WATCH: Michael Chong Rips Liberal Internet-Takeover Plan

“Our free speech rights are at risk!”

Conservative MP Michael Chong spoke in the House Commons, to slam the Trudeau Liberals internet takeover plan.

As Chong pointed out, “this would be the biggest regulation of free speech in Canadian history.”

You can view his comments below:

“We need to wake up!

A gov’t panel is proposing to regulate all commercial internet content – professional & amateur! This would be the biggest regulation of free speech in Canadian history.

RT & voice your opposition! The Liberal gov’t needs to hear you loud & clear.”

On Twitter, Chong also referred to the Liberal plan as a “massive – intrusion into free speech & freedom of expression here.”

“You can read about this proposed – and massive – intrusion into free speech & freedom of expression here:$file/BTLR_Eng-V3.pdf

Canadians need to voice their opposition to these proposals – our free speech rights are at risk!”

It’s great to see Chong and many Conservatives taking a stand against the unprecedented Liberal assault on free speech.

All Canadians should be fighting back against this Liberal attack, as we cannot allow the Liberal government to impose a Communist-style government takeover of the free press.

If that happened, we wouldn’t even be Canada anymore.

Spencer Fernando

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Miles Lunn

And Michael Chong is a Red Tory too so lets remember all this talk of who is a true Conservative or not only helps Liberals. Reality is Liberals have moved so far left even many former Chretien/Martin Liberals would be a huge improvement over what we have today. And off course Tories whatever wing they come from have more than unites than divides them so lets focus on what unites.