Liberals in 2019 based on the unpopularity of Trudeau. Not on anything they are offering themselves.
    Pierre Poilievre, Brad Trost or Maxime Bernier would make a much better leader for the Conservatives. They have wisdom, vision and guts. Especially Poilievre. Since Scheer has been in power, he has never shown to have those qualities; qualities we need in a real Canadian PM. Canadians need a great leader. Not a good leader. And so far, Scheer is not it.
    When Scheer makes it policy to ban Islam from our land, especially after the Toronto Islamic terror attack and make it his first priority to investigate Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet for the crime of treason against Canadians, end the milk board in Quebec and the Irving oil monopoly in Eastern Canada, call the CBC fake news and shut it down and have future plans of turning Canada into an economic powerhouse that is loyal to its Christian roots as a nation, and actually tell that to the media, while he tells them he is going to let Ezra Levant at the Rebel.media interview him, then I will take him seriously. I suspect closet Liberal Scheer if he wins in 2019, will only win a minority and be a one-term PM, when Scheer should be at 95% in the polls after all the bumbling Trudeau has done. Scheer’s lack of leadership is why he has not risen in the polls. That is telling of what Canadians think of him. If Scheer loses to Trudeau, it will be because the Conservatives did not replace him as they can this month in the upcoming Conservative convention. And if Trudeau wins again, kiss Canada good bye.
    As for the NDP, they are communists masquerading as members of a Western democratic party.

  3. The CPC should not run a candidate against Jagmeet in this byelection,let the Liberals and NDP fight it out. It’s a disgrace to democracy that a person from four Provinces away can be parachuted into a Riding he’s probably unable to find on a map, and I feel the same about ANY candidate from ANY Party!

    If you don’t live there,you shouldn’t be allowed to run for Office there.
    I doubt I will see this travesty corrected by legislation in my lifetime, as all political Parties do whatever serves THEM best, not the voters.

    May Jagmeet go down in flames ,figuratively speaking, and I hope the next seat that comes available is in Nunavut. Nunavut? It’s WAY up North,Jag.

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