House Of Commons Agrees To Apologize To Admiral Norman, But Trudeau Skipped Out Before The Motion Passed

As MP Erin O’Toole notes about Trudeau, “He has personally apologized in the House for incidents prior to Confederation, but would not even stay for this symbolic motion for Admiral Norman. “

The House of Commons unanimously passed a Conservative Motion – introduced by Deputy Conservative Leader Lisa Raitt – to apologize to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman for the ordeal he’s been through.

Yet, Justin Trudeau couldn’t even bring himself to stay for the motion to be read and passed.

Trudeau made a rare appearance at QP today, after having skipped the past few sessions to avoid accountability in the Norman affair.

But even as he returned, he didn’t even stay long enough to show his support for the motion apologizing to Mark Norman.

As Conservative MP Erin O’Toole accurately noted about Trudeau, “He has personally apologized in the House for incidents prior to Confederation, but would not even stay for this symbolic motion for Admiral Norman.”

Trudeau yet again shows he loves apologizing for the actions of others when it gives him a chance to virtue-signal, but when it comes time to take actual responsibility and apologize for what his government inflicted upon a Canadian Hero, Trudeau skips out.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

i hope the admiral has enough on him to make him squirm. over here in hamilton this after looking all nice n pretty for the croatian president, then he said no questions, what a pos this fraudster is.


In Trudeau’s narcissist mind, there is no reason for him to stick around when the conservatives are personally are taking the blame upon themselves to apologize. They should never have apologized but rather submit a statement of the cruel behavior of the liberal for placing Mark Norman under arrest while freeing and welcoming criminals like ISIS and other terrorists…….. . Remember, Trudeau has no love or interest in the welfare of our men women in uniform far less Mark Norman who Trudeau called for his arrest without evidence which the police fulfilled Trudeau’s orders. Sajjan is just following his master… Read more »

shawn harris
shawn harris

Trudeau skipping out on voting to apologise to Admiral Norman, is just further proof of Trudeau’s total contempt and deceitful respect he claims to have for our military. Trudeau continues to act and govern, as though parliament and our democracy exists solely for his pleasure and to prove his virtuousness, except when it exposes how much of a fraud he really is.Trudeau has shown clearly he lacks the morals and values to govern; just ask JWR and Jane Philpott. When you make a serious charge about someone and then fail to prove it, the only and proper decent thing to… Read more »


No Class Mr.PM loser!!!!