Canada Must Become More Self-Reliant & Build Up Our Internal Strength

More trade between the provinces, more pipelines, more refineries, lower business taxes, scrapping the carbon tax, building up our military, and honouring our history would all go a long way towards making Canada a more self-reliant nation.

In the wake of Canada’s fight with Saudi Arabia, many people are waking up to how needlessly dependent on foreign countries we are.

Everything said by the elites in the wake of the crisis was externally focused, whether it was fears about Saudi Arabia’s retaliation, or demanding that our allies agree with with us.

However, an external focus is the real problem here, and it’s why our nation is in such a vulnerable position in the first place.

If we had real national leadership, we wouldn’t need to be concerned about Saudi Arabia at all, and we wouldn’t need to beg our allies to come to our rescue when we get in trouble.

The truth is that Canada has everything we need here at home to become a much more powerful and self-reliant nation. But to make use of our full potential, we must shift our focus inward.

Here are some very simple things we can do to build up our internal strength:

Get rid of inter-provincial trade barriers. Why should we focus on ‘free trade’ with other countries when we don’t even have free trade within Canada?

Build more pipelines. It’s a sad and pathetic joke that we use Saudi oil, or oil from any other country. We need to build more pipelines to get our oil from the West and into the East, so we become fully energy independent.

We also need more refineries. As more pipelines are built, more refineries should be constructed as well.

Of course, under the current business environment created by the Trudeau Liberals, investment is fleeing the country. So, to encourage the investment that makes more pipelines and refineries possible, we must lower our business taxes, scrap the destructive carbon tax, and bring in big-time de-regulation.

We must end our sad dependence on the US for our national defence. While the US remains our close ally, it is unfair both to them, and to our own nation to put the burden for our defence on them. Canada is a rich, and technologically advanced nation, and there’s zero reason why we can’t have a strong military force that is up to the task of defending Canada. While it would cost many billions of dollars, that money could be easily found with a few years of spending restraint in federal government hiring. A truly independent nation must be able to defend itself.

It is also essential that we honour our history. We must oppose those who want to wipe out our historical past (like those who shamefully removed the John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria). We should never apologize for having pride in our country.

These changes are all within our power to implement in Canada. All that is required is a shift in mindset. For too long our ‘leaders’ have looked outside our own nation for answers, following others and making us dependent on foreign countries. It’s time to put that mindset to rest, and start focusing on our own country and building up our own internal strength. That’s how our true potential will be fulfilled.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Easily obtained if Trudeau would not have given 10 billion to Islamic countries, trying to be their friend. Absolutely shameful!

    1. So far during the Trudeau dictatorship, he has gifted almost $100 million to Hamas. They do more with Canadian dollars than just build kites to set fires.

      Our veterans could really benefit from $100 million but of course it is too much to give. Other arrogant politicians waste money tearing down history to make themselves feel good.

      Why do leftists and Liberals have such a hatred for Canada?

  2. Canada must become truly strong, independent and free: from the thinking and believing that we can’t achieve anything unless we copy some other nation’s ideas,methods or laws, or by whatever elite socialists say. For this freedom to take root, the provinces and the federal government must all stop seeing themselves as 13 seperate powers with no accountability to each other or to Canada, for their decisions and actions. Because that is exactly how Canada got into this disastrous situation in the first place. For any nation that lacks a vision for it’s citizens are doomed to failure. Right now under the leadership of Trudeau and the premieres, Canada is akin to a man who is being strangled by the leaders and they are all wondering , just what should be done, to save him.
    The solution, it will be mocked ridiculed and dismissed, but it is still the best and most successful solution, its called free market capitalism. It is the only system that has proven itself over the centuries to have raised the standard of living for its citizens, produced consistent levels of wealth and employed tens of millions of workers worldwide, all the while helping to strengthen national unity. It is a system that socialists lie Trudeau, Notely and others dismiss with a thinly veiled vanere of hatred, simply because it exposes the complete failure of socialism , as espoused by Marx , Lenin and others.
    Canada does have and always had the courage to change, but has been deceived by socialists that say you can have it all by deliberately not telling you that you and future generations will be paying a very large and heavy price for the pleasures you want and demand today. All Canadians, should after seeing the carnage and extreme damage Trudeau and other socialists have done to the provinces and Canada, demand major changes to our taxes, freedoms of goods and services, military etc and never let up on those demands until they are met. Start with voting out all the socialist leaders in Canada, Trudeau out first in 2019.

  3. Canada has been systematically destroying our very food supply, for technologies and profits and now for overinflated real estate! We cannot eat our technologies, we cannot eat profits and we csnnot eat our over-inflated real estate! We are now dependent on our food-stuufs comng from other countries and they hold a proverbial gun to our collective heads!

  4. Ah Spencer, that is a dream, it could be wonderful here, it used to be a great country to live in, when it was Canada and we lived in communities and knew our all neighbors and looked after each other, the men had jobs but we all worked, had a great education system, kids were allowed to play outside when not helping out, and grow strong, develop great imaginations ,learn to do things independently and were proud in a quiet way, trust, respect, your word meant something, so we were careful, we treated each other with dignity there were still of course bad people but in a community it would be watched closely and we had great police and very mean prisons etc. and we got naive. We did not have homeless people, we were proud to buy Canadian well made products, from Canadian companies, we had great family farms and waited till the season to really enjoy the different varieties of vegetables and fruits as they became ready and did them down in various ways for the winter months. We had families that stayed together lived in the same houses for life, we ate meals prepared at home or on special occasions with friends or relatives, there were many unwritten laws we learned as children and followed them through life. Very few people have a life as such now, people who didn’t follow the rules were made to leave, and go to the crowded cities where there were fewer communities and much more crime and corruption and greed and power hungry people it is much lonelier and rare to trust and this has spread through the land, and now it is even hard to work together, unless you work with the same people for years to gain work ethics and trust in each other. So it would be nice to be self sufficient again get us all working together to save our country, but we must find the right leaders, we must all respect one another and all live with the same responsibilities and priviledges under the same laws to protect us all and be able to discuss differences openly and honestly and try to understand each others differences to fit in with each other, find common ground.

  5. “More trade between the provinces
    more pipelines, more refineries
    lower business taxes, scrapping the carbon tax
    building up our military and honouring our history would all go a long way towards making Canada a more self-reliant nation.”

    We’ve all been starving for these words to play out in real-time for much too long, so it inspired me right away – you know, that feeling that we’re finally going to succeed, drop the stress, move forward and take care of our own first and foremost.
    A true national leader would be speaking and doing the same but doesn’t, because the minions are too busy using their keen cult skills to cheat us for the gain of a small group of psychopaths at the top -including the head of the snake.

    “…following others and making us dependent on foreign countries”
    It’s treasonous and that is the difference between a nationalist, and a globalist sellout. Call them out for exactly what they are, because they’ve earned it, and that will be their legacy to many of us.

    Notably, those hypocrites have been rigging, compromising, false-flagging and conspiring on many levels to reshape the future of this planet to suit their terms and for their gain, and all we’ve ever gotten in return is to keep funding the very system they built which keeps us in a state of exponential subservient ignorance.

    The remedy here comes in the form of discernment and vigilance.
    We look for and demand actions, not double speak word-craft, because the lingo they use is as flawed and fraudulent as they are – same goes for the money/credit system they engineered and maintain to entrap each and every generation.
    We can conclude it is a disease they have – because having it all is never enough – just like the gambler who’s addicted to losing at the casino, so keeps playing the game and losing because they get a rush from it.
    They’ve replace the spiritual journey with that of a material one, and one size doesn’t fit all. Everything in moderation.

    Never give up – teach your children well, and never let the globalists have it all – because at some point in time they’re going to take the final bite, and those left at that time will suffer beyond all reason.
    – – –
    The Story of Your Enslavement

  6. As long as we have a debt based fractional reserve monetary system things will never truly change for the better. We can try rearranging the deck chairs but the banking elite have us pointed squarely at the iceberg on purpose. We are witnessing their end game. This one is for all the marbles and we are late in awakening. Strategic thinkers like Spencer are too few and far between. We want to be led. We need to be led. But until we realize that it is the people that have to change their ways of thinking the fundamentals will never change. For example, how many people realize the cause and differences between the Cyprus economic crisis and the Greek economic crisis? One was bailed out and the other was bailed in. Yet both are still screwed by the IMF and the unelected bureaucrats. Do you still have a safety deposit box in a bank? Are you still a slave to debt? Beware, Canada has adopted the globalist bankers bail in strategy. Their system continues to repress us because we are willing for it to do so. We have to have instant gratification and are too willing to go into their debt to achieve that and they use that against us. It is a learned behavior caused by the “do as we say not as we do” government. Just ask yourself when was the last principal payment made to pay down our national debt? Therein lies the key to their Achilles heel. Homey doesn’t play that central banker game. And you shouldn’t be playing it either. There will be no debt jubilee unless YOU make it so. If you haven’t got a stack of precious metal out of the banking system by now, times a wasting, running short and you haven’t been listening. To the Bank of Canada, go ahead, bail us in, I dare you, I double dog dare you. There is no true freedom in Canada other than the freedom to be in their debt, with conditions of course. There is no true equality in Canada either. We have plenty of misdirected will however and that must be corrected first before we can even think of rebuilding. Because we are still destroying like the removal of statues. One must know where they have been in order to determine where to go. Are you getting mad yet? Good, just remember to correctly identify your target. They are the experts in deception. Its kind of like aiming at a moving target. You have to pull the trigger at nothing apparent in the sights. But pull we must, I guarantee they will be there when that bullet arrives. Their greed is too great. That is the only thing we can truly count on. I once enjoyed true delight when I purchased some bullion and watched the face of the banker when I said I was moving it out of the control of the bank. Body language is 90% of communication. But sometimes the words are good to hear. Spencer is a pathfinder yet I am too old to blaze another trail, but I can still point.

  7. Seems everyone knows this but politicians. We ship all our resources offshore raw then buy back the finished products at a loss. Lumber, oil, are 2 big ones we need to be refining these here and selling around the world as well as buying our own.

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