Spencer Fernando

At SpencerFernando.com you will find valuable insight into news, money, politics, and culture.

Spencer Fernando is an insightful, independent-minded, and common-sense journalist & columnist. He writes here at SpencerFernando.com, and for MyToba.ca – Manitoba’s homepage.

Spencer Fernando has studied the core of the growing problems facing our society. Unlike the elitist establishment, Spencer sees that our political and economic systems are broken. That’s why so many people are working harder and harder but falling further and further behind. More and more people are living paycheque to paycheque, while a small elite gets more powerful and the government enriches itself at our expense.

Spencer Fernando has seen the broken political system from the inside. He has seen how it suppresses free speech and stifles debate.

Spencer Fernando brings a sorely needed common-sense perspective to important issues including: The treatment of Canada’s Veterans, the danger of big government, the fight for freedom of speech and individual liberty, and exposing government hypocrisy and corruption.

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  1. I have newly discovered your website and I think your writing and even the aesthetics of the site are first class. I now check you daily and tweet every article you write. Where are you geographically located?

  2. Spencer: You are a Canadian Patriot Extraordinaire! Continue the great work!
    P.S. I was born in Winnipeg…a great place for independent free thinkers!

  3. Now that you have brought the China Love-Affair with Trudeau to light, what can be done to stop him…..don’t just tell us this stuff…………..give us a solution!!!

  4. I have an American friend who sent me one of your articles. Now I receive them daily. Thank you for uncovering the truth about Justin Trudeau!

  5. I am from Winnipeg as well … Thank you for exposing the truth. There are so many people unaware of what the Liberals are doing to the country. I share your posts on Facebook in the political groups daily. I think your readership has grown a lot. Keep up the good work

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