LEADERSHIP: Doug Ford Stands Up For Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Rejects Handgun Ban

“There’s a lot of legal, responsible handgun owners. So we have to refocus all our resources on going after the bad guys, not the good guys, but the bad guys.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has rejected the virtue-signalling of other politicians, and is showing leadership by standing up for law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

While the Trudeau government and others have pushed for a handgun ban that wouldn’t actually do anything to reduce crime, Doug Ford is taking a different approach.

At an announcement of $25 million to fight gang and gun crime in Toronto, Ford was asked about the idea of a handgun ban. Here’s what he said:

“There’s a lot of legal, responsible handgun owners. So we have to refocus all our resources on going after the bad guys, not the good guys, but the bad guys.”

Ford is 100% correct.

This is real leadership – focusing on real problems rather than attacking law-abiding Canadians.

Other politicians should learn from Ford’s example, and stand up for the rights of law-abiding Canadians. Criminals must be the focus, because criminals are the source of gun crime, not legal handgun owners.

You can watch Doug Ford’s Toronto Gun Crime announcement below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Doug Ford is the best, a real breath of fresh air in the spring, down to earth, both feet on the ground, common sense, Ontario is so lucky to have him.
    Now our Lieberal/NDP destructive lying media, is having a fit to make him look bad, along with our Lieberal Federal government, even his “fun” dollar a beer promise, that is not forced at all, just if they want to, they are trying to take apart, they are so small and harmful to Canadians and Canada, they should be abolished.

    1. I agree 100%. When Mayor Tory announced he wanted to ban the sale of handguns in Toronto, I thought how stupid is this man. They only have to go to the next city to legally buy a handgun.

      And guns don’t kill people, people do. Replace guns with vehicles and knives, they all can kill. And when somebody wants to kill you, nothing will stop him.

    1. BULLSCHITT, Kevin!!! It is Tory’s kind of delusional thinking that enables criminals, that is gangsters and terrorists to act with impunity and leaves honest gunowners in the lurch! Your delusional and unrealistic support of Tory only exacerbates the WHOLE problem! the police are NOT there to protect you, Kevin… ask any front line cop!

    2. The most unsafe places in the USA, and where all the mass shootings take place, are gun-free zones. The safest places are where conceal-carry is allowed.
      There are towns in USA where everybody owns a weapon, those are really the most crime-free towns.
      I was anti-gun all my life but I changed my mind – aka coming back to reality.

    3. Fully agree here. While Doug Ford has no say on this and as a matter of fact not even John Tory, I support tougher restrictions on gun ownership. It is thanks to our tougher gun laws we don’t have regular murders like the US does and I believe even tougher gun laws could lower our murder rates further albeit there are diminishing returns so only to a point. Likewise in UK and Australia, it was Conservative governments who brought in tougher gun laws so doesn’t have to be a left vs. right issue, only in the US is it and we as Canadians should avoid this. The reality is no system will be 100% fool proof so banning guns won’t stop all criminals from getting them, but it reduces the supply thus fewer places to steal them, those in abusive relationships less likely to murder spouses, and lack of supply drives up prices on the black market so fewer criminals will be able to afford them.

      I believe the only firearms civilians should be permitted to own except under exceptional circumstances are single shot rifles. Semi-automatics should be banned (those already owned can be grandfathered as we’ve done in the past) and handguns should be banned except for competitive target shooters. Recreational target shooters can leave their guns at the range. Some will claim it makes them more targets for theft, but also if at one location easier to regulate than if at different people’s homes where they can easily use them for the wrong purposes.

  2. The “War on Drugs” worked out really well, didn’t it? Ditto for the “War on Terrorism”. Shall we go for three out of three failures by adding a “War on Guns”? Anyone who believes “imaginary parents”, like Holy Books and Governments will solve any of our problems, let alone all of them…well, I have a Holy Land to sell you.

  3. Libtards have no common sense.Tax and spend.Soon Canada will be a Trillion dollars in debt.Why do libtards hate Canada so much that they see a need for more illegals. I will protect my family with a gun if needed.Thanks Leader Doug.

  4. Toronto and Chicago have roughly comparable populations. Chicago YTD 2018: 1,876 people have been shot, down 20% from last year and the second straight year of decline. This is despite Chicago’s handgun ban being overturned in 2010, ban on shooting ranges overturned in 2012, and ban on firearms shops overturned in 2014.

    Toronto has never had a handgun ban, never banned shooting ranges, and has several high-quality firearms retailers. Toronto YTD 337 people have been shot, less than one-fifth of Chicago.

    Switzerland has one of the World’s lowest rates of violent crime; however, every military-age Swiss male is issued an assault rifle and ammunition to be kept in his home.

    Legal firearms ownership is absolutely NOT a cause of gun crime, and Premier Ford, who’s family business operates both in Toronto and the Chicago area, is smart enough to recognize that.

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