VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Finally Responds To Saudi Arabia Fight, Fails To Announce Retaliation

The Trudeau government is showing weakness as Saudi Arabia continues escalating.

Justin Trudeau has finally responded to Saudi Arabia’s provocative escalation of tensions.

Speaking at an event in Montreal, Trudeau said the Chrystia Freeland “had a long conversation” with the Saudi foreign minister, and said “Canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private & in public on questions of human rights.”

Trudeau’s comments can be seen below:

While it’s good that Trudeau has finally commented, his lack of any tough response, and his lack of any announced retaliatory measures sends a message of weakness.

The government is letting Saudi Arabia continually escalate things while Trudeau & Freeland talk about “negotiations.”

Now is not the time for negotiating, is the time to retaliate with strength, cut off Saudi oil, cancel the arms deals, and make it clear to the world that we’re moving towards full energy independence. The failure to take those steps will only encourage more nations to challenge and disrespect us.

Spencer Fernando

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    1. Can’t agree with you on this one Spencer. If you made a mistake which I think they did with their tweets, don’t compound it playing the retaliation/sanction game. No one is behind us on this and not only will we lose but we will have far more enemies and the safety of Canadians will be at more risk.

  1. Your right Spencer and if we had a Canadian government what you are sating would be, but we do not. Maybe Saudi Arabia is our foreign controlled puppets, -puppet masters.

  2. Trudeau just escalated the problem!! No good can come out of his pandy candy BS. He has put Canada in a very serious situation by backing up Freeland!!! Both he & Freeland & Liberals should call an election and/or step down!! Freeland and Trudeau had no business sticking their nose into some other country’s!! heck, they can’t even “fix” Canada’s human rights situation and other problems like terrorism, attacks, crime, and Canada going down the tube!!!!

  3. Trudeau only uses wimp and weasel words. If he tries tough talk, he has no credibility. In fact, it’s comedy relief with no substance. He will never be a bona fide leader. I hope Canadians do not makes the same mistake in the next election.

  4. Spencer, I agree with you on most issues, however, expecting Trudeau to suddenly grow a spine and do what is necessary on behalf of Canada is a long shot. Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, as of today stated there’s “nothing to mediate.” Similiar to the dust-up with India, China, United States, and now Saudi Arabia, Trudeau’s feminist foreign policy is not welcomed. Trudeau and his entire juvenile minister’s are lacking in major diplomacy skills. We are now experiencing the dire consequences of the Federal Liberals irresponsible usage of tweeter, pressing send with NO thought to consequences. Trudeau & ministers need to heed the words of Taufiq Rahim, “it will require leaders to see the world as it is, not as they wish it were.” Bill Morneau quoted as saying, “we’ve been pretty clear in our dealings around the world and specifically in Saudi Arabia that we know that it’s important that we bring ‘Canadian values’ around the world.” Look what imposing our ‘Canadian values’ on another country has gotten us, the possible loss of 2,000 Canadian jobs in London, Ont. where the military equipment for the Saudi’s is manufactured.

  5. Come on folks you didn’t really think he would people-up and take a stand on this did you ? Freeland will get a free pass because maybe she interpreted this interaction differently than a Saudi man would. I’m sure JT & his crew are drafting up a tear filled apology & deciding how big the cheque should be. And Justine don’t forget to bow like Obama did when you hand it over.

  6. yes is that same freeland that says negotiations between the us for nafta is going well. lol. such liars trudeau n his freak show is doing to canada. when in hell is canada going to wake up

    1. There is nothing we Canadian can do Trudeau has the marjory of seats the laws need to be changed to protect us against corrupt government. Trudeau is going to get Canada in war.

      1. We need a new provision in the law for senior-level elected officials: A mandatory IQ test. Minimum required score: 120 although I do prefer 125.

  7. I always agree with you but this time NO.

    I really doubt MbS is the Western world’s enemy. He was educated in the West, he’s carrying out positive reforms, his goal is to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, he wants modernization, he’s working with Israel, Jews and Israelis are now living and working in KSA… I could go on and on and on about MsB.

    The reforms he wants to carry out cannot be implemented overnight. The population would go into shell-shock, notwithstanding Islamist civil unrest.

    Canada’s tweet was irresponsible and provoking, most especially that it was tweeted in Arabic. It was also very sudden.

    IMHO: There is something else happening behind the curtain and it’s not to our advantage. And we do know Justin’s government has an interesting Muslim Brotherhood infiltration problem.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. There is more and it all has to do with Iran, and Canada’s supporting them and the Saudis, Emiratis and a few other GCC countries are carrying out a proxy war with Iran in Yemen AND Syria. This has big implications for Canada throughout the middke east let alone with the US and Britain.

      1. In 2012, elements from the Saudi military starting taking lessons to learn Persian. These would be for special infiltration ground forces. Somebody is behind those spontaneous civil demonstrations in Iran. It’s the GCC.

        I’m following Iran and Yemen through two Iranian Twitter sources (Heshmat Alavi and Raman Ghavani) and the twitter feed of Wictor Thomas. Very enlightening.

        Let’s never forget Trump’s first foreign visit: Saudi Arabia. That photo of leaders with their hands on the illuminated orb spoke volumes.

        Chrystia’s RAIF tweet and Justin’s support are endangering the entire process of bringing down the Iranian Mullahs. That’s years of work in peril should there be an uprising in KSA.

        You are a smart individual.

    1. Oh, she spoke with him all right. He gave her an earful. She had little to say.
      It reminds me of when she repeated that NAFTA talks were going well. Anybody following these talks knew from early on that Canada was doomed and Trump was heading for bilateral agreements.

  8. Trudeau and Freeland have no idea what the meaning of “Canadian Values” and Human Rights is. What Values and Human Rights have they shown towards Canadians? Under this Government, “Canadian Values” no longer exist. Human Rights only exist for their Terrorist, ISIS and NON-Canadian buddies who hate Canadians.
    Canadians have had ENOUGH, and Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, being the Official Opposition Party, should had this Traitorous Joke of a PM Charged for Treason and his Corrupt, Traitorous Liberal Minions OUSTED!
    Canadians have been Begging the PC’s to Move on this for some Time. NOW is the Time! ANDREW SCHEER, DO YOUR JOB! October, 2019 will be TOO LATE!

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