Garbage: CBC Tries Linking Doug Ford To Toronto Floods

We’re forced to pay for this crap.

Canada’s state-controlled broadcaster often posts some pretty dumb stuff.

And this is among the dumbest:

“Ford government silent on climate change plan as experts predict more torrential rain, floods”


A photo of a half-submerged Toronto subway (obviously from the recent floods), then a line about Doug Ford not commenting on a ‘climate change plan’?

How pathetic and obvious can an attempt to demonize Ford get?

If that was posted by a private company, it would still be terrible, but it would at least be paid for by willing contributors. If you have your own website or newspaper, then write whatever you want.

But this garbage from CBC is funded from taxpayer dollars forcibly extracted from us. We don’t get a choice.

That’s what makes this such a disgrace.

The CBC is using our money to spread far-left propaganda, which is basically free advertising for the Liberals and the NDP. It’s part of the disadvantage Conservative parties in Canada face all the time. Not only do they have to fight against their actual political opponents, but they have to fight against much of the establishment media, including the CBC funded with our tax dollars.

That’s a big part of why websites like are growing fast, and it’s why more and more people are questioning why the CBC should get our money in the first place.

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  1. Let them rip, they think that we, the populace, are all dumb enough to not see through there obvious attempts to turn Doug Ford into Donald Trump, what they don’t see is the fact that the people are gigantically and completely pissed off with the elite and we WANT actual leaders such as Doug Ford, and even Donald Trump. The people are restless, we want protected borders, we don’t care if your Cabinet is comprised of equal genders, we want competence and we want manly strength, clarity in decision making and not necessarily someone who will alienate an entire nation with a TWITTER, what the fuck is that anyway.

  2. Garbage indeed, It is so aggravating that some of my tax dollars goes to support this garbage and propaganda for the Liberals.
    “It’s part of the disadvantage Conservative parties in Canada face all the time. Not only do they have to fight against their actual political opponents, but they have to fight against much of the establishment media, including the CBC funded with our tax dollars.”
    Indeed, and yet MP Brad Trost’s bill in May 2017 to privatize the CBC garnered support from only 5 other of his CPC colleagues!: Spineless Conservatives.

  3. Lieberal/NDP’s CBC has trash talked every Conservative that might get elected.
    CBC should be trashed.
    I really am glad that Doug Ford is here looking after the people of Ontario.
    Now we need great leaders like him across Canada and Federally to put Canada back together again. No more CBC and their propaganda or the totalitarians fake pupets Lieberals/NDP ever. 2019 or sooner gone.

  4. One of the three so-called experts selected by the CBC, Dr. Carla Lipsig-Mumme, is a professor in the Department of Socialist, er, Social Science at York University.

    Another ‘expert’, Blair Feltmate, with degrees in biology, zoology, sustainable development, and applied ecology is the Head of Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo. Previous positions Blair has held include Vice President, Sustainable Development, Bank of Montreal; Director, Sustainable Development, OPG; and Partner, Sustainable Investment Group/YMG Capital Management.

    Throw in NDP energy, environment and climate change critic Peter Tabuns who attended York University where he studied political science and was actively involved in York’s student council and you have your trio of ‘experts’!

  5. CBC- nothing less than a waste of taxpayer’s money – -not that the Liberals mind, it is simply ‘another day at the office.’

    If ‘idiocy’ were to be deemed illegal, we would have to spend millions upon millions and year after year for a very long time and no matter how many prisons we built and filled, there would never enough.

    Strong comments, yes, but unfortunately true in today’s ‘new world.’

  6. wow, how desperate and pathetic can this organization be?
    Used to be honour, morals and truth in journalism. NOt any more!
    And we continue (as we do for our anti canadian political traitors)TO PAY THEM FOR THESE NEVER ENDING LIES, ATTACKS, AND OUTRAGEOUS CHILD LIKE ATTACKS all under the guise of “news” “keeping us informed/educated” !
    SHUT OFF THE TAPS NOW AND BRING IT ALL DOWN! We simply cannot afford this anymore!

    1. I don’t watch or listen to anything from the CBC either only to see if they covered something reported here or on the Rebel. Speaking of the Rebel, Ezra has often wanted to know exactly what is the viewership of their tv shows. It appears to be a big secret… I wonder why. We know that Global has taken a big hit recently as they have had to layoff people and their shows especially the news show here in Vancouver is number 1 and they are having trouble. So what is the CBC’s rating like? If we knew then questions would be asked about how much we spend on having the CBC around and no one watches their shows.

  7. It has been close to 24 years since I last watched CBC NEWS. I was especially repulsed and nauseated by Peter Mansbridge. It is Imperative that the next Conservative leader defund a large portion of the CBC. In fact offering that move as an election plank should be given serious consideration. It should be noted that the CBC does produce some good radio programs. It is the highly socialisticly tainted news people that must get the boot. Enough, is enough!

  8. The basic problem is the CRTC that forces up to pay for the Fake News CBC and other content we never look at.
    How to change it? Get in touch with Andrew Scheer and push it. When you are forced to pay for something you don’t want, it’s a dictatorship (CRTC).

  9. Toronto has had flooding problems almost always, since I can remember, since it is still mostly a LIEberal/NDP city, infrastructure maybe has needed updating for the city’s growing size, or was poorly planned and is very expensive, The Don Valley Parkway goes under water every year at least once the go trains cannot get through the floods near Toronto last year again sewers were shooting up fountains of water as the city was flooded again, this did not start with Doug Ford, it was happening when he was a child.
    I hope Andrew scheer also promises to get rid of CBC the Lieberal/NDP attack democracy and falsely change history media.

  10. Our next PrimeMinister has already stated he would defund the CBC. I think he should go a step more and make any news outlet state the truth. Any news release that turns out to misleading or false should be held accountable. Make it illegal to state any political bias.

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