TRADE TROUBLE: Trump Tweets “Canada Must Wait” On NAFTA Deal

Says “deal with Mexico is coming along nicely,” revealing that Canada now has ZERO leverage in NAFTA negotiations.

US President Donald Trump has confirmed concerns that Canada is on the outside looking in when it comes to NAFTA.

With the U.S. & Mexico meeting repeatedly for bilateral NAFTA talks, Canada has been on the sidelines.

Now, Trump says Canada will have to wait on a NAFTA deal:

“Deal with Mexico is coming along nicely. Autoworkers and farmers must be taken care of or there will be no deal. New President of Mexico has been an absolute gentleman. Canada must wait. Their Tariffs and Trade Barriers are far too high. Will tax cars if we can’t make a deal!”

It seems pretty clear what Trump’s strategy is: Threaten the destruction of the Canadian auto industry unless the Trudeau government makes massive concessions on supply management.

This demonstrates that Canada now has ZERO leverage in NAFTA negotiations, something I’ve been warning about repeatedly ever since the US & Mexico started meeting without Canada.

And as I’ve noted in the past, the Trudeau government totally blew their opportunity to get a bilateral deal when the U.S. was only angry at Mexico.

That gigantic error has left Canada in a horribly weak position, as Mexico wasn’t nearly as foolish as Trudeau was. Mexico is working to get a good deal with the US – doing what’s best for their own citizens.

Unfortunately, it will be the Canadian People who pay the price for Justin Trudeau’s incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. who the hell does this Fake PM think he is,if he doesn’t step down now every body will be upset with and it is true the Canadian people will have to pay for this manchild’s blunders

  2. Trudeau and Butts, just will not be able to stop smiling, they got what they wanted, it now appears. No more polluting factories, no cars and trucks clogging the highways and polluting, we will not be able to afford heating our houses, us poor will need to get out of his way and we are so far in debt and taxpayers will have very few jobs, only the well off will be able to live in comfort they do not want oil or gas produced here as we have seen, no more handouts or pensions as we have a huge debt and are not paying taxes, we are nicely divided up just as they planned, destruction. Maybe we need to become more independent but not like this set up.
    Maybe they are not finished getting their money out of the country, so things will linger on awhile longer we need these traitors gone. Maybe they will try to do something in this weakened state NAFTA would have been tweaked by now if they had wanted to keep it. Lieberals/NDP shame on you, step down.

    1. Nancy W.
      What I have been saying and warning for the past couple of years – all to def ears!
      Canadians and whatever else is living in and cashing in on Canada and we Canadians apparently don’t give a damn as they simply aren’t smart enough to realize when we have no jobs , the free life for them comes to an end as well.
      HOwever, the $7 plus BILLION (OF OUR TAX DOLLARS -WHICH BTW IS ILLEGAL!!! Trudeau has hidden will no doubt be used to look after him, morneau, butts and the rest of the islamic regime – and his new voters! Better start asking questions about this money and time for some investigations into this criminal, mob on parliament hill! DON’T OUR TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT???????????????????????

  3. I know we are going to pay…….we have been all along since 2015. Even though this is is not in our favour I am siding with the president who is taking care of his countries’ business as it should be. We will all be hunkering down til the smoke clears in 2019. Trudeau I expect will keep giving just like he energizer bunny with no regard for his country. It makes him feel good to give our wealth away because if he didn’t no one would like him. Keep waving and smiling to the crowds that are not there at the airports. His beefed up security shows his concern.

  4. Trump has ample reason to implement tariffs on our auto industry.
    If you look at NAFTA, it’s a three-way deal (Canada-USA-Mexico). Not four-way, aka China.

    China has been using us as a brokerage company to access USA market through NAFTA. Canada is now more an auto-assembly industry with many parts ”Made in China” (real cheap labor sold at real cheap price).

    I was reading a few months ago that some Canadian-assembled export vehicles can have up to 45% foreign content. That is NOT in the spirit of NAFTA.

    We must return to our manufacturing base and abandon the assembly base. It’s the same situation with the steel industry – Why are we importing something we used to make?

  5. No pipelines East or West and we are trapped into essentially one customer. Seems like Soros and his economic / enviro-jihadists might be successful in destroying Canada.

    It’s no stretch to think that with America & Mexico making their own deal, when done, America will simply tell the Canadian oilpatch they will be paying cost, no profit. As of yesterday, the 9th, we were being allowed to get $32 less than West Texas Intermediate price for our oil, Our industry could possibly be losing money at that price, but the Liberals and the industry will never tell us. There could very well be rioting and violence while we replace the Federal Government. It would be very dangerous to be a Liberal or an enviro-fascist as they would be some of the first to be dealt with.

    The Conservatives had damn well better come up with a strong leader really really quick. Before September would be good. Other than Spencer’s site here, when has anyone even seen or heard Scheer in the last few weeks?

  6. the destruction lololololo
    that’s what NAAFTA did – mexico and canada got jobs – the US got unemployment – sorry – you lie Spencer – I was living in Detroit – at the time – and I’m Canadian and I call BRAVO SIERRA on your Bs ‘interpretation’ of history.

  7. As i have been saying from the start of these NAFTA negotiations, Trudeau just doesn’t or won’t try to understand that NAFTA is purely a business deal between three countries and isn’t a business deal where you can use socialism or gender politics to get a better deal. Trudeau, by portraying himself as a virtuous PM and refusing to accept that the foundation for all and any deals, is that you have to make sacrifices and compromises to get the better deal you want. Trump has been screaming that message to our stubborn and arrogant PM since the start, yet Trudeau still doesn’t understand or accept , that to get a far better trade deal, you have to be willing to give up or trade away, that which is near and dear to your heart: so that you can gain leverage and extract a far better trade deal. And now that is exactly what Mexico is doing and is now starting to eat our lunch.
    Soon, if successful, Mexico will become what Canada once was, the northern country with a higher living standard, better healthcare, and a prosperous future. Why, because of the stupidity and arrogance of Trudeau et al.
    Trudeau if he hasn’t realized it yet, Trump is now holding all the cards and now can dictate to Trudeau exactly what he wants from Canada and Trudeau won’t be able to say or do anything but accept Trump’s terms.
    With these talks now shaping up to be dictated terms, not in favour of Canada; then Canadians had better make certain that Trudeau and his Liberals never get re elected, for that will be the final nail in the coffin of Canada.

  8. It’s “purposeful incompetence” on the part of Trudeau.
    All we need to do, to know the evil in Trudeau, is to remind ourselves of where Trudeau started his career as PM.
    It’s not what Canada needs. It’s what the dastardly Trudeau wants. Remember this? Trudeau meant what he said back then!

    HE wants Canada to forfeit sovereignty in favour of globalization. Which means no borders, excessive diversity, ruled by a technocratic oligarchy supported by the UN Agenda 2021.
    Obama/Hillary et al almost brought U.S. down the same way. The similarities are mind boggling. The non elected rulers of EU/UN, Soros’ cohorts almost made it ’till Trump won. Hence the out-of-control anarchy of the left in America. They still can’t face the loss. Refuse to accept it. Will Canada be saved by a “Trump” type leader? We have one in Ontario (Doug Ford) finally.
    Now Canadians MUST rid ourselves of the evil beast Trudeau b4 it’s too late!

  9. People are forgetting that trudope the big man on campus had a handshake deal with trump regarding NAFTA and when trump left town he did a press conference and told us how Canada won’t be pushed around . When the reality is he reniged on the deal and now I will bet trump will never make a deal with him .

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