WATCH: A Day In The Life Of Ontario Premier Doug Ford

“Just remember why we all got elected. We got elected for The People,” says Ford in video.

Ontario News Now, which is helping Doug Ford get his message past the biased elitist media and directly to the public, has released a short video showing “A day in the life of Premier Doug Ford.”

You can watch the video below:

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, I encourage you to follow Ontario News Now – especially because the establishment media is so opposed to it. The elites want to be able to filter and control everything, and they’re afraid that Ontario News Now stands in their way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. I strongly doubt he wants to learn French at this stage of his life and I understand that. French isn’t easy, so many rules and exceptions to the rule. He’s the type of Prime Minister we need that would get along great with Trump. Both are exceptional leaders.
    P.S.: May God preserve his heath.

  2. Doug Ford is the sweetest hard working strong man ever, Ontario is finally the luckiest province now, in Canada’s greedy so dirty selfish, destroy Canada agenda politics, that are not for the people as they keep trying to claim.
    I know we still have, somewhere in Canada, lots more strong good moral men with common sense that want our nation back for the people, Canadians who loved our Canada, as we are way off the tracks, and yes ladies, we must find Canada’s strong good men, as our women politicians to date mostly act and look very weak and foolish, exceptions like Raitts and Ambrose, do exist, but at present we need many real strong upstanding men, (they do not need nice hair or be ” weeny feminists” thank you to Ron Voss, that is a perfect description), so we can clean up these very bad false men, that hate Canada and are just a huge wasteful greedy money pit, for these dirty weak men who are burying us and destroying our Country. Could enough good real Canadian men, stand up and get us back on track to be the best we can be, this is a war, to stay Canadian. Please, please don’t let these dirty fake non Canadians take our Canada, we need strong borders again, criminals gone, we need good Canadian truthful men who have business sense to get us out of this fast growing debt and Canadians who love Canada lets give them all the support we can, to stop this destruction of Canada, and throw these lying, foreign supported non Canadians from our shores and make us strong again. We know how dirty this elite political non Canadian “game” has become.

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