DISGUSTING: Victoria Removes John A. Macdonald Statue

The radical left is attempting to destroy Canadian History.

In a disgusting and shameful move, the Victoria City Council has removed a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, the latest in a growing example of radical left attempts to destroy Canadian history.

A video of the statue being removed can be seen below:

This is a terrible moment, and unless Canadians speak out against it and vote out the leftists, it will keep happening.

The radical left has a clear agenda: Wipe out Canadian national pride, and replace it with a globalist ideology that rejects the idea of a unified Canadian nation.

That attitude makes it impossible to stand up for Canada’s values of individual freedom, because it rejects the very idea that Canada could have good values in the first place. It’s meant to destroy confidence in Canada, ignore everything good about our country and our history, and focus only on the bad – including exaggerating it.

It’s destructive, it’s dangerous, and it must be opposed.

Remember, the left won’t stop at John A. Macdonald. Soon, they’ll start coming for every Canadian historical figure and everything that our country is based on. We must not let that happen.

“Canadians have more reason to be proud of our history than anyone. Yet our so-called ‘leaders’ are trying to wipe out that history and denigrate Canada. If they succeed in destroying our national confidence and pride, we will end up losing our country.”

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Why are we not going back into the archives on parliament hill to look at the school reports that where sent to Sir John A. and see if the school was misleading the government instead of blaming some one without all the information?

  2. China and Russia, when they turned communist, did the same, they are still in Russia and China trying to get there heritage back, Russia (is trying to get a democracy) is helping their people with this, China (still communist) is fighting their people who want their history back.
    So we have no protected Canadian border and our history is being misrepresented and or being removed, Lieberal/NDP communist, totalitarian destroying our Canadian democracy, very sad. Smoke some more pot, Liberal/NDP supporters if you come to in another different country, with yet way more laws, and no rights, don’t be surprised.
    I want to keep Canada for Canadians and democracy, I want Canada back from the brink of destruction under this greedy elitist puppet government, taking our freedom, it is coming soon.
    Vote Conservative and let us pray that they will not sell us out, like the very selfish fake puppets Lieberal/NDP’s are doing, it is just our money paying for the rich to enjoy their toys and agendas.

    1. Absolutley and positively true. It is a crime and should be treated as such! Victoria, vote this mayor out or Victoria could be boycotted!
      I for one will be leading a boycott.

    2. Add ISIS to the list. We could wonder if there is some sort of relationship with the local mosques.

      Why do Liberals and NDP have such hatred for Canada? Is it something to do with “death to infidels”.

  3. Trying to ignore or (worse) erase our past is childish, short-sighted and outright stupid. Every single culture/race on this planet has endured invasions, slavery, intolerance, racism, hatred, and ethnic cleansing throughout history. Why is it only the white race (made up of dozens of nationalities who themselves have gone through targetted harassment) who are made to feel guilty for things done in the past? We can’t judge past deeds by today’s standards. We can only earn from the mistakes made and learn from them.

  4. Helps is imitating the arrogance of Justin Trudeau and his “hate Canada” Liberals. Disturbingly similar to other radical and “peaceful” leftists. It is clear that America is not the only swamp that needs to be drained.

    Canadian citizens in Victoria, at the next election and sooner of you can, remember those in council who are intent on destroying the history of this country by making themselves feel good. It might not always be pretty, but it is our history. We learn from our mistakes and we try to correct them. Helps is a mistake.

  5. You left-wing SJW are pathetic you cant change history it is what it is and removing a statue changes nothing. Do you actually think something that took place 150 years ago is relevant today ? Anybody that was involved is dead and gone dust in the wind get a life for god shakes. Why are you people not protesting about the plastics in the oceans off the east coast doing damage today or the Orca’s that are starving off the west coast from depleting salmon stocks from over fishing ? We don’t hear jack shit from any of you about the dumping of raw sewage into the St Lawrence or into the so called pristine waters off the BC coast, nothing No you choose to bitch about something that happened 150 years ago that you cant do anything about today but I know it makes you feel good for the moment because your part of the movement the new wave. So whats next or cant you think that far ahead yet.

  6. Sensible people need to put a stop to this kind of stupidity. There are bridges, airports, schools, and highways (Macdonald-Cartier Freeway) named after John A. Macdonald. Will the loonie left strip his name off those structures?
    How about the Canadian $10 dollar bill depicting John. A Macdonald. Should Canadians burn every $10 bill because a minority group of stupid people has decided they don’t like him. This historical man was Canada’s First Prime Minister.
    (1867-1873 and 1878 until his death in 1891) His family were immigrants from Glasgow, Scotland. This man accomplished more for the people of Canada than Pierre Trudeau and his nim wit son Justin did or will ever accomplish. John A. Macdonald accomplished the following:
    Lawyer 1836
    Liberal-Conservative MP
    Attorney-General of Canada
    Premier of the Prov. of Canada which was Ontario & Quebec at the time.
    The leader of the Opposition
    Father of Confederation
    Unified the country against attacks from Americans in the South.
    Created the ‘Great Coalition’ which brought together into what we know today as the country of Canada.
    The legislation the British North America Act which divided Canada into Provinces, John A. Macdonald was responsible for.
    Queen Victoria knighted Macdonald for the above deeds, naming him ‘The Founding Father of Confederation making July 1st Dominion Day known today as Canada Day.
    Became Canada’s First Prime Minister
    Made British Columbia a province with Victoria as it’s capital city.
    Built the transcontinental railway ‘Canadain Pacific Railway.’
    Created the Royal Mounted Police RCMP.
    Second longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history, 19 yrs. in office.
    Thousands of Canadians turned out for his funeral in 1891, thousands lined the railway tracks as the train carrying his body made it’s way to Kingston, Ontario where he is buried. He had NO HATRED toward Canada’s native peoples at the time. Yes, he set-up the native residential schools. Never intending to what took place there to have happened. Perhaps these loonie leftists should focus their attention on the Catholic priest & nuns who mistreated these native children. Why don’t they take down every Catholic religious statue outside & inside every Victoria, B.C. Catholic church? Sensible Canadians need to put these lunatics in their place sooner than later. They are a disgrace and should be stripped of their Canadian citizenship.

  7. Watch out Nova Scotians….now the Radical left/Islamic alliance will demand the tearing down of the Sir John A. MacDonald bridge.

  8. Not only did the extreme Left mayor and city council of Victoria decide to remove the statue of John A. MacDonald without public debate; they cowardly opted to have the statue removed at 5:35 am in the morning under the cover of darkness. Like any skulking criminal they are most comfortable doing their evil in the shadows.

  9. How many know Canada’s real history, if MacDonald had not been PM would the railway have been built? Would we be part of the neighboring country today? NO thankyou. I am native of Canada of Scottish descent. I was also born in Nova Scotia. And I know that often the Scots are among those who die in major wars that others started, and that the native language of the Scots and culture has often also been suppressed. Meanwhile do we not have a PM who is the son of a man who was a Nazi, Fascist symp during WW2? In comparison some consider Lincoln a hero? Really, some others need to know their history and geography. Lincoln had two major wars, against the south and against the original peoples of the West?

  10. This despicable act of John A. MacDonald’s statue being removed in Victoria and all too many other despicable, cultural Marxist acts of current times is all selfish just look at me virtue signalling.

    Current acts of western world self-loathing, the nonsense of white guilt and pathetic virtue signalling to cover for such insecurities of really one’s own self, will be if spread socially among others like a death by 1000 cuts.

    People, activists, history revisionists and SJW’s be careful of the standards YOU use to judge others and notably those of our more distant past by, for those standards may and likely WILL BE used against you and those whom you hold up high one day.

    Much like said above, those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it.
    Historic revisionists and cultural Marxism will lead said society down a likely inevitable path of tyranny and said society a will then one day be soaked in its own blood too.

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