46 People Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Leak In Winnipeg

Some are in unstable and critical condition.

A severe carbon monoxide leak at a Winnipeg Super 8 has led to 46 people being hospitalized.

On Twitter, the City of Winnipeg said CO levels in the motel on the 3700 block of Portage Avenue reached up to 385 parts per million.

“WFPS UPDATE: Crews responded at 10:19 a.m. to an automatic alarm indicating carbon monoxide gas (CO) in a hotel in 3700 block of Portage Ave. Once on scene, crews detected CO of various levels throughout building, up to 385 parts per million.”

That shows the severity of the leak, as even a level of 10-20 parts per million can be dangerous according to what UFFW President Alex Forrest told to CBC.

Gas lines to the building have been shut off:

“We are currently assisting the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service at a suspected carbon monoxide emergency at 3760 Portage Ave. Gas to hotel has been shut off and ventilating process has begun.”

According to reports, 26 people are in stable condition, 5 are in unstable condition, and 15 are in critical condition.

Let’s keep everyone in the hospital in our thoughts and prayers and hope they recover.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Steve Garai

Your article claims “On Twitter, the City of Winnipeg said CO2 levels in the motel on the 3700 block of Portage Avenue reached up to 385 parts per million.” Ambient air at ground level, has currently 380 to 400 parts per million, and with each breath we exhale approximately 40,000 parts per million, and absolutely none of this is toxic. C02 is a trace gas, a plant food, the substance of life (photosynthesis) the climate alarmists have already unfairly demonized this trace gas enough, without this trace gas being confused with carbon MONOXIDE. Here’s hoping everybody pulls through.